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Chapter 7- Progress
Nov 29, 2015
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!53VSeFLbVTSmnVRJd0Liposted on PENANA

Sirus’ time in this new world will reach three years in a week. Ever since he came here he wanted to venture out into the world and explore this vast planet, meet all the different types of beasts, and discover hidden treasures. It was impossible for him to do these things in his current state. He needed power. Power would allow him to explore the world with no difficulty, and that is one of the main things he had experienced in his past life.45Please respect copyright.PENANAArZvkea5p6
45Please respect copyright.PENANAZismdk5qkR
In his old world, the strongest martial artists would rule countries and and even continents, of course the world wasnt as brutal as the current world that they were in but there were some resemblances, and power was one of them. If you were weak, you would hope to go by everyday without trouble, while if u were strong you would have the attention on you at all times.45Please respect copyright.PENANAIrm4V72BUn
45Please respect copyright.PENANAyuPy09Nbec
Over the past year since Greta found out about his monstrous capabilities, she kept true to her words and kept the secret to herself. Other family members would come over to Greta's place to visit and have a look at the genius that was the other Red Wing Bird. Greta used to look at the other Red Wing Bird in amazement, but now that she discovered Sirus´ crazy potential she wouldn't even bat an eye to the other so called geniuses of the Red Wing Family. It was like she was traumatized at the word ´Genius´, she would never see any other geniuses in the same way again unless they had monstrous capabilities like Sirus.45Please respect copyright.PENANAhdvKAI4G9o
45Please respect copyright.PENANAySPUXL2ZmW
When the other family members came to visit the other bird this made Sirus Feel some sort of way. He was happy that they weren't paying attention to him, because attention would bring trouble, but he did discover that not one of them asked about him. But to Sirus´ This was a norm, in his past life him and his father were kicked out of their clan for disagreeing with the clan leader, and so his father tried his best raising him until a certain age. After he gained power his past clan members came running to him asking him to come back, and if it wasnt for Sirus´ being in a different mood, he would've had destroyed the whole clan.45Please respect copyright.PENANAnUrdssmfDB
45Please respect copyright.PENANAsUPYFpGJ6Q
Sirus wasnt the type of person to mindlessly bully the weak when he had the chance. He would treat everyone equally unless he was provoked. 45Please respect copyright.PENANA7EJXyGIBG4
45Please respect copyright.PENANAy4ZZhsrDI5
Ever since Sirus received his humanoid body, he has been trying to control the flames in his body. If he concentrated enough, he was able to make flames appear and control it. This gave him the same feeling as the martial arts from his past world, but there were some differences.  Like the actual fire that he was able to control. In his past world martial arts moves such as Fire Fist of Flaming tornado kick, wouldn't actually have fire. The concept of magic was nonexistent, of course there were illusions and things similar but not to this degree. His control over the Golden flames could almost be called perfect, he was able to create dragons, flowers, streams everything he thought of, could be made with flames. Over the year he has been working on controlling his golden flames since right now there was no one to teach him. He was only managing himself through what he read in books, and if someone were to see his control, they would try to bang their head on a wall. Sirus´ control over fire was unthinkable, it was unworldly. 45Please respect copyright.PENANAfa048FuPoA
45Please respect copyright.PENANAGweptN6coM
The other Red Wing Bird was finally able to think properly and he would occasionally come to Sirus´ room and play with him. the other Red Wing Bird was being thought by a mentor. The patriarch sent someone from the family who possessed a high position to teach the 4 geniuses. This made Sirus think,´ The patriarch knows I am not normal… But why hasn't he done anything or say anything about me yet?... What is he planning...´. It was true. Over the past 3 years, the patriarch would talk about the 4 geniuses but not himself. But he would secretly treat him like all the others. Since the 4 geniuses were ´geniuses´, they received resources from the family, but secretly the patriarch would send someone to bring resources to Sirus. of course it wasn't comparable to the big families, and Sirus could still do it without them, but resources were still resources. Still, Sirus never used the resources given to him because he would be able to advance without the. He just gave the resources that he was ought to receive to the other Red Wing Bird living with him.45Please respect copyright.PENANAgXQgX7IpLq
45Please respect copyright.PENANAu0Bu5KazAy
A few months went by and Sirus was at the Core Apprentice Stage 6th Level. He has been cultivating ever since and occasionally would play with the other Red Wing Bird who lived with him. The Red Wing Bird that lived ith sirus was at the Core Formation Stage 4th Level, just one level ahead of the other geniuses who where at the Core Formation Stage 3rd Level. The Red Wing Bird who lived with Sirus was a bit lazy, but he would somehow always catch up to the other geniuses. When Sirus was in his room the other bird would occasionally get in there and watch him cultivate. His adorable body would always sit down to watch Sirus control his golden fire around, and sirus would occasionally make something for the other bird as the other bird would jump in excitement. There was a big brother and little brother feeling around them both, every time they were together.45Please respect copyright.PENANA9g5oGycNKB
45Please respect copyright.PENANAz1yqivy0Uk
Sirus wasnt able to learn any offensive or defensive movements from the family since no one expect him to be at the Core Apprentice Stage. So he had to try and create his own moves himself. He began trying out defensive movements since attaching movements would be troublesome to train inside his room, or anywhere in the house. He would occasionally turn his golden flames into golden dragon and make it swirl around him. He couldn't feel any heat from the flames of the dragon, infact the flames did not affect him at all, only others around him. He tested this with the other bird and the theory seemed to be correct. Sirus decide to call the golden flames Divine Flames. it just sounded right to him.  The dragon that endlessly swirled around him would be able to defend him from magical attacks.45Please respect copyright.PENANArpl3UqO4Zo
45Please respect copyright.PENANAD9FIxmhK91
Sirus was hoping to get a weapon soon, something that he was good with, in his past life. A Spear. When wielding a spear he was unmatched, his movements, whether defensive or offensive were flawless. As soon as he would receive a new weapon he would try to recreate some of the martial arts skills from his past life with magic.45Please respect copyright.PENANAlJ3T9lpImj
45Please respect copyright.PENANA2OJoRDOFIO
Over these few months Sirus and Greta had some interesting conversations about plenty of subjects. Sirus asked Greta to buy and magic book she could find, anything would work and she agreed she would look for something in her price range to get Sirus. Greta also talked about the increase in experts in the city. Over the past months there have been many experts entering the city, she was puzzled and didn't know what was going on. As she said these Sirus´ face turned dark… He knew why they were here. Him.45Please respect copyright.PENANA4mXJ4v5lff
copyright protection41PENANA6uluLXFMlW

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