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Chapter 2- Egg
Nov 29, 2015
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!uh75fxd0wfcLmreWSBCnposted on PENANA

´Huh?´ Sirus Finally opened his eyes.99Please respect copyright.PENANAj8wqeMYrMu
99Please respect copyright.PENANAGZg3qu0j6C
´Am I still in the god's domain?, No...´ Sirus thought to himself. He couldn't still be in the god's domain, he was supposed to be reborn, thinking about that, Sirus began to examine his surrounding.99Please respect copyright.PENANAHJZrooRV4v
99Please respect copyright.PENANAaoEHPStNkg
´Yup, definitely not the domain.´ Sirus thought to himself as he noticed, he was inside some sort of object. He was limited to movement as the object he was in was just slightly bigger than himself.99Please respect copyright.PENANAi1fy5G35Z9
99Please respect copyright.PENANAIGTH8h50da
´I'm inside an egg!!´ Sirus finally came to a conclusion, the reason for this conclusion was because Sirus was able to tell the shape of the object based on how the inside of the object felt. Even though his body felt weak he still could feel his surroundings, It felt smooth and slippery. The inside of the shell was white, but it would give off an orange glow from time to time, there were also thin red vine like veins that covered parts of inner shell.99Please respect copyright.PENANAvoya5n2ybm
99Please respect copyright.PENANAOto31tJ5yJ
´If I'm inside an egg there are a limited amount of beasts I could become… A Snake maybe?´ He thought, but he was able to feel his legs and feet. ´If not a snake… Than… Than.. A Dragon!?!?´ Sirus asked himself with excitement. He was already thanking god for making him into one of the strongest beings of his past world even though god said he wouldn't help. But his celebration was short lived as he noticed a few more things. His body had arms but no hands, it felt like after a certain point there were nothing. Actually it could barely be considered arms, Because of how thin it was. He began trying to move his legs, but shortly stopped when fatigue took over. His legs weren't actually legs… They were thin, twig like legs with claw like toes, three of them infact.99Please respect copyright.PENANAehq8Zyq4yD
99Please respect copyright.PENANAf42Ne7bhGm
´A bird?!´ He asked himself. He didn't know wether to laugh or cry. Depending on the species of bird he wouldn't mind, but he was expecting something more special… Something Dragon Special But this experience was rather anticlimactic. 99Please respect copyright.PENANAEuQ2ySviX4
99Please respect copyright.PENANA2bmskl1KqA
After being aware that he was a bird, he began to notice some of bird like features on his body. The first body part was a beak. he couldn't tell the details on the beak but he knew it was there.99Please respect copyright.PENANAnFEpsTxEad
99Please respect copyright.PENANA1OIRRgJnzG
´Now what?´ He thought to himself. ´Should I break out of here or something?´. Even though he wanted to break the shell and leave the egg he had no strength, The slightest movement would cause him to feel tired. 99Please respect copyright.PENANArBSO3d94Xz
99Please respect copyright.PENANAElejKHciln
´Maybe I should get ready before I'm actually born...´ He began to think. Sirus didn't know what to expect from the outside world. Is he alone? or is he being taken care by someone out there. Either or he didn't want to take any chances.99Please respect copyright.PENANAvncde4uYr3
99Please respect copyright.PENANAFSFyHILQNI
´Should I cultivate?´ He began to ponder. In the books he read in the god's domain there wasnt anything talking about cultivating before birth, or even any beast that was able to do that. The only beast that came close was the Winged Spear Shark, but they were unaware of what they were doing. Actually they weren't even cultivating, they were just sucking up the life force of their parent. Besides there is no way he is a Winged Spear Shark.99Please respect copyright.PENANAps3ELOlY7H
99Please respect copyright.PENANAmC4zQjDli4
´Wouldn't hurt to try would it?´ Sirus began to focus on his body and his spiritual domain. The spiritual domain as far as Sirus knew was the space inside someone´s body were the Core would form and every beast possessed one. Sirus´s Domain was was endlessly dark, It was like staring deep inside an abyss. He began to follow the instruction he had read in some of the books from the god's domain. First he began to feel the world around him, even though he was still inside the shell he could feel the world outside of it. Even though he was unable to make out the details of the outside world, he was able to sense a red fog-like particle. The particles were not together but separated in small patches around the outside world. 99Please respect copyright.PENANApXX4wENhuA
99Please respect copyright.PENANA0U34yOTTN0
Following the second step, Sirus attempted to suck in the particles but was unsuccessful. After a long time, Sirus was finally able to make the particles move, and slowly but surely, it began to enter his Spiritual domain. After sucking in as much particles as he could Sirus took a long rest, happy of his accomplishments. Right now he was at the 5th level of the Core Formation Stage, he was halfway until making his own core. But what Sirus didn't know was that outside of his shell there was a commotion.99Please respect copyright.PENANAB9DFJuZmPh
99Please respect copyright.PENANAqefniL163w
99Please respect copyright.PENANAG4qK8Yz2Sm
99Please respect copyright.PENANA3twG9fa8B0
Outside the room where Sirus´s Shell was located a few men gathered.99Please respect copyright.PENANAq2eGpxrrDv
99Please respect copyright.PENANAYkzo4InDKf
¨Georgius!! Why is there such a strong fire element energy inside the commoner´s delivery room?¨ A bald Bulky man asked. looking at an elderly looking mad who stroked his long white beard99Please respect copyright.PENANA0OJxuSMF1o
99Please respect copyright.PENANAFrqU8Qrzi5
¨I don't know… It seems like the Red Wing family has produced beasts of the fire elemental attribute… I guess they finally produced a proper Red Wing Bird, rather than useless beasts with neutral (No Attributes) attributes. I guess it's those four...¨ Finally the man named Georgius was able to locate 4 red eggs that possessed insignias. they stood out greatly from the other 20 eggs inside the room.¨Lets leave. Its nothing special.¨ Georgius said as he began walking away from the window delivery room followed by a group of men. The men wore purple robes with golden outlines.99Please respect copyright.PENANA5gqEFvn288
99Please respect copyright.PENANAi9W1GrUt6V
99Please respect copyright.PENANARMniGv885r
99Please respect copyright.PENANAeaHEPn9dpi
¨The Red Wing family are just a common beast family, The most recent generations they have only produced ¨Neutrals¨, how can they all of a sudden produce a beast with a fire attribute…?¨ The elderly man thought to himself as he walked past various other family´s delivery rooms.99Please respect copyright.PENANAlHriJ8JDBP
99Please respect copyright.PENANAzsCWKisTrx
99Please respect copyright.PENANAkFI2jypsLP
The building all of this was taking place in, was called the Life Hospital. Sirus read a lot about this building when he was still in the god's domain, and he quite liked the concept of all of this. Every family who laid eggs that lived inside the town or city had a delivery room for their own family, some were better than others, since every family is from the same type of beast some rooms were shaped to fit the size of the eggs. Some cities possessed multiple Life hospitals based on the amount of families in the city.99Please respect copyright.PENANAL7xcphl8UW
99Please respect copyright.PENANAYtpAqaSS3k
99Please respect copyright.PENANAqoZ8riGRLs
What the man called Georgius didn't know was that the cause of the commotions wasnt the four red eggs but rather the one egg behind them. Thanks to Sirus, The fire element energy went past the four eggs causing them to gain low affinity to the element. The egg Sirus was in had an orange color, but if one didn't pay deep attention to his egg they wouldn't be able to notice the color was orange. A very light orange. The reason for his egg being orange while the other eggs were red was because Sirus sucked the elemental energy to himself, unlike the other four eggs. Since the beast's inside the other four eggs hasn't been born yet they are unable to take in the elemental energy for themselves.99Please respect copyright.PENANAGwzeJYv47q
copyright protection95PENANADmKEopxGEf

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