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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Writer Polydragons
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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Hide and Seek
Dec 6, 2015
20 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!14U90Ahgg3jyOkTThDpQposted on PENANA

"We found them," Yang heard over the com, and sagged instantly with relief.copyright protection71PENANAKbolRmcpwu

Her voice on the other hand was excited, "Where, how are they? How long until you can get them to Beacon?" She wanted to ask more, but couldn't think of what. Everything!copyright protection71PENANAryzmIzWZPd

"Yang, calm down," said the voice on the com. It had taken two days but everyone now knew to call her Yang without her having to threaten bodily harm. "They're in bad shape. Mainly dehydration and severe sunburn as far as we can tell. We're in the middle of making a controlled water landing so we can assess their condition. Neither appear to be conscious but we don't know anything else."copyright protection71PENANA29MQtFKKja

"And?" That had only been one answered question.copyright protection71PENANAB3l0odmBDT

"Grid A1, nearest the southwest corner," he answered after the prompting. "It will take us about three more minutes to land and assess their injuries. Until we know that we will not know the rest." All it took was a look at the pilot and she felt the bullhead turn in the right direction and speed off.copyright protection71PENANA64sFraeoa3

Closer to two minutes the pilot on the recovery vehicle spoke up again. "Update, medic confirms they are alive and are safe to move onto our bullhead. We will need to move Ms. Rose carefully so it will take us about ten minutes to get her onboard."copyright protection71PENANABccn3G3Nrm

"Hey, how long till we get to them?" she asked the pilot, realizing from what he'd just said that Ruby was injured."copyright protection71PENANAX2qj3Pwqq9

He checked his instruments. "ETA Six minutes."copyright protection71PENANAjxeMcFXq37

Yang pulled out her sister's weapon which had been with her on every flight since she had found it. She petted it lovingly much like she'd seen Ruby do any number of times. "You'll be back with her soon enough," she said to it.copyright protection71PENANAuFkH2nn6bO

"Uh, are you going to dive into the water again ma'am?"copyright protection71PENANAs9RSsUIZk9

She smiled, remembering that descent without pain now that she knew her sister was alive. "No, I'll need to be lowered this time so I can deliver Crescent Rose." She wasn't sure, but Yang thought she heard a sigh of relief from the pilot.copyright protection71PENANA9EGnrS3oj7

No matter what the injury having her weapon back could only help Ruby. The huntsmen and huntresses had, for the most part, stayed with their teams when they boarded a transport. Yang had been an exception. That was the only way it could be with one in the hospital, and the other two were the ones they were looking for.copyright protection71PENANAwNMQuOdSUp

She wasn't alone though. She looked across and gave Neptune and Sun the first smile, without any sign of pain, they had seen since they had arrived. She was almost giddy. The smile wasn't enough and she went to them and pulled their heads down onto her shoulders, hugging them. "We have them! It's going to be okay!" She turned her head and kissed the cheek that was there, Sun's, and then turned her head the other direction and kissed the other cheek, Neptune's.copyright protection71PENANAHnyyg1tY1O

They still were not happy with the compromise and now that Ruby was found Yang was aware that they all were going to have to talk. At that moment she didn't care. These were the two that had held her together for the last two days, and they were both getting a double dose of joy for the immediate reward. More was to come later if she had her way.copyright protection71PENANA7atNyUGCjZ

"Need... breath..." Sun gasped.copyright protection71PENANAJPMvFhkT9f

Oops. She let them go and backed off, her smile getting bigger by the second. She couldn't resist for long as she jumped at them again, pulling them both into a more traditional group hug.copyright protection71PENANAiQDRpTTSSV

"Not... better..." Neptune gasped.copyright protection71PENANAH06aNF4uhn

"There's no pleasing either of you, is there?" she laughed, letting them go.copyright protection71PENANAt1cgwSxRLH

Sun fell backwards into his seat, echoed by Neptune. "Maybe it is a good idea to share her bro. Too much of this and she's going to kill me."copyright protection71PENANA64yJWXDPQv

Neptune chuckled. "So you're going to pawn her off to me so you can have a break?"copyright protection71PENANALxvRHjwMNN

"Do you blame me?" the faunus replied. "Besides, it's not as if you won't like it."copyright protection71PENANA9hOmxle5c0

"You might have a point," He admitted. "If she doesn't kill me instead."copyright protection71PENANANj5l31jHRa

Yang knew they were just joking around, but she didn't care about that. Everything was wonderful right now. Humor is a good sign, she reasoned. They might just come to accept me as I am.copyright protection71PENANAcCIIup20cQ

But yet again, she didn't care. She was literally minutes from being with her sister again. The future can sort its own self out. The now is beautiful.copyright protection71PENANAOm7DIFYXLb

"We're there ma'am. They have just been loaded onto the transport below us," the pilot said unnecessarily. Yang had been watching over his shoulder as soon as the other craft was in sight.copyright protection71PENANAYyv3Tz5dgW

"Okay, lower me with the rope," she said with unrestrained joy.copyright protection71PENANAntz5b3ve4H

"Roger that."copyright protection71PENANA4S3cvMRuKC

She gave her boys a kiss each, then headed to the drop line hanging out the hatch and grabbed it. While being lowered she tried to catch any sight of Ruby. The angle was bad until the last few moments, and her nirvana instantly left. She was trained to know how to handle extreme dehydration, and seen pictures in her first aid classes, and she had seen second degree burns. It was different when you see it on those you love.copyright protection71PENANAGJacN4LSh2

She took in that both had IV's in their arms with what she expected to be saline in the large bag along with potassium and magnesium in the smaller ones. Neither were moving. The tech looked up at the new arrival. Even if she hadn't been famous the flight crew would know who she was from the activity of the last few days. She hadn't been exactly quiet. "It's okay. I have them sedated until they're in better shape."copyright protection71PENANAPFvpKHsfVx

"They'll be in pain, but let them regain consciousness," Yang advised. "They can help with their own healing processes that way."copyright protection71PENANAXZp1bVO3pz

"Really?" he asked in surprise. "I knew huntresses and huntsmen were tough, but I didn't know that tidbit."copyright protection71PENANAF6iQi5V4Yc

"First time working on one of us?" He nodded. "They're just as human as you so treat them like a normal patient. Just know that your heal times will be a quarter of what you expect when they are conscious. Even faster on minor things like cuts and scrapes. We are just as susceptible to things like infections so keep an eye out for that." As she said that she saw the antibiotic creams starting to be applied to her sister.copyright protection71PENANA6OSBdCiGSe

She couldn't help but twitch a little. Huntsmen were tough, but pain is pain. Her eyes were glued to the scene though, as she asked "So how bad is it?"copyright protection71PENANAdPdCRpxFtX

"Ms. Schnee only seems to be dehydrated. It's extreme, but she will recover in about three days." He stopped for a second collecting his thoughts. "I guess that'll be under a day for her. We have to make sure that giving them fluids this quickly won't do damage to her kidneys, but she doesn't seem to have suffered any other complications."copyright protection71PENANAf94xZmDVrC

He changed his gaze to Ruby. "Your sister, on the other hand, is much worse for wear. Dehydration the same as Ms. Schnee and about the same prognosis. The burns are fairly obvious. They're second degree, but thankfully that's the worse they are. Those can take up to three weeks to heal." Again he paused. "A little under a week to heal and they will likely scar. Her recovery will be excruciatingly painful for her I'm sorry to tell you. We've already cleaned them, and, as you can see, we're now applying antibiotic ointment to the affected areas. Once that is done we'll be wrapping them in gauze."copyright protection71PENANA8xq08DCrku

Yang nodded. "The last two are less obvious, and we really can't do much about either of them but let them heal naturally. The first is two broken ribs. Judging by their positions I'm guessing they were caused by her harness when she crashed. One is only a fracture and not a problem. The other one was free floating, but it looks like the muscles are reincorporating it already. She's lucky. That could have easily punctured a lung. Normally it takes about six weeks to heal completely, so less than two for her. Besides some deep breathing exercises all she'll have to do is avoid too much vigorous activity."copyright protection71PENANAFxkTacjISM

Yang chuckled at that involuntarily. They might have to tie her down for that to happen.copyright protection71PENANAF7VKEV6iQx

"The last is the back of her head. I need proper ex-rays to know for sure but I think she hit it, possibly against her headrest, fairly hard. There's bruising back there and her eyes are unresponsive. She'll likely be blind when she wakes up I think." He raised a hand to stop the outburst. "If she is it's going to be temporary, but I can't tell you how long until she regains her sight. Could be a matter of hours or it could be a few months. Regardless of how quickly she heals this one could be with her for a long time."copyright protection71PENANAUY5lYdYBFi

Yang looked at her sister, still showing relief, but concern. "So she'll be okay, eventually. That's enough. She's going to really hate being blind though." She smiled, recapturing some of her earlier joy. "She'll be fun to pick on once the burns heal, assuming she's still blind by then."copyright protection71PENANA6lQqf0DyIv

It took about five hours to fly back to Beacon during which she watched the bandages being applied. Her hands and face seemed to have gotten the worse of it. The doctor at the clinic confirmed all of the medic's diagnoses. The ex-ray showed no damage to her skull. She had regained consciousness, and the pain was as bad as the doctor had predicted.copyright protection71PENANAloCh8hcfA2

When Weiss regained consciousness Yang started to question her on what happened. What she got told made almost as little sense to her as it had to Weiss. She was tempted to write them off as delusions, but it had all happened before she was exposed to the elements, and she was quite aware of her surroundings now.copyright protection71PENANANv1SQZ6OAM

Her mind latched onto one thing in the story: she had seen a grimm mask. That was White Fang. No matter what Blake had done Yang knew there were still portions of it that were violent. Apparently they were more dangerous than they had thought. That wasn't going to last long. They'd just gone after the wrong person's sister, and Yang was ready for blood.copyright protection71PENANA7G7X7mYLVG

She really did want to stay with her sister, but there wasn't much she could do there. She didn't want to admit it, but she just couldn't handle watching Ruby in that much pain. Weiss had promised to stay at her side until she healed, and Yang didn't have any trouble believing it simply because she didn't expect any less. They might as well keep a second bed in Ruby's room because Weiss wouldn't leave for anything. The expression on her face, usually so cold and distant, was etched with worry.copyright protection71PENANAgh5TydbKtL

Leaving them behind her next stop was obvious. If White Fang was involved there was only one person to see, Blake. "How long they keeping you prisoner?" she asked her friend with a smile.copyright protection71PENANANggO96OgVo

"Tonight." She looked closer at Yang. "You're not here just for that."copyright protection71PENANA235a1dwZYs

It'd figure that she'd pick up on it right way, not that Yang was really trying to hide it. One of the things Yang liked about Blake was her tendency to say as little as possible which meant she got straight to the point. "I know you've done a lot of work bringing in the White Fang and turning them into this Phoenix thing. I need to know how bad the portion is that you haven't convinced."copyright protection71PENANAGeJL8hZj2s

"I don't know for sure. They are harder to ferret out. They have the same problems at merging as my portion, as well as a few other reasons. Now they're paranoid so they aren't making much noise." Yang figured, correctly, that they were paranoid because Phoenix was taking down cell after cell. Blake looked one more time at Yang, curious as a cat. "What is this about?"copyright protection71PENANA4PJlESrs8n

For the first time Yang allowed some of her anger to show through. "We don't know much about what happened, or how, but Weiss said she definitely saw someone with a grimm mask swimming away when they left the plane."copyright protection71PENANARaqXksaRs9

"So it's a hunt then?" Blake said flatly.copyright protection71PENANAk8o4TwlTPo

Yang wasn't nearly as flat. She was too excited. This is a problem she could deal with. "We aren't called Huntresses because of our fashion sense."copyright protection71PENANAlUd4fSWHk5

Yang was having trouble telling if the flat tones were disapproval, or just her being 'Blakey.' "No, but not for faunus."copyright protection71PENANA4cgv9AYksq

"These mongrels aren't faunus," Yang spit. "They're rabid dogs that need to be put down."copyright protection71PENANAtNyRRsocld

Blake tipped her head to the side analyzing Yang from a new perspective. Ever since she had stopped trying to hide what she was, these little catlike motions were starting to surface. It was cute. "You may have a point, but don't do anything that'll get you thrown in jail. The cops may give you a little leeway, but there are limits." Her voice sounded more normal. That is to say it was still flat, but not completely devoid of emotion.copyright protection71PENANABH8PLnHI52

Yang chuckled, managing to sound both happy and bloodthirsty at the same time. "You know me," she said as she turned to leave.copyright protection71PENANAOae4FoFDI7

"Exactly." Yang didn't notice Blake reaching for her scroll next to her bed as she closed the door.copyright protection71PENANA4cUC4L5sYr

On leaving she looked at frick and frack sitting in a couple of uncomfortable hospital chairs. "Want to go on a hunt boys?"copyright protection71PENANAGz8OoUc6Ch

"Depends on who we're hunting," Sun replied.copyright protection71PENANA8qrmv7LaLt

Again she gave that smile. It was the old Yang that had been missing the last few days. There was a fight to be had. It was the type of problem she was designed for. "The assholes that tried to kill my sister and Weiss."copyright protection71PENANAhPGcsKYxcW

Both nodded. "You know who?" Neptune asked.copyright protection71PENANAZSw7HV1T1E

"Not exactly," Yang said as she used one hand to punch the other hand's palm. "but I've got a place to start, and if he's been holding out I'm going to tear his place apart."copyright protection71PENANAba5DxAKiKw

They looked at each other and used a form of silent communication only friends who had known each other since early childhood had. After a few seconds they looked back towards her. "Sounds fun," Sun said as Yang had expected.copyright protection71PENANAM2lseOdcmp

"It wouldn't be a party without me," Neptune said, folding his hands behind his head and leaning back. Yang supposed the pose was supposed to look cool, in Neptune's head at least. He did do it pretty smoothly.copyright protection71PENANA9liGs0CuUE

Still, it was time to demonstrate one of the reasons she was interested in him. Standing over him, she looked down and smiled. It was a wonderful, happy smile, full of rainbows and unicorns, and Neptune instantly looked nervous for some reason. Reaching down she grabbed the nose of his goggles and pulled them out and released them. She chuckled as his head went backwards in reaction to the impact. "Right, let's go," she said still chuckling at the expression on Neptune's face. She turned and walked off.copyright protection71PENANA85OeIlOtEz

"You know she really is going to kill you one of these days," Sun commented.copyright protection71PENANAZqBkTQ963v

"Yeah," his friend replied. "For some reason that doesn't seem to be enough to make me run away though."copyright protection71PENANAwcQPTiPwMJ

Yang didn't think either one of them realized they were starting to act as if Neptune was dating her already. She probably should let them stay ignorant. It'll be more likely to make a good transition when this little bubble of activity ended and things returned to normal. Assuming they ever went for it. If not she had to face the possibility of losing them both. She didn't really want to think about that though. It was the future; time to take care of the now.copyright protection71PENANAaVPY9xkY1Y

"Hurry up or I'm leaving you behind, and you'll miss out on the fun," she said over her shoulder with a wink.copyright protection71PENANAx0p8liYuo1

Their destination was the Club. Neptune was familiar with it, but she'd never taken Sun there yet. She never had a reason to. The only time she came here was for a fight or to sweat Junior out of some information.copyright protection71PENANAZUePK88zEV

Tonight it was both.copyright protection71PENANAjPQ8N0G8YH

She'd warned her partners of what to expect, and why it was going to go down as it was. Both agreed, though with reservations. Yang didn't blame them. She knew she was letting her temper get the better of her and she didn't really care.copyright protection71PENANA7wIwF3OEyd

Bumblebee wasn't exactly designed for three, so they settled for a car they borrowed from Jaune. They parked a block away. No point in damaging it. Yang wasn't sure she could afford to repair it. She wasn't sure all three of them together could pay for it.copyright protection71PENANAGx8VnS3wsI

Walking around the corner she noted that the two bouncers at the door had been upped to six, four of them armed with machine guns. Well, that'd be a good warm-up. She would normally have said something cheeky, charm them, and walk on by. It had worked last time, and most times before that.copyright protection71PENANArLxiUliAuh

Tonight was not a normal night. She walked up to them casually until they noticed her. Using her gauntlets she fired off two rounds behind her. With that added momentum she ran at them, and jumped at the last second to bring a knee to the closest goon's chin. Still moving forward she reached the henchman behind him. The downward thrust of her fist knocked him out before he had processed there was an attack. None of the others had a chance to react either as she landed in a kneeling position and gave a textbook leg sweep to the nearest man still standing. She continued her spin while rising on her pivot foot to land a spinning roundhouse on the fourth's head. Finally she dropped back down to fire a finishing blow to the third's jaw.copyright protection71PENANAiBO07t4W7C

"Whoa," Neptune said, letting go of his red shaded stooge, his jaw dropped.copyright protection71PENANA9NahIyaM4C

Sun smiled, dropping his own. "Yeah, don't get on her bad side."copyright protection71PENANAuvo2Nio6SS

"Noted."copyright protection71PENANAnbtbcBFgxM

Now that got the blood flowing. "Warm-ups done. Let's go on to the main course."copyright protection71PENANATHA3YiC95G

Unlike normal she didn't leave anyone standing to run in and warn those inside. "Mind if I take the twins?" Neptune asked as they walked down the short breezeway between the outside and the club proper.copyright protection71PENANAMAbaCZs05l

"Be my guest. I think they're tired of me kicking their asses."copyright protection71PENANAStwmFIXkZu

Neither Sun nor Neptune was in a position to see it, but Yang's eyes had turned red. While it was an uncontrolled response from her temper, she had also learned to do it at will thanks to Raven. As she understood it, this was a remarkably rare ability. It amplified her physical attributes as well as her semblance at the cost of an increased loss of Aura. She was either going to finish this quickly, or she wasn't going to finish. She could afford to burn through her Aura this time.copyright protection71PENANA6SbGWaZyk4

The two doors ahead were designed to slide open in opposite direction. Though the doors were large enough to give a truck entrance, they normally opened only enough to let one person in at a time. That wasn't as grand of an entrance as she wanted. When she got close it started to do as it was designed. Before it could she punched the right door full strength with ember Celica amplifying the force. The door went off its tracks and flew to the right. In rapid succession the left side got the same treatment.copyright protection71PENANAf6EqghqIiv

"Hey Junior, you've been holding out on me," she said into the sudden silence. "Not wise."copyright protection71PENANA3bYAxEjuYi

"No idea what you're talking about Blondie!" he yelled back from the opposite side of the building.copyright protection71PENANAZ4baL8lLHF

A quick scan of the dance floor confirmed that the patrons had fled as she expected. Now she could let loose. Between her, Sun, and Neptune it would be easy to clear the floor, even with the extra muscle. That wasn't why she was here though. Beating up some mooks wasn't going to hurt Junior. "Let's see how long you hold that tune," she fired back, and then walked towards the main support column.copyright protection71PENANAQWLvn1MNJ5

She only paid attention to the column and the men armed with fists and swords. In an almost casual manner she took each one out as soon as they got to her. When they tried to overwhelm her she proved just how silly their attempt was.copyright protection71PENANAjNginNWHhU

As for the armed ones she knew that Sun was doing his job, and heard them falling in the distance. It was good having someone you could trust to cover your back. It's why RWBY worked so well together. It's also why her, Neptune, and Sun were going to demolish this place.copyright protection71PENANAZgZbrLkMw1

Speaking of Neptune she spared a glance at him taking on the Malachite sisters, and chuckled under her breath. Yang knew why he wanted them. They'd bruised his ego the only time he'd been here with their noses in the air. They were finding out now that the peacock had claws. It was an even fight, mostly. Neptune had improved a lot in the last four years, but so had Melanie and Maltia. Yang knew he'd win, eventually, but that wasn't the point. As long as he was fighting them, they weren't fighting her.copyright protection71PENANAsmYdRlfE9Y

She noticed Junior bring out that rocket launcher of his. It was a desperate act. She'd proven that none of its ammo would hit her the very first time she'd been here. He didn't get a chance. Sun's bo staff converted to a pistol, fired a round that broke Junior's weapon off at the handle, then switch to numchucks to hit the guy to his right. It was all done in one fluid motion and the blink of an eye.copyright protection71PENANAJtMZLaNIR4

With the major players busy, or out of play, it was only a matter time before Yang reached the column. "You know what happens when I punch this, don't you Junior?" He looked like a black and white photo with his suddenly pale skin and dark hair. "So, going to tell me everything yet?"copyright protection71PENANACRlC2NnmAU

She had thought that he would fold under the pressure. She was wrong. "You're crazy!"copyright protection71PENANAo2gmg8IvNS

Yang knew he had more information. There wasn't a doubt in her mind. She had fought here any number of times. Sometimes to get information, like tonight, sometimes just for fun. Every time the security had been about the same. She knew it wasn't worth the extra money to hire more just to stop her when she only showed a couple of times a year. The cost of the security would be more than the slight damage she did.copyright protection71PENANAuwlgw7rjPi

Last time Yang was here she'd noticed more security. She hadn't thought much of it. She knew it wasn't for her or they would have reacted to her when she had entered. At the time that's all she had cared about. Now though she had to wonder, what was he scared of? And why was he so scared of it that even beaten he was willing to lose his entire club than give in?copyright protection71PENANAoraK4dxrz8

It was suddenly silent in the club. The goons who hadn't been knocked unconscious, or too hurt to move, had run out the doors. This left Sun nothing to do but smile over his handiwork. Looking at Neptune she just caught the last sister drop.copyright protection71PENANAlYaClrL3Wy

Well, looks like the fun is over, she decided, I might as well just ask.copyright protection71PENANAVr5hIBo9Ud

She dropped her fists, Ember Celica going back to bracelets, and walked towards Junior as if they were old friends. "You know, I do believe you might be more scared of someone else than me," she said conversationally. "I think that someone is responsible for trying to kill my sister, in case you are wondering. So who might that be? If it's someone worse than me, in my current mood, you should have put in more security than this cause it was pretty pathetic." She cocked a smile, thinking of something. "They weren't here to stop him, were they? You wanted them to just slow him down enough for you to get your sorry ass out of here." He visibly flinched at that last sentence. This was getting more and more interesting by the second.copyright protection71PENANAsiFC2JPAbp

"I'm not going to get anything out of you as long as you're afraid for your life," she sighed dramatically. "So, how about you give me a small clue instead? That's not much to ask between friends, is it?"copyright protection71PENANAIxnT9IkUMh

Did she smell..? Oh god, he just pissed himself.copyright protection71PENANAtIJy0r9oA4

"Let's go boys," she said, leaving the carnage, and a thoroughly emasculated man, behind her. "This is a dead end."copyright protection71PENANAC3nhFq1u0c

Well, not completely, but I'm not going to tell Junior that.75Please respect copyright.PENANAfhwYQwqZV1
copyright protection71PENANAUJJiDT1XON

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