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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Writer Polydragons
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RWBY Book 1: Senior Year
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Dec 6, 2015
19 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!5yQitTt80o38TTrUYmrdposted on PENANA

Weiss opened her eyes. They hurt and felt swollen and red. They probably were. Memories of yesterday came to her slowly, and she mentally shied away from them. She remembered talking to Yang and Blake about being disowned. What had possessed her? Then she felt her mattress shift under her. Someone else was in her bed? The last memory fell into place. It wasn't a what that had possessed her, it was a who. How did she get people to open up? What Ruby said should be laughable, and yet it worked. She seemed to know exactly what to say and when to say it to get Weiss to open up. It unnerved her.147Please respect copyright.PENANA4msH4zSCcC
copyright protection143PENANAGuxjentsVo

Moving as slowly as she could she tried to look behind her and see how her friend was laying. If she was lucky perhaps she could get out of bed without waking Ruby and pretend last night hadn't happened. She really didn't think the latter was going to happen, but at least the former?147Please respect copyright.PENANAt0rvxVpiNv
copyright protection143PENANAR0WHjqANyB

As her head made it half way around, and her eyes covered the remaining distance, her hopes were instantly dashed. Ruby had her head propped up on one arm looking down and smiling like an idiot. Weiss turned back to her original position with a groan. This isn't happening. she moaned to herself. I'm still dreaming, or is it a nightmare when you're getting everything you want only to lose it when you truly wake up?copyright protection143PENANAbBJ5ub0txr

Fingers touched her back, and she stiffened. They felt hesitant, nervous. "Weiss?" That wasn't the smiling voice that matched the face she had just seen. "I'm sorry... I- I'll go."copyright protection143PENANAHeWexbC1Dy

"NO!" Was that her voice? It was! I did ask her to hold me all night. It would be rude to kick her out of bed now, she reasoned. More calmly she said, "No, you're okay."147Please respect copyright.PENANASYGuKFkLbQ
copyright protection143PENANApvymcSMNFk

The wind was knocked out of her as Ruby quickly moved in and grabbed Weiss, hugging her closely. "I'm glad cause I was afraid you'd wake up angry with me for taking advantage of you, or perhaps just regretting letting me hold you, and I really liked holding you..." The Ruby express derailed before it really got going, as if the steam had just left her engines. Weiss could sense the nervousness radiating off her.147Please respect copyright.PENANA8fcAXhaQUn
copyright protection143PENANAoRV8XqjXTR

Being honest with anyone, even your friends, was nearly impossible when you were lying to yourself. Self-delusion was something Weiss excelled at. She let those denials go, for the moment at least. "I liked it too. Don't let go."147Please respect copyright.PENANAsnnTSUOidC
copyright protection143PENANApB5lQDwsFa

"I will never let you go." It was spoken with that same sincerity as last night in the garden. Suppressed feelings rose up at Weiss. Ones she hadn't even admitted to herself existed.copyright protection143PENANA04FzqSscF7

Reaching slowly up, she put her hand over Ruby's, and squeezed. "Dork."copyright protection143PENANAx4ZsdWSxTM

"Your dork, if you'll have me." That was very forward for the socially awkward Ruby. It was also very smoothly said. She detected another woman's help, and she had a suspicion of whom. She'd seen all the proof of it she needed yesterday. Jealousy sprang up, and she clutched Ruby's hand possessively. She was so close to having it all, and Ruby seemed so ready. She couldn't risk losing it.copyright protection143PENANApjovEe9bGO

In a motion that felt practiced, though really it was just luck it went right, she pulled Ruby's hand bringing her arm over her, pulling Ruby's body. At the same time Weiss rolled in the opposite direction so she ended up on her back. The end result was Weiss on her back with Ruby on top looking into each other's eyes. "My dork, hmmm?" A smile curled the right corner of her lip. If this is a dream, I don't want to ever wake up. Weiss realized. "Mine," she whispered.147Please respect copyright.PENANAN6BuAmaV8l
copyright protection143PENANAmHS1hjUJwA

Then suddenly the feelings of wonder left, and her head turned away as a tear traced its way down the scar over her left eye. "I don't deserve you." She was nothing now. Ruby deserved more.copyright protection143PENANAR3EQwSNppG

"Nope."copyright protection143PENANAcO0AjEOsQv

"Why me?" She knew Ruby's answer; she just couldn't get herself to believe it.copyright protection143PENANAgcd9evs8fY

She wasn't proven wrong. "Cause you're special."copyright protection143PENANAJ61nXyfKXF

"No, I'm not. You're the special one." In any other context those words could have sounded romantic. In this one it was heartbreaking to everyone who could hear the once proud woman be reduced to depressed self-doubt.copyright protection143PENANAr9trJN6yfX

"Would you two shut up and kiss each other already?" Yang growled good naturedly. Both girls jumped and froze; surprised that Yang was awake this early. A second later their accusing gaze shifted to the other bunk-bed. "What? Did you think I was going to miss out on you two finally getting together? I know this will be the most important morning in my little sister's life, so don't fuck it up Weiss." There was a slight edge of sisterly protection in her voice that Weiss couldn't miss. 'Break her heart, and I'll break you' it promised.copyright protection143PENANA3wahFpM8x1

Blake shifted slightly, and blinked. "I thought you were going to wake me Yang."copyright protection143PENANA6h88F5GVQD

"I couldn't without alerting them, but you haven't missed much. Just them admitting their feelings by denying those feelings exist and making it all way too complicated."copyright protection143PENANAAhN4JwRQ57

"You- you- You planned this!" Ruby accused. A second later Ruby flew across the room and the two sisters started brawling as they often did, Yang laughing the entire time.copyright protection143PENANAN9DXqjmcrU

Blake looked over at Weiss. "You know we couldn't have planned this," she said, answering Ruby's accusation. It was a shame Ruby was too distracted to hear it. "Feelings are feelings. No one has the power to plan them, the heart just knows." A rare bright smile crossed Blake's face. The romantic in her somber friend was showing through. "It was fun watching you two circle around each other, I have to admit, but we deliberately stayed out of it. What happened yesterday, and is happening this morning, is your doing; yours and Ruby's."copyright protection143PENANAeybmGQsnLi

Over the sounds of their fighting Ruby yelled "you made a bet with the others on when we were going to start dating didn't you Yang?" Ruby actually was mad Weiss realized. Weiss remembered the last words spoken before they all fell asleep. 'I win.' Yeah, there was a bet somewhere in there. "Don't deny it! You only make that face when you're fighting or when you just won money!"147Please respect copyright.PENANALhAYSxf2n9
copyright protection143PENANA1mAOqjlh9q

"When you slept with each other, actually, and I think last night counts," Yang laughed.copyright protection143PENANAoWz2UZmhcN

Ruby was deadly with a scythe, but she was nearly worthless hand to hand by Huntress standards. Yang on the other hand was the best brawler in the school. She was in no danger of getting hurt, but Ruby was certainly making an obvious attempt at it now. "My Dolt, get over here already," Weiss called, hoping adding 'my' would distract her enough to stop fighting.147Please respect copyright.PENANAqQxNJqIyIW
copyright protection143PENANAcrmnN3egq0

And it did. With the attention span of a cocker spaniel Ruby jumped off Yang's bed and directly into Weiss's arms, barely touching the ground. "You mean it?"copyright protection143PENANAyrm8gNsB4B

"I'm not sure it'll work, but I want to try," Weiss said honestly, though her doubts were clear. Her confidence was still crushed. Her biggest fear wasn't that Ruby would leave her because of a loss of her name and worldly possessions. She was afraid she'd push Ruby away, as she'd been trying to do for the last month.147Please respect copyright.PENANAbw2N1Dabzj
copyright protection143PENANA2tyBwtBSKO

Ruby kissed her with an emphatic exuberance eclipsing the most excited Weiss had ever seen her girlfriend. The word caught her by surprise. It really was happening. She was dating Ruby. She was pretty sure she heard Yang laughing and she wanted to be upset about it but she couldn't. Ruby was too distracting at the moment to concentrate on anything else.copyright protection143PENANAGWf2k35zjw

The kiss had to end though. She had one concern that wasn't tangled into her own splintered ego. It took Weiss physically grabbing the hair on the back of Ruby's head and pulling to get her to stop. "What about Nora?"copyright protection143PENANAzSYW0eKsQP

"She's a friend; we had sex, that's it." Ruby was struggling to get back to making out with Weiss with single minded determination. Weiss was guessing her short and direct answer was simply to speed up that process. She looked at the only help available, her eyes pleading, but both patently ignored her as they got dressed and left as if it was a lazy Saturday morning.147Please respect copyright.PENANAwkA6jsEzv2
copyright protection143PENANA4SiDuP66HR

Yang even started whistling a happy tune. "I'll let Professor Peach know you two aren't feeling well," she smiled back at them with a wink.copyright protection143PENANAVoNbr8fwHy

After they left, Ruby stopped holding back, which almost frightened Weiss even more. She's got a higher gear? I'm doomed! She wasn't a virgin by any stretch. Her and Neptune had quite the love affair back in the day, and there had been others after. She'd thought she was ready for anything. She was wrong. In her night time fantasies she'd assumed that she would have to be the aggressive one if her and Ruby ever got together because Ruby was too innocent.copyright protection143PENANA3hr1dsgYV6

Ruby was not innocent as she showed the same aggression that was her hallmark when fighting Grimm. It only took Ruby minutes to reduce Weiss to the point where thoughts of her own worth no longer mattered. The only thing that mattered, the only thing that existed, was Ruby and it was useless to fight it. I need to remember to thank Nora, was the last coherent thought to enter her head for several hours.147Please respect copyright.PENANAJVSgJCGrbp
copyright protection143PENANANZZ5CuVJAD

Internally Ruby was overjoyed. She'd just spent the night with Weiss. Her Weiss. No, not her's exactly. It wasn't like they were dating or anything. Well, she wanted to fix that! It had been the best night of sleep in her life. Her need for it not to be the last had overwhelmed every excuse she had made not to ask Weiss out. Now she had to hope Weiss said yes soon. Ruby knew now it would happen. Weiss nearly had when asked until her depression made her stop. Every minute lost to Weiss's depression was a minute too long.copyright protection143PENANAAw1nHswWZd

Externally she was busy trying to beat the tar out of Yang. Damn matchmaker! Who cared if this was exactly what she'd wanted? And then making a bet about it? Oh, she was so dead!copyright protection143PENANAv2uW4IpkGk

Damned if Yang didn't make it even more frustrating by laughing and easily avoiding every punch, headlock, and armbar she tried. She was frustrated enough that she was tempted to cross the unspoken rule about Yang's hair when from the other side of the room she heard "My Dolt, get over here already."147Please respect copyright.PENANAonVqaW4l8D
copyright protection143PENANArtjqzWVuGw

Yang who? Ruby was suddenly being held by Weiss, having flung herself from one side of the room to the other without conscious thought. 'My' could only mean one thing. Those minutes had been mercifully few. "You mean it?"copyright protection143PENANA7g29EKCaGB

Looking into Weiss's eyes she could see the self-doubt and the fear. It was enough to cut through every other emotion, good or bad, to focus completely on the one before her. "I'm not sure it'll work, but I want to try," Weiss said.147Please respect copyright.PENANAEEXeLhHqQd
copyright protection143PENANAncER9JAy3g

That depression just wouldn't do! She dove in for their first kiss as girlfriends, trying to drive the very breath out of Weiss to have it replaced with the love Ruby couldn't express enough of. Well, maybe not love she had to admit, but damn if these emotions didn't fill her to overflowing with joy! She had never been shy about showing her emotions, and she'd never been known to be subtle, and right now she wanted to be sure Weiss had no doubts.copyright protection143PENANASvJcWj9RNP

Her exuberance was leaving her a bit breathless, which was a new sensation for the usually tireless speedster. Yang nearly ruined it with her laughter. Ruby filed it away for another reason to beat up her sister later. She'd have to resort to dirty tricks, but one way or another her sister was going to pay.copyright protection143PENANAnV5q4JaGUR

Ruby's body reacted in a familiar way as Weiss pulled her hair, though her mind knew Weiss had to have other intentions with two people watching. Well, lust was to be expected, wasn't it? "What about Nora?" Weiss asked, which confirmed her suspicion.copyright protection143PENANAih3W9dGJLJ

Annoyed by the distraction Ruby replied shortly "She's a friend. We had sex, that's it," and then did everything she could to start making out again. She wasn't fully aware of what the other two were doing, except that they were still there. Yang started to whistle a tune which was a bit annoying as it only reinforced that she had to restrain herself. Her sister redeemed herself though by explaining, "I'll let Professor Peach know you two aren't feeling well." That was followed immediately by the opening and closing of their door.147Please respect copyright.PENANAsz8kQSXwk8
copyright protection143PENANA0EeKQb302Q

Alone at last Ruby was ready to fully claim Weiss as her girlfriend in the most carnal way possible. She was over eager, and she knew it. Like last night she had to remind herself that Weiss needed a friend more than a lover, but it was a lot harder to believe now with the change in their relationship. She made the effort though, and doing so didn't reduce her excitement.copyright protection143PENANAPqMUQQE1wy

"Do you mean it? Am I really yours Weiss?" she asked. She knew she was, but she wanted to hear it again and again... and probably a few hundred more times after that. At least for today. They could start the count all over again tomorrow. How long had she wanted this? Longer than she could admit even to herself. It took a lot of long talks with Nora to understand that just because Yang was randy as a rabbit with the guys and they were sisters didn't equate to her being oriented the same way.copyright protection143PENANASPQWLZ9rJV

Weiss didn't disappoint. "Yes, you're mine, and I'm yours." The depression was still evident, but a sigh of contentment was also heard leaving her lover's lips. It was a good start.copyright protection143PENANAbJzqtqBxqE

"Why did it take me so long?" she whispered tenderly, her eyes still brimming with emotion as she looked down. "Why couldn't I just tell you I love you? Ask you out? I've wanted this for so long."copyright protection143PENANAof4aaV0PWx

"Because you're a nit-wit, a dunce, and completely clueless," Weiss replied, her voice low and echoing Ruby's emotions. "Not that I have given you many clues to start with."copyright protection143PENANAoPmeM8eWAX

Lowering her head Ruby gave Weiss a kiss that was as slow and tender as her earlier kiss had been energetic and passionate. "I have those clues now."147Please respect copyright.PENANAWIvS9GPd1X
copyright protection143PENANARMHqcbROIh

Weiss's arms had circled around Ruby and held her tenderly. "You have more than clues. Even you can't be thick enough not to understand," and she pulled herself up to give a kiss of her own.copyright protection143PENANAt6xxgIthxq

Why did it take so long to admit my feelings? was Ruby's last chaste thought for several hours.copyright protection143PENANAPWfba1kpXU

Several hours and a long hot shower later, Ruby watched Weiss getting dressed. The dazed look on Weiss's face was a point of pride to Ruby. Maybe I should have taken it a bit easier on her, she thought with a lop sided grin. I just couldn't help myself though, once I got started. I feel bad for doing it, but how often have I pretended that Nora had been her? Too many to count.147Please respect copyright.PENANAQGBOVn5CNV
copyright protection143PENANAnPG4gTf7IY

As if someone else was moving her body Weiss found her garments and put them on, one at a time. That stopped when she got to her coat, her eyes focused on its back. She gently moved her fingers over the snow flake that was her family's emblem. It was perhaps the most well known one on all of Remnant because it was also used for her father's company. Ruby knew she literally had no right to wear it any longer.147Please respect copyright.PENANAQfvZAlRxSb
copyright protection143PENANApb5WJlFcDd

Every huntsman and huntress had an emblem. If they were part of a line of huntsmen, like Ruby herself, then often they took their parent's for their own. Ruby wore her mother's, Yang their father's. Those who didn't made one. Weiss was unusual because she didn't have any direct family to use, but she had a family business's insignia to fall back on instead. It had been her need to give a good public face to SDC that she'd used that insignia.147Please respect copyright.PENANAGOUcG3TwgV
copyright protection143PENANACs9SEkUYJR

Legally her father could sue her for using it once the paperwork went through and she wasn't his daughter on paper as well as well as word. She would need to come up with an alternative. It was the final tie to cut in a life she had never enjoyed, yet had been all she'd ever known.copyright protection143PENANAS6HzbXtr5b

Ruby walked up to her and knelt so she could look up at Weiss, a hand stilling the one Weiss had over her jacket. "I'll miss it too," she whispered tenderly.147Please respect copyright.PENANAt6B5Vws09f
copyright protection143PENANApunur6Q6iu

Bitterly Weiss threw the jacket into a corner. "Stop it or you're going to make me start crying again. I've had quite enough of that." There was anger in her voice but it wasn't directed at her, or even at Weiss. Both were improvements. "Let's go. We've already missed one class. I don't want my grades to suffer because of this."147Please respect copyright.PENANAW0usZ5NQDF
copyright protection143PENANAjVWtNBNHzx

They left, Weiss's jacket forgotten in the corner. Ruby decided she was going to replace it, and soon. Weiss's shoulders were enjoyable to watch, but they just didn't look right. Walking down the halls Ruby had trouble deciding if the looks they were getting were more related to that lack, or the fact they were walking hand in hand.147Please respect copyright.PENANA2juWwb0pHg
copyright protection143PENANAzrEg1Peugj

Who am I kidding? They're probably gawking at her hickey, she thought at herself. I really tried not to make one too! A goofy smile crossed her face, remembering Weiss ignoring Ruby suggesting using her aura to heal it.copyright protection143PENANAFGO2bf92ms

Ruby had been shy about people knowing her and Nora were anything more than just friends. With Weiss she was proud, and she wanted to make it clear to everyone Weiss was hers. They'd missed their first class, and had made it to their second class with seconds to spare. It wasn't until the two hour break between their second and third class that the rest of their team, and team JNPR, descended on them. They all seemed to sense that Weiss wasn't ready for the ribbing and left her alone, but Ruby was fair game. Nora and Yang led the charge with Jaune coming in right behind. The fact Nora was joining, and nearly leading, the fray eased Ruby's one fear that she might have hurt her friend. When Nora asked if Ruby had put her 'training' to good use Ruby blushed, and everyone else laughed.147Please respect copyright.PENANAkanVfisHjC
copyright protection143PENANAwGnt9b4XTD

Everyone except Weiss and Blake. They'd gone off to a corner and started talking, sometimes very animatedly. It was animated with excitement though, not anger. Ruby would have loved to know what it was about, but let them have their space. It was just good to see Weiss seem to be happy.147Please respect copyright.PENANAXgCrICxvsa
copyright protection143PENANAvs59J6YYBf

On the way to their last class for the day Weiss came up to Ruby and whispered "me and Blake are going into town this weekend. She's going to let me give her a makeover." Ruby nearly tripped over absolutely nothing. "It's not that what she wears doesn't look good. It's alright for some people, but she needs to look more professional if she wants to move up."147Please respect copyright.PENANAbvuFs0Qsqy
copyright protection143PENANAihW6k7mt9I

Ruby tried to make sense of this, but couldn't. Why would Blake need to look professional? Most Huntresses wore street gear designed for ease of motion; some wore armor; a few even high fashion; but no one dressed professionally. Why would they? Ruby shunted her thoughts away, and asked something else entirely. "What about me? Should I get a makeover too?"copyright protection143PENANAVGpj9yudwn

Weiss took a seat in the lecture hall, and Ruby sat next to her. "No, I couldn't picture you any other way than you are right now." Ruby knew for sure now that her fashion forward girlfriend was biased, but that fact only made her feel even better. "However you can come along, if you want."copyright protection143PENANAR1QXaA49zF

The last was meant to sound like it wasn't any big deal one way or another, but it failed miserably. Ruby was eager to go to town anyways. She had a gift to get.copyright protection143PENANApRWlYgskJC

Weiss was showing more life, but Ruby was positively buzzing during class. She couldn't pay any attention. Her mind was working on exactly what she wanted to have made; making small changes here and there in the design. She hoped Weiss would like it. She'd have to find the basic item and have it altered to make it match her mental image. The hardest part would be getting away from Weiss long enough to get it made.copyright protection143PENANA2FisYs0tGx

A jab in the ribs from Weiss brought her out of her daydream, her eyes showing disapproval. "Pay attention, this is important," she said in hushed tones. Ruby couldn't help smiling at it, but she got her thinking cap on and listened to the droning of their teacher.copyright protection143PENANARyzIvJjzTS

That night Ruby crawled into bed with Weiss without hesitation. Was it only yesterday that Ruby was preparing for a battle with Weiss that would determine the destiny of RWBY? It felt like years already. We need to get a bigger bed though. A twin mattress is a bit of a tight fit. Not that Ruby minded. It gave a good excuse to cuddle closely.copyright protection143PENANAeiJbEHr62b

Two days later, Sunday, Weiss was in the eighth store they'd visited so far. She was searching through the racks for the perfect shirt for Blake to go with the rest of the suit. Blake was a woman transformed, yet it fit well with her personality.copyright protection143PENANAJ5R2xPuyjb

Ruby had disappeared hours earlier, called off by Yang, again. Yesterday she'd been gone for three hours, and Weiss wasn't entirely sure why Yang had needed her. Weiss was annoyed, not wanting to be separated. She was feeling better today, but Ruby had become a bit of an emotional security blanket. She was itchy that the depression would come back without her.147Please respect copyright.PENANAJKI6GXp9FJ
copyright protection143PENANA5aJESeobNi

Never hearing Ruby approach, she was shocked to feel something settle over her shoulders. It was heavier than her coat had been, particularly on the left shoulder. Looking it over, she realized it was a cloak, white on the exterior, and red on the interior. The flow was perfect. It was not as long as Ruby's, and much more formal feeling. None the less it instantly reminded her of the red cloak her lover wore. Looking at her left shoulder she noticed the weight was a spaulder painted red with black along the outer edge of each plate; Ruby's colors.147Please respect copyright.PENANAMCZo4I1Bet
copyright protection143PENANA42AOdewFly

Before turning around she reached up and buckled the straps that secured the shoulder in place as her hands shook with emotion. When she was done she turned around to face Ruby, unsurprised at the expectant expression. It was filled with equal parts hope and fear. It turned instantly to joy seeing Weiss's expression. I think of her as a security blanket, and what does she do? Gifts me with a real one. She's a dolt, and at times a complete nit-wit, but she's my dolt and someone I will never regret having in my life.copyright protection143PENANAR5DI7bxCJQ

She saw Ruby getting ready to launch into a confusing monologue about why she decided to get it, and to make sure Weiss was okay with her gift. She cut it off by kissing her and putting all of her emotions into it. "It's perfect," she told Ruby.copyright protection143PENANANP1xtULS6z

Things would never return to normal as she had once known it. They transformed to a totally new definition of normal on that day; a better normal. It was a memory she cherished all the way through the dark days that were to come.copyright protection143PENANAaaCLZP0vvm

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