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Every Hundred Years
Writer JillJessie
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Every Hundred Years
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Sep 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!4S7angHgOzTt7QDquqEZposted on PENANA

It had been an agonizingly boring stay at the house so far, resembling more of a year than two weeks. The routine was the same: get up, eat, daily dose of bitchiness, hang outside. The “relationships” with her relatives had not improved by even an noticeable margin, especially with her cousins. That first day with their mother had not left a lot to be desired.copyright protection4PENANABEzbATlAZP

When they did find it in themselves to talk, it was an exchange of basic information, followed by bitter looks, but that was how Annabelle preferred her social life. Nobody bothered wasting their time to have a meaningful conversation with her beyond sharing the time supper is served, leaving her to her own devices.copyright protection4PENANAl4Hsf4JWlx

Nature is where her heart desired to be, that one place where she could fuel over her spinning wheel of emotions that changed by the second. Her seventeen years of life were a blur of numerous shrink offices and psychiatric medication; she could not remember ever feeling true happiness, except outside or surrounded by cats.copyright protection4PENANAwf0D5D4z4J

Her mental state was the reason her parents sent her to this place out in bum-fucked Egypt, and hopefully, keeping her out of trouble would follow suit. She scoffed at the thought of that; mischief would knock on the door eventually, and like always, Annabelle wouldn't be able to help herself.copyright protection4PENANAzFn9RX2cx2

Annabelle loved the cats, especially the recently rescued Siberian, whom she had named Dragon. A unique bond formed between the two in no time; it was an unspoken fact that the cat was hers. She could spend hours upon hours playing with that cat and he would play back just as hard. The cat had also become Annabelle's second shadow, as though as he was a puppy.copyright protection4PENANA1T7JmmO5j9

Headed to take a stroll down the serene country road? Here comes the cat. Loitering to the kitchen for a snack? Dragon is guaranteed to be trailing just behind her. How about to the loo for a quick piss? Take a peak behind Annabelle and the silvery ball of fur would be seen trekking after her.copyright protection4PENANACPoDtuhy4l

At least there was one positive side effect living at this house.copyright protection4PENANAhD1FNSCP5a

                                                                 ****copyright protection4PENANAS64ZQqmEvF

The sun shone brightly in the crisp morning air, reflecting off the pond that rippled from the splashing fish. Annabelle and Dragon lay sprawled in the dandelions circling around the pound, napping peacefully under the warm radiation of the sun. Soon Dragon awoke, stretching out before streaking into the field.copyright protection4PENANAO8vdMZH3xL

Just like always, Annabelle jerked awake, the voices alive and well in the air. She reached out to pet her cat, getting a handful of grass instead; wind ruffled strands of black hair across her face. She swatted the hair out of her eyes, straining to see into the distance. Her cat was definitely gone. Yet the voices had not faded. They slithered maniacally around the space she occupied as though a poisonous mist, speaking in tongues she could not decipher if she had tried; almost demonic in their tone. She picked up the pace into a jog. Then a sprint. copyright protection4PENANApPprucj62p

Annabelle felt like she'd been running forever when she finally reached the house, yanking open the door, slamming it behind her.  She gulped in breaths of oxygen, soothing her aching lungs, breathlessly murmuring to herself about the voices, before feeling that she was not alone in her rambling.copyright protection4PENANAhVvmVlMh0i

Her relatives sat at the dining table, staring at her with perplexed expressions. The looks on her cousins' faces told the story: they definitely had came to the conclusion she was insane. No wonder her parents had warned them about her health.copyright protection4PENANAXOqt1csJg0

"You 'aight there, girl?" her uncle inquired, but she did not respond. Annabelle bolted up the stairs into her room, plopping down on the bed with a sigh of relief. Here, Dragon made his presence known, hopping up on the bed to cuddle besides her, warming her sides. copyright protection4PENANAvGPV7j7rqa

This time, Annabelle noticed the change in the atmosphere: poof. There was no other way to describe how quickly the voices disappeared. She turned her head to face her precious animal, whom seemed to sense her attention on him, turning himself to look up at her with his amazingly blue eyes. Annabelle froze at the sight before her. Fire danced in Dragon's eyes, twinkling brightly in a kaleidoscope of orange and crimson hues. Its smoky haze captured her attention, pulling her into a world of terrifying images. copyright protection4PENANAQI6m41HQjI

Red dripping off unknown surfaces. Inhumane screams in the background. Hands waving frantically in the air, fighting off the unseen. Stained weapons she did not recognize. A man she had never seen before. The visuals faded, gone as quick as they came, and with that, so had her cat.copyright protection4PENANA8gxzJyMci3

There was no way she would let her relatives know what she just witnessed. This would earn her a lovely jacket with buttons in the back.copyright protection4PENANAcNJ1IQlQhL

Annabelle kept what she saw that day to herself. copyright protection4PENANA18t7uy8cor

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