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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Writer Polydragons
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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Dec 6, 2015
23 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!qvQdXzzSqwqLWbfx0Hy2posted on PENANA

Weiss looked at her sleeve, wet and covered in makeup, and whispered to herself "why am I crying?" Curled up on her bed, the lights out, she hoped she was being quiet enough not to wake the rest of the team. It wasn't that she didn't want them to wake up. It was because if they woke up, they'd see her in this state and her pride refused to show that. She was a Schnee...155Please respect copyright.PENANA1VSCgalr77
copyright protection151PENANAb6rsUlnfmi

No, she wasn't. Not anymore. The words rang in her ears, though they had been said hours ago. "You are no longer my daughter." She'd lost everything with those words: no longer an heiress, no longer rich, no longer able to uphold the good Schnee name. That last had been the problem. She wanted that name to mean something good. She wanted to prove to the world that not all of her family cared more about money than ethics.155Please respect copyright.PENANAPEg6hjs5Zi
copyright protection151PENANATMNK0LjzDK

Her last meeting with her family she had argued the point with her father... her ex-father. It had gotten heated, especially when Blake was brought up. He could insult her, but an insult to her teammates was more than she could take. She didn't even remember doing it, but she remembered the sound. The silence that followed it as a shocked look crossed his face and a hand went to his reddening cheek. Then he said those words, and Weiss didn't care, not at that point. She was too angry. She left without a second thought and went back to her only real home; Beacon academy and her teammates.copyright protection151PENANA53w2fLzfs7

It didn't hit her till now what it all meant. Her father may have questionable ethics, but he never went back on anything he said. His twisted sense of honor wouldn't allow it. It wasn't the loss of all her physical goods that hurt right now; it was the reality that she was, once again, alone.copyright protection151PENANAiEeJ685tos

She looked across the dorm room in the moonlit darkness and saw Blake and Yang on their respective bunk-bed, and heard the loud snore of Ruby above her. No, not alone. Not yet anyways.copyright protection151PENANALhfy1fklPX

This hadn't been her first fight with her father, though it certainly was the last. She'd grown up in that environment. She was "the heiress to the Schnee empire" in the public eye, but it was her sister who got her father's attention. When the time came, Weiss fully believed that Winter would become the head of SDC. Her father had been very clear on that point.copyright protection151PENANA6V1CXgnwwQ

A new rush of tears fell, remembering the isolation. She didn't like it, but she started patterning herself after Winter. If that was what he wanted, that was what he'd get. She would do almost anything to get her father's love. She was only six at the time. It was only natural.copyright protection151PENANAEOuTyA1E4q

The only thing that he had shown any approval of was her singing. She could sing like an angel. He'd book entire auditoriums for her performances. She didn't know it was a cover for him to meet with the less savory of his business partners at the time. All she knew was it was the perfect metaphor for her life. She stood alone. Thousands of people watched her, but never got close. Listened to her music, fawned over her beauty and skill, but didn't really care about her.155Please respect copyright.PENANAzWc1b4e9kY
copyright protection151PENANA6PHmoJCI5r

There was only one thing that had given Weiss any confidence at all. She was a Schnee. By definition she was better than everyone else; everyone who wasn't a Schnee. This was reinforced by all the people who wanted to curry any kind of favor with her, and how her father looked down on them. Even if she wasn't good enough for her own family, she was still worlds above most.copyright protection151PENANAGbnHNlYaSv

A particularly long and loud snore came from above her. She punched the bottom of the top bunk to get Ruby to stop, more out of anger for her own situation than to stop the snoring. But a shake of the bed indicated Ruby had rolled, and the snoring had at last stopped.copyright protection151PENANA0xjvqS5sw9

When she realized she would never get her father's love was when everything snapped into perfect clarity. She was alone, and would always be alone. Rather than allowing it to hurt her, to allow people to care only for her money and status and for her father not to care at all she kept her distance and made sure no one would come near her. The more they tried, the more she knew they didn't care about anything but what it meant to them to be seen with her. It made her skin crawl, and it made her angry. An arrogant air seemed to turn people away the fastest. After time had passed she even began to believe the facade.155Please respect copyright.PENANAxlTpY9zjBH
copyright protection151PENANASDZA0okC6p

And then she smet Ruby, in the worst way possible. Talk about bad impressions! Despite herself a small chuckle escaped her at the memory. Ruby was a force unto herself, even if Weiss hadn't realized it at the time. After all, she couldn't see beyond her own self importance. She was a Schnee, and for the first time she was the only one. She was the most worthy one there.155Please respect copyright.PENANArrlHxC1ZH1
copyright protection151PENANA3NBrvoMtzF

Weiss was fairly certain Ruby hadn't realized what kind of force of nature she was either. With her came the rest of the team. Trust was the big thing. It was something completely alien to her, but fighting side by side trust was inevitable. Friendship followed. True friendship, which she'd never had before. She'd become happy without really knowing when.copyright protection151PENANAZAci5Cba5I

Her friends had given her the strength to be honest with her father, rather than trying to be his scratched porcelain doll. She told him how disgusted she was with what he was doing to the Schnee name, and their family's company. How did she think that was going to work out? And she called Ruby a dolt!copyright protection151PENANAkXmkymISYP

A small piece of her childhood self must still have been inside her hoping her father would love her.copyright protection151PENANAi2DTt8hgCQ

The muffled crying continued until sleep finally claimed her. The dreams that came after were closer to nightmares.copyright protection151PENANAWBr8UwL5HQ

The morning was bright, Ruby was animated, and Blake and Yang were both still in their bunks. One was reading and the other sleeping. Everything was normal. There were three more days left of the mid-semester break, and Ruby was being quiet (by her standards), but Weiss knew from experience she had all three days planned out to make the best of them for herself and her team. It was adorable in its own way. Not that Weiss would ever admit it to anyone.155Please respect copyright.PENANAhgXui8ywhS
copyright protection151PENANAO2Nammw5ev

Normal. It all felt wrong to Weiss. She knew it shouldn't. They didn't know what had happened to her, so they were going to just do as they always have. She wasn't going to disillusion them. Weiss couldn't bear to see the pity in their eyes. She may not be a Schnee anymore, but she still had her pride.copyright protection151PENANAVwxyq1GHij

"Come on Yang, everyone else is up. Stop being such a sleepy head."copyright protection151PENANAyeU0mOw7Ud

"Dolt. You know that if there are no classes she won't rise before ten for anything short of pulling one of her hairs out." The words left her mouth out of reflex, so ingrained was this routine.copyright protection151PENANAXJgLTC7qIm

"I wouldn't recommend doing that again," Blake responded in her near monotone voice. It was what passed for sarcasm with her. "I don't want to have to repair our furniture again."copyright protection151PENANAVDTtbjuS1M

The irrepressible Ruby wasn't thwarted. "It wasn't that bad."copyright protection151PENANAbA15AnU7vP

"She punched a hole through my bed!" Blake responded.copyright protection151PENANAltyBfsenSW

That sheepish look crossed her face, her two pointer fingers tapping together. "It wasn't that big of a hole."copyright protection151PENANAKOADhLXMEZ

"I was in it at the time, and the mattress' stuffing made me look like a chicken."copyright protection151PENANAzPzAVaYQhu

Weiss began to tune it all out. Everything was normal, except for her.copyright protection151PENANAFCXeddGrAy

"Weiss! Weiiiiss!"copyright protection151PENANAolmYYEJWqo

"Huh?" Startled back to reality she looked around and realized Yang was awake. Obviously a lot of time had passed.copyright protection151PENANAV0dvA9FyZW

"You drifted off somewhere in la-la land," Ruby said. "Are you okay?"copyright protection151PENANA3Fz0TMezeP

"Of course I'm fine! What kind of dumb question is that?" Ah yes, haughty arrogant princess. That was familiar. It was safe.copyright protection151PENANA8CavA99k5A

All three of her friends took a step back, a bit of shock on their faces. That bitterness wasn't like Weiss, not for two years now. The sarcasm was, of course, but not the icy intent. She knew what was crossing their minds, of course. Even if it had been years the echoes from that past were unmistakable.copyright protection151PENANAI1AWwb6cK5

Damage control time. After a deep breath, "I'm sorry. Just didn't sleep well." Another half truth, but at least it wasn't an outright lie. She waved her hand dismissively, as if it wasn't really anything of consequence. "So what did I miss?"copyright protection151PENANA8NLHOEu2eI

That was the wrong thing to ask. Ruby launched herself into an exciting day that she had planned. She spoke so fast that after a minute Weiss raised her hands up as if to defend herself. "Okay, okay, I get it. Really, you shouldn't use your semblance to talk so fast."copyright protection151PENANARml2SVb1fh

"I didn't." A thoughtful look crossed her face.copyright protection151PENANACYidVPo118

"Oh no, I forbid it!"copyright protection151PENANA7aVSSJxmML

That brought on a defeated pose, her head and arms hanging down dejectedly. Three, nearly four, years after meeting her and she still had that innocent charm. Weiss didn't think it would ever leave her. It was as much a part of her as the red cape she wears to this day.155Please respect copyright.PENANAuPeoedyOw9
copyright protection151PENANA5E8qG0lS2B

"Oh, alright, but I'm not going to pay attention to it, just to be clear," Weiss said testily. And that was all it took. Everything was right in Ruby's world.copyright protection151PENANAaFAtSvigwk

Blake had her own say on the matter "I really don't think her semblance can work like that."copyright protection151PENANApDulwn53JR

Yang was trying hard not to laugh at all of this, and failing miserably. "She's certainly going to try."copyright protection151PENANAPPwYfdZB62

Weiss tried to smile, but it was forced. If anyone had been paying attention to her they would have known. I can be normal still. This will all pass, she lied to herself, and we'll all be laughing about it later.155Please respect copyright.PENANAvXAQF7tG7b
copyright protection151PENANAdgHNJzj2QQ

Why Ruby went to Nora for advice even Ruby couldn't explain in words. Nora wasn't exactly a subtle or tactful person. While Ruby was tactless herself out of a social awkwardness that was with her to this day, Nora's lack of tact came from a level of enthusiasm that made her speak before she fully processed her thoughts. Yet here she was asking Nora advice while the others were off in the library studying, or more likely getting beat by Juane at 'Remnant: The Game' again.155Please respect copyright.PENANAHosETKNsh4
copyright protection151PENANAnguSB0fG4Y

After a heavy workout, it was giving the two girls time to stretch out on the floor and have a little heart to heart. A few pillows and some overstuffed blankets and it was reasonably comfortable, and more spacious than any of the other locations they could have chosen.155Please respect copyright.PENANAlLUza8NIXj
copyright protection151PENANAyTN4S3iRFo

"So you're saying you're worried because Weiss is being cold, grouchy, and snipish lately?" Nora asked with a 'and this is new to you how?' smile on her face. "She's been like that for a month, at least."155Please respect copyright.PENANASshsjWANDH
copyright protection151PENANATSEBGob0r1

"It sounds silly when you say it, but yeah; more so than normal." She shook her head slightly. There was more to it than just that, but she wasn't sure Nora would believe her. Weiss seemed off in another way. If she didn't know better Ruby would say she had no confidence.155Please respect copyright.PENANAZl6rZ0cMsu
copyright protection151PENANAQOikGTkVAp

"Yesterday she picked a fight with Blake about White Fang, calling them degenerates from the day they were formed, not just the final years. Blake walked away from it rather than actually hitting Weiss, but I think it was a near thing. I know Weiss doesn't feel that way. Not anymore. So why?"155Please respect copyright.PENANARNgLnqUa8R
copyright protection151PENANAU8iIdbLv2r

"So she's going after her own team now? That is bad. I really did hope it was just my team." Nora leaned back, fully relaxed and unnaturally docile for her. Ruby had timed this conversation perfectly after a strenuous workout, which Ruby had pushed Nora a bit harder than normal. 155Please respect copyright.PENANAt0kKtEH4rk
copyright protection151PENANATWjyx0XI0o

She valued Nora's input, but she didn't want to get sidetracked as Nora was want to do normally. "Ya think maybe something ha- ha-" Nora let out a big yawn. "happened between her and her folks?" Okay, maybe Nora was a bit too relaxed. "After all, this seemed to start after she got back from her visit with them."155Please respect copyright.PENANALqGSSFS5sk
copyright protection151PENANAKRc2bTWwOw

Ruby was a bit surprised. 'Folks' meant Nora didn't know. Did Weiss only tell her? "Her mom died when she was young, so really it's just her dad and her sister, but maybe." Ruby had caught the slight change in Weiss too, but hadn't been sure. She was happy to get a confirmation. "I'm not sure what that could be. She loves them of course, but certainly doesn't like them. She's grouchy every time she gets back. What more could they do to her?" A small idea came to her at those words, but she wasn't sure. She filed it away for future analysis. It would explain a few things she'd seen in her friend lately.155Please respect copyright.PENANAzk8P6vg1Fp
copyright protection151PENANAVJFerTpdps

"I could rough her up and force it out of her!" It was classic Nora, in her bloodthirsty yet oddly cheerful and cute voice. A bit of her normal self was starting to show through. Ruby couldn't help but laugh. Then again Ruby laughed at everything, even Weiss's jokes.155Please respect copyright.PENANAT9qdUTRBXj
copyright protection151PENANAEjoYRWZOE0

And that was when the door opened. After their 'exercise' both Ruby and Nora had been too comfortable to worry about getting dressed again. Ruby reflexively grabbed at their blanket. Nora just leaned a bit further back and folded her arms to purposely accentuate her bare breasts with a smile. Why hadn't Ruby at least locked the door? The tie thing was out. Everyone knew what a tie meant and she didn't want anyone to know it might be her.  But locking the door was so simple. 155Please respect copyright.PENANAWJKCBDiuJL
copyright protection151PENANAdoRqr2jnz8

Weiss's eyes were shocked for one second, if that. Then they became hard, unforgiving, and focused completely on Ruby. It scared her. Those were the eyes she saw the day they first met. Ruby wasn't sure why Weiss was so angry, or why she felt so guilty. She and Nora had been quiet about their affair, but it wasn't like this kind of thing was unheard of.155Please respect copyright.PENANAPi6X8dspe8
copyright protection151PENANAUuRzJjs9xR

Without a word Weiss turned around and left, closing the door behind her.155Please respect copyright.PENANAO7hekb7cN5
copyright protection151PENANABca0a2WaRB

"Well that was something," Nora replied sarcastically, not appearing to be put out in the least.155Please respect copyright.PENANAwKPgmrTFVC
copyright protection151PENANAa4Z1ur4OOD

Ruby was near tears, and again she wasn't sure why. "I need to be alone Nora."155Please respect copyright.PENANArKVxI4KbtZ
copyright protection151PENANAWJ8OiS7L1F

A confused look crossed Nora's face, and then a big smile replaced it. "Well if that's what you want then I'll let you have your time, but I'm just across the hall if you need anything. I think I'll just go talk to Ren. I'm sure he's lonely without me, probably just reading. You know how he is." Ruby watched Nora get dressed and listened to her talk now that the afterglow fog was starting to clear and appreciated her beauty. Nora was a great friend and beautiful, but that was all there was to it for her. Well that and Ruby needing help to understand her own sexuality.155Please respect copyright.PENANAji6AwrMEDz
copyright protection151PENANADDROD2RAcI

Nora was the only open lesbian Ruby knew well enough to even ask. And well, this happened. Nora didn't really care who knew what was going on. She was just as open about her sexual orientation as she was about every other aspect of her life. More or less it was in your face because there was no such thing as a filter between her brain and her lips. It was Ruby that was hiding it. She was embarrassed, confused, and more than a bit guilty.copyright protection151PENANAbmNboiCt6r

"Ruby," Nora said as she opened the door, her voice unusually soft. "I know this is for fun and a bit of experimentation, but it's been good hasn't it?"copyright protection151PENANA62afRt7Zf8

"Of course!" She faked. It had been fun, and she did learn a lot about sex and herself. But that wasn't what Nora meant about "good" and she knew it.copyright protection151PENANAETMvIpxzZK

Weiss felt a pain unlike any she had ever known; one more powerful than her father disowning her. How close was she with the members of JNPR? They'd flee at the first chance. She knew Blake would desert her. In her team she was the one Weiss expected it to happen with first and she'd been proven right. Yang wouldn't leave her so much as simply disappear on some adventure on the other side of Remnant after graduation. But Ruby, she was the one person she'd hoped would stay.155Please respect copyright.PENANAK9jzqG0kmV
copyright protection151PENANAia66mvoYYu

She never suspected, or expected, Nora of all people to get in the way. In the way of what? an unwanted voice asked.copyright protection151PENANAq5xAkp4soj

She had to hide. She didn't want to have Ruby catch up with her, or any of them to see her like this. 155Please respect copyright.PENANAWNGSlpX6Ar
copyright protection151PENANAB3dnyVM6vM

Hiding in an academy wasn't an easy task. The good spots had already been found. She needed someplace gross, smelly, and cramped. Places where the other students wouldn't want to hide for their horizontal gymnastics. A broom closest was the solution. The chemical smell of cleaners hit her in the face as she opened the door. Well, at least if she was caught she could blame the chemicals for her tears.155Please respect copyright.PENANA5TJbufCgUg
copyright protection151PENANAQOXXUjtiir

She sat, smudging her white skirt on the grimy floor. Weiss couldn't define what was running around in her head as thoughts. More like instinctive yearnings and fears chasing each other's tails. Hugging herself tightly, she let them have their way for now. A few minutes later she heard Ruby pass by, quietly calling Weiss's name. It went unanswered.copyright protection151PENANANIxkiRJnj8

Dolt. She'll probably spend the rest of the day looking for her, missing dinner if necessary. She wouldn't stop until morning. Weiss knew what would happen when Ruby did find her. She could picture it in her head perfectly. Ruby's words would be like a knife being so gently pushed into her heart. Ruby would say anything to make Weiss understand it wasn't about her; that she and Nora had just found something. Something she couldn't get from Weiss.155Please respect copyright.PENANAQEqadRRdbd
copyright protection151PENANAHVbUiJQ5Ql

Fine! If she couldn't get it from Weiss, then at least she was getting it somewhere. I'll get her to understand one way or another that I don't need her, and she can go back to what makes her happy without guilt. I'll force her to if needed! The thoughts continued in that cycle; the anger in them building with each rotation. By the time she was ready to face the world she wasn't in the mood for any diplomacy.155Please respect copyright.PENANA981Q0mfYsP
copyright protection151PENANARHaPE487mr

She went directly to her dorm room, half expecting to find Ruby waiting for her. She was half right, finding a half sister instead. Yang looked like hell, but Weiss knew she hadn't slept in over twenty-four hours. "Where have you been?" Yang started, a bit of heat and a lot of worry in her voice. "You've got Ruby worried sick."155Please respect copyright.PENANApxJ8Jeomui
copyright protection151PENANAza96usYePi

"Ruby should mind her own business," Weiss retorted with a bit of the superior "I'm better than all of you" tone she used to ooze thrown in. A tone she didn't have any right to anymore, but was good armor to wear in any situation.155Please respect copyright.PENANADlW4vaVmo6
copyright protection151PENANAmwdxrvhhA8

"She cares about you," the heat was definitely rising in Yang's voice. Good, no point in waiting till graduation for her desertion.copyright protection151PENANADsPNhtSqBf

"No. She doesn't. She may act the cute adorable feather-head, but she's in it all for herself. She made us all into the perfect team so she could look good in front of Headmaster Ozpin, and it worked. She'll get her pick of jobs as long as she can hold us together till the end of semester." Weiss couldn't believe the words left her mouth, and she certainly didn't believe a single one of them. That wasn't the point though. She got a reaction.155Please respect copyright.PENANAAxfBogYDeq
copyright protection151PENANARbp0iTtg8i

Yang was a woman of extremes with few grey areas. Normally cheerful, she had only a couple of buttons to push. Attacking her sister, that was a big button. She was playing with fire; time to stoke the flames. "You're just too thick to notice because she's your sister. I bet she laughs every time she thinks about it."copyright protection151PENANAyuPM2hhjyS

That did it. Yang's eyes going red was the only warning, but it was all Weiss needed. She cleanly bent backwards avoiding the fist that would have connected otherwise, and continued the motion into a backward somersault, each leg set to connect with a powerful kick should Yang be foolish enough to follow up her attack. The punch was no joke. If it had connected it would have probably knocked Weiss out, Aura or no Aura. It was fortunate that Yang's eyes were such an obvious tell.155Please respect copyright.PENANAtDYdLIr94W
copyright protection151PENANArckg0CKS3m

"Hmmph!" was all Weiss said in reply to the attack, with a roll of the head and eyes. Then with a superior sniff she turned and left.copyright protection151PENANA7UywVQqo7y

A muffled "Weiss..." was heard behind her through the door, but Yang didn't chase after her. As quickly as Yang's temper had flared, Weiss knew it had cooled just as fast. It didn't matter. Her only regret, or the only one she was allowing herself to acknowledge, was that she didn't get to change out of her grimy skirt first.copyright protection151PENANAHG3ws5NKpm

She wasn't sure where she was going. She didn't really have a place to go: no home, no friends, no nothing. She had only herself to blame, and deep down she knew it. She found herself outside, in the garden next to the dorms. It was a beautiful spot with the smell of flowers everywhere. It didn't fit with Weiss's mood at all.155Please respect copyright.PENANArIhoMMyI9W
copyright protection151PENANACRzX8zzSsC

"There you are!" The voice behind her was unexpected, mainly because Weiss assumed Ruby would still be calling her name, giving her a chance to prepare herself. Unguarded, Ruby got a split second to see the hurt behind the facade. She hadn't needed to see it though. She knew. Weiss could be a real pain, but she wasn't hurtful normally.155Please respect copyright.PENANAPJu4kSkjwy
copyright protection151PENANAfAxO6sExRM

"What do you want?" Weiss snapped, while in her head Go away, please, just leave me alone. Of course that wasn't what happened.copyright protection151PENANA5ys94UeSFE

"I want to know what's wrong! This isn't like you, not anymore!" The desperate look in Ruby's eyes could not be faked. Not wanting to acknowledge what that expression said, what it promised, Weiss ignored it instead. 155Please respect copyright.PENANAJ0bIeXrF6w
copyright protection151PENANAehvNeDnOwP

"Nothing's wrong, you dunce, so why don't you go where you're wanted." Anger rose in her, fueled by her own self-doubt and a sense of jealousy she knew she had no right to. She had tried capturing the bitter cold of the northern wastes to freeze Ruby's passion. Instead it seethed with the heat of the hottest forge. She turned her back towards Ruby, trying to show just how little she cared, and doing the exact opposite.155Please respect copyright.PENANAByeTW0GvIP
copyright protection151PENANArMpYAwrf3i

Weiss froze when the arms circled her, holding her from behind. Ruby rested her chin on Weiss's shoulder. "Please, stop pushing us away," she whispered in her ear. "We all know something's wrong, and we..." Rupy paused for the barest of seconds. "I am here to help."155Please respect copyright.PENANAsxyWCTPWcm
copyright protection151PENANA19QtjVoxN3

"Just what a good team leader should say, now isn't it? Well stop. It's last semester and we'll all go our own way after we graduate. You don't need to pretend to care about the 'ice queen' anymore, and I don't need to worry about my promise to be the best teammate ever." Those words hurt more than any she had said in her life. She could physically feel her heart squeeze in her chest. It was hard to breath, but she had to endure. Better to cut it off now than later. The longer the farce went on, the more painful it would be when it ended.155Please respect copyright.PENANAvWmGFBD6gK
copyright protection151PENANAb2lHQAkdoR

"Nope. I don't believe you. And you don't believe you either. I can feel it, right here." The emotional pain grew worse when she felt Ruby's hand over her own heart. She felt her knees start to collapse under her, but Ruby's arms tightened and held her upright. "I will never let you fall Weiss. Never! You hear me?"155Please respect copyright.PENANACSiRLfRsKA
copyright protection151PENANA3QDtOdZgs3

"Why? Why do you care? I'm not worth it..." The memory of Nora and Ruby cuddling in a nest of blankets on their floor invaded her mind. "Besides, you have others to hold close. You don't need me. Everyone loves you."155Please respect copyright.PENANAhc8Q9KJYHW
copyright protection151PENANAyudpYwkm48

"And I care for everyone, and that includes you."copyright protection151PENANAqgaMX1mieL

Weiss couldn't stand it anymore. She wanted to lean into the embrace so much. Instead she shrugged out of it and turned back around to face her before Ruby could hold her again. "You insufferable little brat!" she lashed out, determined to get Ruby to leave. "How much clearer can I be? I don't want you. You're holding me down, and frankly you're suffocating me. You're better off without me, and I'm going to be just fine without you. Now go."155Please respect copyright.PENANAlcSITyjxEA
copyright protection151PENANA9iBMLp0LFt

"Nope."copyright protection151PENANAPeX2DVzYiD

"What do you mean nope?" Weiss asked incredulously.copyright protection151PENANA7JUivRjRay

"Nope. I'm not leaving you behind, and I won't let you leave me behind. Tell me already, what happened? It was your father, wasn't it?"copyright protection151PENANACjQd6CD6nj

Weiss did collapse this time, but Ruby was there halfway through the fall, catching her. "I told you already, I'll never let you fall." How could she know? She wasn't that bright, frankly.copyright protection151PENANAzcxxfbsOaL

"How..?"copyright protection151PENANAsiunA0fURp

"Oh come on Weiss, I'm not the naive girl you met. I do notice things, like my best friend becoming bitchy right after coming back from your last visit."copyright protection151PENANAsuJjIPVlWj

And she thought she had hid it so well. Who's the dolt? Then she noticed the two missing words that should have been in that last sentence. Not 'one of my best friends,' but 'my best friend.' She couldn't stop it from happening. She leaned in, and began making the front of Ruby's shirt wet with her own tears. It wasn't all she had ever wanted to hear, but it was closer than she deserved.copyright protection151PENANAFwwd3LpwAz

"I'm not a Schnee anymore. You don't need to treat me like some kind of princess, because I'm not. I'm not anything." She felt naked with that admission with her defenses down and ready for a strike she hoped wasn't coming, but couldn't rule out.copyright protection151PENANAh3SMqsMFmE

"So he finally disowned you?" Weiss nodded her head into Ruby's shoulder. "Good. He wasn't good for you anyways. Who cares if you aren't a Schnee anymore? You are still part of the best team Beacon has seen in a generation, and you're going to be one of the most sought after Huntresses in Vale. You know how that happened? It wasn't because of a name. It was because of you. You are a good person, a good friend, and one of the smartest most capable people I know."copyright protection151PENANA5P8O8RD3cA

"You and your speeches." Damn if it didn't feel good to hear that. She meant something. She wasn't certain she really believed it, but the fact Ruby did meant more than all the worldly goods she no longer had.155Please respect copyright.PENANAhhsA8eP0GA
copyright protection151PENANAmS6S5aEuGf

"You make it easy." Were those tears dripping on her? Weiss looked up, and indeed Ruby was crying. It didn't look natural. Ruby always looked on the bright side. Eternally cheerful, even in the heat of battle a smile would be on her lips. So why?155Please respect copyright.PENANABYNJOWuyVc
copyright protection151PENANA4YiWKJoxpL

Ruby looked down and saw the questioning look on Weiss's face. "Do you think you're the only person whose felt abandoned? My mom died when I was a baby. Dad fell apart after that. I was alone, but I had Yang. Without her I would have been completely lost. I can only guess at how you feel. You have no one left in your family who cares about you, and you never really had any friends until Beacon." The tears were coming down harder now. Weiss reached up and brushed a few off Ruby's face.155Please respect copyright.PENANAugonYiViPA
copyright protection151PENANAbuAkiIbWMo

Weiss had already known most of that, but it never really registered how much that must have hurt Ruby. It was easy to forget because of how naturally cheerful she was. It struck Weiss just how well Ruby understood. Without conscious thought Weiss reached around, pulling Ruby in closer. "Stop the speeches already, Dolt."copyright protection151PENANAw9gD2lNGQt

Two floors up Nora looked down and smiled. "About time."copyright protection151PENANAWUsfRcYgKn

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