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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Writer Polydragons
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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Dec 6, 2015
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fJb3kZuRo1hp34LVpjerposted on PENANA

Got to find her, got to find her, got to find her, Ruby chanted inside her head, while verbally she said "Weiss, where are you. Please, I want to talk to you."109Please respect copyright.PENANADsGqJMYYfb
copyright protection105PENANARVEy4hwYT7

Ruby ran into a wall as she made one turn in the dorm hallways. Well actually it was Yang, but it might as well have been. "Hello sis!" Yang said cheerfully as she reached down to give her sister a hand up. "What's this about Weiss?"copyright protection105PENANAR9Q2da1I2q

Thinking quickly Ruby grabbed Yang's wrist and pulled. "Not here," she said, pulling her back to their dorm room as fast as she could, which given her semblance was quite fast. A couple of seconds later (she was slowed down by Yang's weight) they were there.109Please respect copyright.PENANAqL2xAalyJx
copyright protection105PENANAJjPMoBINUW

Unphased Yang asked "Well?"copyright protection105PENANAfLRUjVcQU6

"Well you know how I haven't really dated, even though there have been plenty of cute boys who've been interested and I was always kinda uninterested. And they were cute; did I mention they were cute? I mean I'm quite popular, though I didn't want to be popular just a normal girl, remember, normal girl with normal knees? So really it was only natural that boys would keep hitting on me and..."copyright protection105PENANAXLfONsZPa1

"You're gay, you've been sleeping with Nora, I know," Yang interrupted. "Can we move on to Weiss?" Caught off guard, Ruby just stopped and looked blankly at her sister. "You've been sleeping with Nora. How long did you think she could keep her mouth shut? Ren knew the night you approached her, and we all knew by the time you two really, you know, did it."109Please respect copyright.PENANA1bXdwdQ8am
copyright protection105PENANAgUl5HJHpxB

That slowed Ruby down with a look of shock; for a couple of seconds anyways. "But what about Weiss? I mean she didn't seem to know when she opened the door, and I mean really surprised, and she gave me that angry look. Remember her angry look, when we first met? No, of course you don't cause you ran off with your friends, but it was really scary and..."copyright protection105PENANAlMncHH8Tx2

"Wait wait wait, Weiss caught you two?" Ruby was fully aware that Yang was using simple questions thrown in to slow her thinking down. Her sister was well accustomed to her going off the handle when she was nervous, upset, or extremely excited, and was good at steering the conversation. The small, non-jabbering, portion of her brain was thankful for it right this moment. She needed help, and she needed to get moving.copyright protection105PENANAZvNekBGjrR

Still, her voice was on autopilot. "Yeah, and Nora didn't even try to hide that she was naked, but I completely covered myself, and so you'd think she'd look at Nora first, but she was looking at me with those angry eyes, and you'd think I would be scared, but really I was just feeling guilty..."copyright protection105PENANAlHLGNsqvRY

"Slow down, what did Weiss do after the angry look?"copyright protection105PENANA7cLupscxlK

"She left, which is why I was out there calling her name, and then I ran into you and... Oh, you know the rest. Can I go find Weiss now?" A short sentence. Well shorter. She was starting to come back down. Good.copyright protection105PENANAAkfnzAZgTr

"Yes, I'll stay here in case she comes back and I'll call you if she does. You might want to stop calling her name though. If she's trying to hide from you warning her you're coming probably isn't going to work so well."copyright protection105PENANA7f9SWWlmsd

Getting all of that off her chest, Ruby was visibly calming down. She reached out and gave Yang a hug. "Thank you; you're the best sister ever!" And then she was off in a shower of rose petals.copyright protection105PENANAkzp64PygnT

Watching Ruby leave, Yang couldn't decide if she was upset or happy. Why did Nora get involved with Ruby? It had been clear years ago that Ruby and Weiss were going to end up together to everyone except the expected couple, so why sabotage it? When asked she'd simply shrug and say she was just speeding things along. Yang had nearly gone to blows over it, but she managed to hold her temper in check. Any kind of fight could bring what everyone knew was happening between Ruby and Weiss's out in the open. As shy as Ruby could be she would likely go into her shell, and Weiss was just pig headed enough to push away out of her odd sense of pride.copyright protection105PENANA0XeglNQk3K

Of course, both outcomes were only theories, but there were at least five more that spelled them knowing causing more harm than good. Why risk it? They would end up together eventually from their own mutual attraction. It was best if they figure it out naturally, rather than unwanted matchmakers pushing them.109Please respect copyright.PENANApOO5eySdx8
copyright protection105PENANALbZV4VSpik

This development though was possibly the perfect storm to bring them together, or tear them apart. Either way she felt sorry for both of them. Weiss must be crushed thinking the one she loved had no chance of returning her feelings, and Yang knew Ruby well enough to know where her guilt was from. She felt like she somehow cheated on Weiss, though it was only on a subconscious level right now.copyright protection105PENANACDT2JXShdf

Then again Weiss had changed lately, setting everyone on edge with her frosty behavior. Yang didn't really believe it but the thought was still naggingly there. What if Weiss was returning to her old self because soon their time at Beacon would be over? If that was the case she could force it all to end before it truly began.copyright protection105PENANAbecquxdlSh

But Yang was happy. Her sister was a force of nature. It will end in their favor. She was certain of that. She stopped to think what day it was on her mental calendar, and smiled And I'm going to win the pool.copyright protection105PENANA5Es5zw1rWj

Ruby's scroll rang, and seeing Yang's face on the ID she paused her headlong run to answer it; hoping that Weiss had shown up at their room. "I messed up," Yang said before Ruby had a chance to say anything. "She baited me, and I bit."109Please respect copyright.PENANApXTsvtCR2l
copyright protection105PENANALzXFBGDuYR

No need to ask who 'she' was. "What did she get you to do?" Ruby had only one guess off the top of her head, and she was afraid the answer was going to prove her right.109Please respect copyright.PENANAo3xmh3z7bK
copyright protection105PENANAJ95WzAtNVm

"I took a swing at her, and I wasn't holding back." Ruby stopped breathing, her fears confirmed. Yang continued, oblivious of Ruby's reaction. "She knew it was coming of course, and she ducked it." Breathing started back up again. "Then she got all superior like she has been lately and left. I called you as soon as I calmed down. It couldn't have been more than a couple of minutes. What's wrong with her?"copyright protection105PENANA410x6A4720

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out." The voice was steady and determined, like she got when in a battle. It was going to be a fight, but one of emotion and words and Ruby had no intention of losing. She felt the importance of this moment on her shoulders; as if it would dictate the direction of her entire life. She couldn't lose!copyright protection105PENANArOzotb46F2

She knew Yang would recognize that tone, and she hoped it would reassure her sister. Ruby wasn't sure if Yang realized how much she had helped her. She had gotten so upset that she hadn't really thinking. Before Yang's intervention she'd been reacting and going into her nervous circular chatting patterns. If Yang hadn't come along and calmed her she'd still be in that state and completely helpless against the challenge before her.copyright protection105PENANAXpc3lMDPAy

Hanging up the scroll, she charged towards the dorms. She was on the other side of the grounds, and the longer she took the further away Weiss would be from them. She couldn't let loose with the full power of her semblance, the vacuum of her passing would cause too much damage, but she pushed just below that level.109Please respect copyright.PENANAtAziGOQy1n
copyright protection105PENANAbEzccFNgNP

Her semblance had limits; the biggest was she had to travel in nearly a straight line. The faster she went the more momentum she gained, and her power didn't negate that momentum. It also had one advantage: her endurance was superhuman even when she wasn't using it.copyright protection105PENANAheDQC62HdI

Her need to slow down for turns caused her to take a bit longer than she wanted, but when she did get there her breathing was perfectly calm. She got there in time to see Weiss go around the corner of the dorms towards the gardens. Quietly Ruby followed not wanting to spook her friend.copyright protection105PENANAKa7XdtJRij

When Weiss settled in the gardens, Ruby moved in. In the conversation that followed she let her desperation show and pleaded. Ruby kept her temper down, ignoring every verbal attack. Instead she concentrated only on helping her friend and getting to the truth. Ruby marveled that her nearly nonexistent temper was flaring at all. It wasn't from the little slights Weiss tried to hurt Ruby with. It was from the ones that were directed inwards, revealing and rending further the wounds Weiss had tried to hide. Ones she was possibly not even aware she was making.109Please respect copyright.PENANAHrlATQ3wH5
copyright protection105PENANApuYZGbFtrs

It actually went easier than Ruby had expected. When the truth was revealed she'd never seen Weiss so vulnerable. She just held her as Weiss cried, yearning to do more. Weiss had lost nearly everything, and her fear to lose what she had left had led her to make it the truth. What would Weiss call it? A forced prophecy? No...  A created prophecy? Ack, that's worse... or maybe not. A self-created prophecy! Closer, but not there. Ruby was starting to itch for her dictionary. A shame she'd lost it again. 109Please respect copyright.PENANAR69ptqs3xE
copyright protection105PENANAiIHWzj2B1g

Wait, I'm getting distracted again, Ruby thought, pulling herself out of her circling thoughts. Looking down at Weiss she couldn't help thinking people can be so dumb, especially the smart ones, as she slowly sat down in the grass and placed her friend's head in her lap. 109Please respect copyright.PENANAO1fnkVcaud
copyright protection105PENANAjMrrJFUtwc

"I will never let you fall," she whispered encouragingly, "and I will never leave you." She repeated these words which Ruby now knew were what Weiss needed more than anything else on Remnant. It lasted hours, and during that time Ruby wondered at her own words. "I will never leave you." It was the truth, but it was deeper. It wasn't for Weiss that she wouldn't leave. It was for herself. After their time at Beacon, and their time in team RWBY, Weiss had become an integral part of her life. She didn't just want to stay in her life; she never wanted to leave Weiss's side.109Please respect copyright.PENANAybFUMyKQ4s
copyright protection105PENANANWGMVnXARp

It was a revelation. Thanks to Nora she knew what she was, and she had more or less grown comfortable with it. She could think in terms of relationships with other women without wanting to shy away from her own desires. Am I in love with Weiss? she asked herself. The speeding up of her heart said yes. What are the odds of Weiss feeling the same? Approaching another woman and asking her out hadn't been in Nora's teachings. I'm not sure how to find out. She felt her thoughts trying to go into a circular tail spin, and resolutely pulled out. Don't worry about it right now, she told herself. It's not the time. She needs a shoulder more than she needs a lover, so that's what she'll get.copyright protection105PENANA3a8K6H49j5

By the time Weiss looked up the sun had gone down. "Dolt. We're going to get sick if you let us stay here all night." Ruby smiled down, glad to see some of her Weiss showing through again.109Please respect copyright.PENANAWWz5m3vO73
copyright protection105PENANApDRQ5BwZ42

"I'm not tying you down," Ruby replied.copyright protection105PENANAcRYTDUhBu8

"No, you're holding me down. Besides, as leader isn't it your job to make sure your team takes care of themselves? I mean really, you're just failing at your duties." The tone was sarcastic, but it wasn't biting anymore. Maybe a bit forced, Ruby could tell the pain was still there and would be for a long time. This was a good step though.copyright protection105PENANA1xi9ioRmyb

"Well then, I'm ordering you to get back to our room."copyright protection105PENANAsXOjOUVkUZ

"Don't get power mad," but she got up, gently pulling out of Ruby's arms. Part of her wanted to grab at Weiss and pull her back in, but that time was past. It was going to be a cold night and she really didn't want to get sick, but she couldn't stop herself from hovering protectively over her friend when they headed back to their room. She hoped it felt comforting to Weiss, not creepy.copyright protection105PENANAn6Rm0vgh6L

Entering their room, Weiss visibly shrank into herself as she saw Blake and Yang waiting for them. Their gazes weren't exactly hostile. They were wary, as if they weren't sure if they should be preparing for another fight or not.copyright protection105PENANAp7jIhB78YF

The distance between Weiss and Ruby, already closer than it should be, suddenly shrank to nothing as Ruby moved in to hold Weiss. A part of her red cape slid over Weiss's shoulders like a dove's wing. She led Weiss's passive body to her bottom bunk and sat her down, a sudden protectiveness she wasn't familiar with enveloping her.copyright protection105PENANAjqC8Kr3FMX

Yang had already relaxed, seeing the difference in both of her friend and her sister. Blake was a bit less trusting of the situation, but her guard was definitely starting to lower. "It's okay guys," Ruby started, her voice a bit more chipper than she felt.copyright protection105PENANAEa3vw41Nl7

Weiss held up a hand to indicate Ruby should stop, though she didn't leave Ruby's arms. Yang obviously noticed this too. Her eyes stared at the embrace, and then she smiled victoriously. Knowing that every one of her close friends knew her inclinations it was easy to guess what was going through her sister's head, and she was right. "This is my responsibility Ruby. I need to make amends for my transgressions."copyright protection105PENANAzLfStwuAFs

"Trans-what?" Ruby asked confusedly.copyright protection105PENANAgZSS7Ckah6

"What I've done wrong, Dolt. Do I need to buy you another dictionary?" Again her Weiss showed through, though the pain was obvious as well. Was it wrong that every time she heard 'Dolt' her heart heard "My Love?" Was it wrong that she kept thinking of Weiss as her Weiss?copyright protection105PENANA8WhbsNgtBB

Blake finished dropping her guard at those words; looking expectant and hopeful that her friend was back. "I've been horrible to both of you," Weiss said softly, each word seeming to pain her. "I'm sorry. You both deserve explanations why."copyright protection105PENANABanQ2Rnxs2

Blake spoke up. "It's unnecessary. When you found out about my involvement with the White Fang, you told me the whys didn't matter. Well, this is the same thing as far as I'm concerned. I can't speak for Yang, but for me I don't need to know more." Yang was nodding her head in agreement.copyright protection105PENANAZI1SB9vVkN

A wan smile crossed Weiss's already strained expression, making her look even more like she was seconds from crying. "Thank you. I need to tell you though, for me. Give me that." Blake and Yang both nodded with understanding and found spots to sit. Blake took her bunk, while Yang took one of the chairs and straddled it backwards. When they were ready, Weiss began telling her story. At one point Yang got up and hugged Weiss, forcing Ruby to move out of the way for the duration. She possessively returned to her spot as soon as it was over.copyright protection105PENANA2sJjEc7UFI

When Weiss finished, visibly tired from the admissions and her insecurities, her teammates gathered up on her bunk for a group hug. "I probably will be all over Remnant after graduation," Yang said truthfully, speaking to Weiss's fears, "but Vale is my home. I'll always return here and when I do you'll find me at your door."copyright protection105PENANAwhTT8WLvtd

Blake followed suit. "Why would I leave? I know where your fears originate from, but they're dead wrong. I never forget who my friends are, and you're one of my best, even when you're being a brat."copyright protection105PENANAytVAlwKQr4

Ruby didn't say anything. Their words had already been exchanged back in the garden, but Ruby played them again in her head, feeling warmed by her promise.copyright protection105PENANADuxnOcAV6g

Blake was the first to break off the hug. "We have classes in the morning. We should get some sleep." She fixed her gaze on Weiss, "And I really do need my friend's help, and she gets angry when I don't ask for it. Perhaps we can talk about it after classes?"copyright protection105PENANAEDxxxFtiaW

Weiss smiled and nodded. Ruby couldn't pick out all the reasons for the smile, but the biggest piece was Blake not only forgiving her but truly accepting her.copyright protection105PENANAvJqqjLX3Cp

Yang was next, though she didn't have anything more to add. She was all smiles though. It helped dispel the remaining tension in the room.copyright protection105PENANA8gTGDISdDZ

Blake and Yang went directly to bed while Weiss and Ruby changed silently into their pajamas, Weiss making a sour face at the grass stains and grime on her skirt. When Weiss crawled into her bottom bunk, Ruby started to follow her. She stopped half on, half off, fear running down her spine. The action had seemed so natural to her, like she'd always done it. She started to back out, fearing she had crossed a line. A line she very much wanted to cross, but what would Weiss think?copyright protection105PENANAtiC1PaGjsR

Before her weight had even started to shift into reverse Weiss said "Where do you think you're going?"copyright protection105PENANAgYAGpTsmX4

"Um, well this isn't my bed. I'm not even sure why I started to get in. I guess I'm too tired, you know?" She grabbed the back of her head and laughed nervously.109Please respect copyright.PENANAsV5HjpDvA8
copyright protection105PENANAL6kFMYnEc1

"Did that sound like a complaint? You didn't feel me pulling out of your arms all night, did you?"copyright protection105PENANADFjgH9qntT

Ruby was getting more and more confused by the second as she tried to tell if what she heard was real or just what she wanted to hear. "Well, you felt like you needed the comfort is all."copyright protection105PENANAeKSOqhISEG

"Of course I did, dolt. I'm a mess. Get in here and finish what you started."copyright protection105PENANAWqMh5yftdr

Still unsure of herself, she did what she was told and came in behind Weiss. Laying behind her friend her arms came around and held her close. In the lightest of whispers Ruby heard "thank you."copyright protection105PENANAvQ7P7OYybs

Across the room in the other bed, she could hear much more clearly; "'Comforting,'" followed by Yang's chuckle "I win." The last thing Ruby heard was Blake's low, pained, groan.109Please respect copyright.PENANAJ8ko26WNX1
copyright protection105PENANAsqckfCCXvg

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