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Author Mentoring
Author Mentoring
Need Mentoring On Your Own Time?
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight2 years ago
Hey there!

Finding time where you and your mentor can sit down and have some really engaging conversation about your works or your writing in general can be difficult, so I offer a bit of an alternative:

When I'm not churning out words here on Penena, I keep up on my own blog. It's called "The Knight Owl," and can be found over at theknightowl.net. While I use my blog as a means to update readers on my own projects, I regularly produce what I'd call "writing self-help articles."

I've been writing creatively for over a decade now, and I've learned a lot during that time. I try to share the things I learn in a manner that's both easy to understand and somewhat entertaining to read. I've gone over things like character development, plot devices, tenses, and a whole lot more so far! In fact, I often revisit subjects just as soon as I have an epiphany, so there's plenty of material to help you think of ways to improve your writing.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, go have a look!

As a side note, the more interest shown in the "writing help," the more I feel inclined to produce. If you find it helpful, or would like to request an article on a topic, feel free to leave feedback here!
Nor2 years ago
Great idea!
Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight2 years ago
So, I just spent the last half hour organizing my blog and making it a little easier to navigate. I've added tags to all the articles so you can find anything you're looking for more quickly. This is especially awesome if you read the Knight Owl for writing tips, as now you can find them all in one place. If you aren't reading my blog for writing tips, I'd highly encourage you to just take a peek, I've got 23 different articles posted aimed at helping you become a better writer by learning from my mistakes!

fearisreal2 years ago
Hello! I'd deeply apprieciate if you checked out my work on www.Medium.com (Username LushRachel) I have posted Fiction and Non fiction and am looking for some writing tips.
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