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Chapter 4- New Life
Nov 29, 2015
7 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cCGL5zWgrCAbwapU25fwposted on PENANA

Crack*63Please respect copyright.PENANAYCXEn3ekjG
63Please respect copyright.PENANAXUSu5ho7nE
Crack*63Please respect copyright.PENANAEhLBu2tGWU
63Please respect copyright.PENANA2Vw0AU3Ofn
´Come on!! Almost there!!´ though a tired Sirus as he was almost out of the egg.63Please respect copyright.PENANAvchnGmF5u2
63Please respect copyright.PENANAJ8juJOxdvu
Crack!!*63Please respect copyright.PENANA7yqEy0yBON
63Please respect copyright.PENANAZj0gHGDmL7
´Success!!´ He was finally able to leave the egg, ´Now what was the cau….´ Sirus stopped.63Please respect copyright.PENANApvgJ00xye3
63Please respect copyright.PENANA2mBs0asyLh
´What the hell?´ Sirus said to himself as he noticed a lot of people staring at him like he was some kind of monster. ´These beasts are in their Human form which means they are above or in the Core Apprentice Stage… Were they the ones causing my egg to rumble…?´ Thought sirus still looking at the crowd. The crowd were seated on rows of chairs, except one man. He looked different than the others. He stook up looking at Sirus with a serious face.63Please respect copyright.PENANAmKBm1i3FFP
63Please respect copyright.PENANAN4k3Nl4lTi
Sirus was confused. In front of him there were a crowd of people staring at him in awe, and behind him were tens of eggs all who looked the same, except 4 of them that began cracking.63Please respect copyright.PENANApVE0oFaReW
63Please respect copyright.PENANA9AHLXJ31oJ
Crack!*63Please respect copyright.PENANARbNcfBxkWq
63Please respect copyright.PENANAClmhmLWxCb
The four red eggs began to crack. People switched focus and were no longer looking at Sirus, they began looking at the 4 eggs with excitement.63Please respect copyright.PENANAuLMbwJUALj
63Please respect copyright.PENANAkCv7OLIm5F
¨Here are the geniuses!!¨ Could be heard from the crowd. Even though the crowd switched their attention to the four ¨Geniuses¨, Ladrick remained staring at Sirus with seriousness.63Please respect copyright.PENANAMI19ZnUWVw
63Please respect copyright.PENANA7piTAPDvqp
´What are you...´ Thought Ladrick looking at Sirus. Ladrick knew that there is no way that this white bird could be a Red Wing Bird. Right now Ladrick had so many questions he began to feel dizzy. 63Please respect copyright.PENANAPK1kSQ5Bca
63Please respect copyright.PENANAgZSi8SF2OA
Turning his focus back to Sirus he was dumbfounded to find that Sirus was staring at him. ´This Brat… Does he know what I am thinking?... How can he still be looking at me in such a way...´63Please respect copyright.PENANAzWZRQAHu67
63Please respect copyright.PENANATVSVfKMklY
63Please respect copyright.PENANAvCYoU6gA85
Sirus stared a Ladrick thinking,´Why the hell is this man staring at me in such a way?... Does he have malicious intent? But I can't feel any killing intent coming from him, so I guess it's all in my mind.¨ Sirus turned aways and began Inspecting the so called ¨Geniuses¨. The birds that came from the red eggs stood next to it, Fatigue covered their face. ´I guess I'm not the only tired one….´ Though Sirus. The four Birds looked almost Identical but with some differences. One was a bit bigger than the others it could be said he was chubby, with the smallest wings out of the four,´Will he be able to fly with such small wings?´. There was another one who looked smaller almost half the size of the chubby one but with longer wings. Then there were the 2 that looked Identical. Not a single difference. They were like twins. All four of the had a dark brown body except for the wings. Their wings were red, the red was almost and orange but it was still red. Sirus looked at the other birds who hatched from the white eggs but all of them looked identical, not even one Red Wing Bird other than the geniuses with an attribute hatched.63Please respect copyright.PENANAbH1bzSLgmR
63Please respect copyright.PENANAngMgb20Xnm
Thinking about looks Sirus began examining his body. He raised his wings, which caused him to have a weird feeling since it was his first time moving in a while, not only that but it was his first time having wings. The wings there in proportion with his body, but something caused Sirus to Understand everything. The reason for the looks of the people. His color.63Please respect copyright.PENANAWSZUhU1xua
63Please respect copyright.PENANACGRERrxCHU
Unlike the others, he was white. ´Am I not like them? But why am I here? Is this some kind of joke?´ He thought. Thinking a bit more his face darkened. In his past world people who were born in a clan that aren't directly part of that clan would be killed. ´If this world is the same… Then...´.63Please respect copyright.PENANAu5ahlmjmkH
63Please respect copyright.PENANAIgzHbQBdo6
¨Alright Parents!! You may get your children.¨ Said Ladrick and the crowd began to move. People came and went picking up their children. Many left with disappointment except the two parents of the four geniuses. 63Please respect copyright.PENANAn1MfGDGdgn
63Please respect copyright.PENANA7Lsi2OEmaY
After everyone took their children only two birds were left. Sirus and the small Red Winged Bird. To Sirus he could understand the reason he wasnt picked up by a parent. If he didn't look like any of the other birds he doubted he was actually part of this family.63Please respect copyright.PENANA3TfDAqucES
63Please respect copyright.PENANAj1U6gAKWO1
But the other red winged bird just sat there looking around confused. He still couldn't understand what was going on.63Please respect copyright.PENANAkWMNePCSbM
63Please respect copyright.PENANAQfF5Sgwnta
Many people had left with their children but some stayed, waiting to see what would happen to one of the geniuses and the weird looking bird.63Please respect copyright.PENANAgMcaTtLDqz
63Please respect copyright.PENANAEKvqyJgaBr
¨Right!! Only you two are left… How troublesome...¨ Said Ladrick already knowing the outcome. Ladrick began to look around thinking of what to do.63Please respect copyright.PENANAWsHCxAS3Xm
63Please respect copyright.PENANAed9qn2U8Fk
After the hatching ceremony Ladrick took Sirus and the red wing bird to a lady called Greta. Greta was a lady who looked about 50, she possessed Long white hair and a face that once represented a beauty. Greta was their new guardian, and since she never had a child she was ecstatic.  She quickly took them in and welcomed them by bringing them to their own room and letting them get accustomed. 63Please respect copyright.PENANAIk4dLDX1Nz
63Please respect copyright.PENANAtK1amyKfCH
When Sirus was being taken to Greta´s home he was trying his best to act like the other Red Wing Bird. Like a child. He would look around confused and then sit down with fatigue as Ladrick was carring them. When he met Greta He could feel a nice warm feeling coming from her. Gretta was a nice person and she treated him like he was her own.63Please respect copyright.PENANACRVLijNcst
63Please respect copyright.PENANAwaNBozelA2
A few weeks have passed and Sirus has felt more and more difficult to act like a child. Unlike his past life were humans would live for around 90 years and if they are lucky, 100. In this new life, were beasts ruled the world, living up to 300 was a norm. To the beasts the amount of time a child is called a child is until 5 years of age and then they would finally be able to cultivate, of course Sirus had already begun. Sirus could barely get any privacy to cultivate since Greta would always come to his room and check on him. Since cultivating at the moment was too risky, Sirus began to read books and listen to stories regarding his new family, his city and the world. Reading books would be more risky than listening to stories but Sirus would manage. Sure he read plenty of books regarding this world in the Domain of god but those books seemed outdated and only possessed important information. Sirus was able to learn a few things. First, the city they currently resided in was called Tylus. Tylus was a very small city in the outskirts of the empire of Florencia, and since Florencia was so big, they were pretty much invisible to the big powers of the world.  If Tylus were to be attacked, no one would come to its aid. Not because the Empire of Florencia doesn't care about its cities but because it would take too long to send troops over. Just the Empire of Florencia alone was the size of Sirus´ last world.63Please respect copyright.PENANAU3NWeavYp7
63Please respect copyright.PENANAG2ZBNhUAum
The situation of the family currently were also not so great. The Red Wing Birds were powerful beasts that gained respect throughout the world, but after many years it was in a terrible situation. Inside the city of tylos The Red Wing family was considered a small family and would be the source of bully for many other families specially in the tournaments held that determined the Ranking of the families in the city. Every 10 year the city hosts a city wide tournament where every family joins to be ranked in the city, and many hopes for glory. What intrigued Sirus the most was that there has been a family that won the past 4 tournaments, more than 40 years straight. This family was made up of a single beast. The Golden Striped Purple Cobra. They were powerful beasts that every other family would hope to avoid. It is even said that Their Patriarch was a beast of the Core Grandmaster Stage.63Please respect copyright.PENANA41wSCVrRg2
63Please respect copyright.PENANATb5G7jQCig
While reading through the family´s books Sirus stumbled upon a book that touched on the matters regarding the family's ancestor. The Phoenix. No one alive today knows what the phoenix looked like or how truly powerful it was but the estimations were believed to be very close. The Phoenix was a divine beast with its own element. No one knew what the element was but it was a variant of fire. ´A fire variant element...´ Thought sirus while reading. New elements had variants, they felt like one of the main elements but they were much more powerful. One good example of this is the divine beast, Black Silver Wolf. Their element felt light the lightning element but in truth it was something called Black Lightning.´Maybe my element is something of that sort...´ Still thought Sirus about the possibilities of his race. Right now he didn't know what he was, he would love to  be the Phoenix, but not a single phoenix has been born in a long time. The second possibility was the Hell Bird, But just like the Phoenix it would be very rare. Based on his looks he could be an Albino Tornado Hawk but their element where the wind which didn't go with his element. ´What am I thought Sirus as he would keep on reading the books in his room.´63Please respect copyright.PENANAKYiKz62uHw
copyright protection59PENANAT7WdhSbTql

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