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I don’t even know.
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So basically I wrote this thing and idk what to write next so like give ideas? Or you can continue the story.

Quick question. Does anyone here have Wattpad?

here’s the story...

"Aghhhhhhhhhh" a blood curdling scream erupted throughout the dungeon deeply piercing the ears of souls miles upon miles out of reach.Kai Jackson perked his head up and narrowed his eyes. He cautiously arose from the kneeling position he had been perched on and stood until his beety green eyes met the hundreds of dragons standing before him. He was careful not to make a sound as he made his way weaving through the dragons until he finally came upon the source of noise."Aghhhhhhhhhhhh" it screamed again.The dungeon was an enormous labyrinthe of twists and turns everywhere you looked but if you knew, and only if you knew, the exact right path to take, it would lead you to a huge abandoned boiler room now home to hundreds of the most well bred dangerous beasts of the earth.Dragons.The underground building was full of dark shadows and shady creatures scurrying through it. There was a constant flow of fog throughout the place with only a small fire-lit torch every couple meters  you walked. This made it almost impossible for intruders brave enough to even attempt break in to find the soul place they wanted to be. Kai reached behind his back slowly latching his fingers around the handle of his sword focusing his eyes on his surroundings. He carefully gripped the sword cold beads of sweat rolling down the sides of his face. That was no beast. He thought. That scream... was human.He held out the sword defensively in front of himself as he approached the corner where the noise was coming from."Aghhhhhhhh" it howled again. This time he was so close it took all of his willpower not fall down whimpering in agony.As he regained his confidence he stepped towards the corner taking a silent breath before jumping out from behind it and dropping his sword to the floor. It smashed on the ground shattering his eardrums while he stood there petrified for his life. "Ah yes, I see you've found me." a man says arrogantly.His back was turned away from Kai but they both knew full well of each others presence."W-what do you want?" he stammered through slow shaky breaths."Don't act foolish!" The man said standing up "You know what i'm after."He was wearing an old black cloak concealing his entire body leaving only his face visible. As he turned around he carefully lifted off the hood of his cloak revealing a scorching blue flame burning openly on one side of his jet black hair. His deep blue eyes focused solemnly on Kai holding his stare until he couldn't take it anymore."S-soon." Kai said slowly moving his right foot backwards in attempt to escape discreetly."THAT'S WHAT YOU SAID LAST TIME!" the man raged, steam practically fusing out of his ears."I-I know. This time I promise." He stuttered.It was true. The last couple of times the man appeared Kai had told him to wait. Soon. He said this over and over again with no outcome. Soon."I expect the beast by monday." He said calming his temper. "Y-yes of course" He promised with a nod of confirmation. The man just gave a small nod back, grabbed the tip of his hood, draped it back over his head and turned to leave breathing heavily as he walked.