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Chapter 16- Maxim
Nov 30, 2015
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!QpICgdLko7khm6Rk9RMzposted on PENANA

¨I am Samuel.¨copyright protection55PENANAZfZYTsvGHV

Everyone stared at the boy in awe. The people seemed to be looking at this youngster in a rather unique way, some members even kneeled down and began crying. Everyone possessed a happy attitude because of the event that just occurred. Ladrick just smiled and laughed a bit in happiness, but to some people his reaction was rather odd. This evolution that just occurred can assure the family´s survival for a long while, as long as their number one genius matured well. The reaction received from Ladrick was underwhelming and some people stared at him like something was wrong.copyright protection55PENANASxlA9BOUVc

¨Father is everything well?¨ Asked his daughter Elina. Elina just like the rest of the family was ecstatic, one of her children just gone through evolution and this would give her father a good view of her.copyright protection55PENANA2gupnlJwdw

¨Oh, haha yes, yes. Congratulations Elina you have produced a real genius.¨ Said Ladrick as he force a smile.copyright protection55PENANA5dM5bGyHnf

´Genius?´ Thought Ladrick. There is no way this grandson of his could be a genius. After noticing the prowess of Sirus, he can never say the word genius in the same way as before. Sirus has simply changed his view to the word genius. But even so, this was truly a great fortune for the clan, with this new evolution Samuel would be able to reach the master stage at least. With this evolution, not only his size and cultivation changed but also this potential. Being a normal Red Wing bird would mean that lower Core Apprentice Stage would be the peak of one's cultivation, of course there would be some odd ones out. Having an attribute meant that High Core Apprentice Stage would be the peak of one's cultivation. But with an evolution that could raise their potential to a higher stage.copyright protection55PENANACfMYQWzERv

¨Yes Father! This will truly make our clan great in this city again!¨  She claimed tears filled her eyes and she literally began to cry in happiness.copyright protection55PENANARULlj9H3FV

¨There there Elina, Take Sam into his room and give him some clothes. Immediately teach him the family´s spells, and waste no time.¨ Said Ladrick with a serious face.copyright protection55PENANAAL8mRk3p1q

Ladrick wanted to watch the other three birds that were currently cultivating, in hopes that they would finish soon. Many families were unable to participate in the city wide tournament because they did not meet the exact requirement of 5 young beasts of at least Core Apprentice Stage 1st Level. If a family is unable to participate, this will bring great shame to the family and it´s members. Some families were even driven out of the cities and forced to live in hiding, either in forests mountains, sea and other places.copyright protection55PENANAEEFrCvoc9g

The cheers soon died down as Samuel was taken away by his mother. As he left Samuel kept his head held high and didn't bat an eye to a single member of the family. To Samuel this is something he needed to get used to, being the genius of the family this would be a norm for years to come. ´So noisy these people...´ Murmured Samuel, keeping his noble like stature as he disappeared into another room.copyright protection55PENANAH0atmtC3xi

As he left, everyone turned their gaze back towards the other 3 geniuses who continued to cultivate. These familly member no longer looked as interested as before but they still watched. Some family members even began talking amongst himself.copyright protection55PENANAY747uVrxkt

Seeing this Greta was furious, she couldn't understand how these people could be so disrespectful. She still held her composure and ignored the disrespect that came from other family members but it was truly, shameful. Greta Watched h the small Red Wing Bird that lived with her and Sirus, her heart was broken when she found out that the only best to evolve was Samuel. Even though she was happy that the family was able to strenghen, she still hoped it would be her own Red Wing Bird. Even though he wasnt hers biological child, she cared and loved him as well as Sirus like her own. Her eyes became more and more watery the longer she watched, she wanted this little Red Wing Bird to be strong, to be something like Sirus. But right now that seemed Impossible.copyright protection55PENANAXZ7CrK8QWi

Hours went by and everyone kept eagerly watching. Some people left to eat but came back afterwards to continue watching, when finally. The little Red Wing Bird began to be surrounded by fire. The fire quickly engulfed him as he had finally reached Core Apprentice Stage 1st Level. As the fire disappeared, a young boy who was a head shorter than Samuel appeared. This youngster possessed long orange hair, longer than Sirus´ that reached his bottom, his physique was also quite skinny fitting his small size. His skin was the color of copper which seemed to go well with his orange hair. He opened his eyes and just like Samuel looked around to see the people around him. Unlike Samuel he didn't raise his head to show superiority, instead he locate Greta and smiled. He knew that no one in this family was a true genius. When he was younger and aware of his surrounding for the first time, he began to follow Sirus everywhere and Watch him train. Watching Sirus train was so entertaining that it would get in the way of his own training. Turning his head to face Ladrick, the young boy spoke. ¨I am Maxim.¨copyright protection55PENANA6Eig7FKKIh

Gretta was overjoyed to see that Maxim was finally done. This mean that she would finally be able take him to the family's library to chose spell for him to practice. Ladrick smiled at the boy and called Greta, ¨Greta take him away and find him new clothes, when he is done take him to the library to receive spells.¨  Greta nodded and quickly moved towards Maxim with a blanket to covem him as they left.copyright protection55PENANA3Gp7NT3fro

Greta finally took Maxim out of that place and into her house. She gave Maxim a robe that looked similar to Sirus´, which was a blank orange robe. Maxim placed the Robe on himself and sat down exhausted, the cultivating session can be quite tiresome to cultivators, especially those in the lowest stages.copyright protection55PENANAIonQ1PAaFw

¨Mother, where is Sirus and when will he return?¨ Asked Maxim. He wanted to see Sirus and show Sirus that he had finally broken through. Sirus was one of the main reason he was able to breakthrough as fast as he did. Maxim would no longer procrastinate and sleep, he wanted to get stronger, and prove to Sirus that all of his help went to good use. copyright protection55PENANAsLaL2iqM28

Greta was startled. This was the first time someone has called her mother. Greta´s eyes began to water and tears began to fall from her face, but weird enough she was smiling. She was crying and smiling at the same time. copyright protection55PENANA46PudDngSP

Maxim was confused and worried as he asked, ¨Mother!! Have I said something wrong? If so please, don't cry I apologise!!¨ Said Maxim in an apologetic manner as he moved towards Gretta. Gretta pulled him in for a hug and said,¨Don't worry child, mommy is just really happy to see her baby so strong.¨ Said Greta as she tightly hugged Maxim. Letting him go, she wiped away the tears and continued,¨Sirus went out to train with a very powerful man. He will return in time for the tournament.¨copyright protection55PENANAEBe2rgS1qy

Maxim smilled. He knew that Sirus was the true genius, and he couldn't wait for him to come back and tech him all of the great moves he practiced.copyright protection55PENANAySkJDm1494

¨Now Now, I need to take you to the library so you can choose some of the spells that our family possess.¨ Greta smiled as she moved towards the door.copyright protection55PENANAdea2IoG6Ez

¨Yes mom! I will train hard and one day I will be as strong as big brother Sirus!¨ Said Maxim as he jumped up in happiness.copyright protection55PENANAVja9mCpeDQ

¨Of course you will son.¨ Gretta gave Maxim a sad smile which went unnoticed.copyright protection55PENANAMcJ6VntXrC

One day later Inside a cave that was located in the fairy forest, sat a young boy who was concentrating in his cultivation. His body was soaked in sweat as a fiery hot aura was being emitted from it. This boy was Sirus, who was currently on the last type of pressure in the cave. He had exceeded expectation and worked hard in protecting his core without rest. Silvestre recommender sleep to the youngster but it was no use, as his hunger for power was stronger than anything else at the moment. copyright protection55PENANA1ERcGzAnFf

After being made a fool by himself as he faced the Flaming Horn Mule, Sirus´ urge for strength increased. He wanted to prevent things like that from happening to himself and one way was to get strong. On that day he even lost lost his hunger, but he still ate the meat of the Flaming Horn Mule with pleasure. He valued every bite of it.copyright protection55PENANAWBz6LVJa9m

Currently Sirus was almost done with this test as he was almost immune to the pressure of a beast who possessed a cultivation of Core Emperor Stage 1st Level. He just needed to finish creating one last layer. If Sirus completed this layer it would be the hundredth layer he had created so far. Right now he was pretty much immune to the pressure but he just wanted to be sure and reach the hundredth layer. The core inside his spiritual domain was also very different as of now. If one were to cut Sirus´ core from the past and the core of the present in half, they would be able to see a huge difference in the thickness of the wall. At first when he was adding the starting layers no difference could be seen, but now that he almost had one hundred it was easily noticeable.copyright protection55PENANA1WzK3u7wsy

´Come on… Almost there...´ Thought Sirus as he was almost done creating the last layer. ¨Done! Silvestre i'm done!!¨ called Sirus in excitement.copyright protection55PENANA9uc0GTzhgf

¨Good! Good! Haha master! You have passed expectations!¨ Laughed Silvestre as he walked into the cave. He was standing outside meditating as he waited for Sirus to succeed. ¨Haha since you are finally done it's time to reveal what your children have made.¨ Said Silvestre in a happy manner. Currently the end of the cave was just a wall, nothing else but a smooth wall. The wall actually seems like it should not be there because of the smooth surface it possessed, while the rest of the cave was completely rocky. Silvestre walked past Sirus and faced the wall. Silvestre extended his right arm and began releasing a red aura that began to cover the whole smooth wall. The wall seemed to change color from grey to red and it began to rumble.copyright protection55PENANAxdQ6kB23Mb

Rumble!copyright protection55PENANAqN8ZybuFHW

Rumble!copyright protection55PENANAdRrqR7kqpB

A line appeared in the middle of the wall as it began to open, slowly. Crumbles of rocks and dirt fell but no one paid any notice, as the door had finally opened full way. What the door held inside was something that made Sirus´ eyes widened in shock and his chin hit the floor. ¨Impossible...¨Sirus murmured. ¨This... This...¨copyright protection55PENANAGWOx3985cV

Sirus was in awe as he had finally seen what was inside. Another world. It looked like another world, there were trees, a lake and even a sun. ´Wait a sun?´ Sirus looked up at the object which was emitting yellowish light. ¨Silvestre what is that?¨ Asked Sirus.copyright protection55PENANAhDJpChB7Wj

¨Hehe, oh that? I knew you would ask that master. That is a core of a very powerful beast, that was unlucky enough to block your path. Hehehe, the beast was a Blazing Hundred-Headed Hydra, a worthy foe for the likes of master. You handed the core to us, since you possessed no need for it and so we decided to create this place within this mountain. That core is the reason these trees, these grass and the huge amount of elemental essence are here. It is also the main reason why you had to go through that test. The pressure released from that core is too overwhelming for certain beasts.¨ Smiled Silvestre.copyright protection55PENANA4aavB1DWs2

¨Woah... Why is it creating so much light? Also How come it's floating?¨ Asked Sirus.copyright protection55PENANAx8ZmF2vO7I

59Please respect copyright.PENANAJ9RTFtVipo
¨Haha, follow me father these questions shall be answered at a more appropriate time. As of right now training is the number one priority.¨ Said Silvestre as he walked further into this marvelous biome. Sirus followed closely while looking around in amazement.copyright protection55PENANAKpltOYKq5H

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