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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Looking for beta readers
Fothrul3 years ago
I'm looking for beta readers to ready my story Outlive. It's a zombie apocalypse novel that I've been working on for a very long time and I'd love to hear people's opinions. Thanks!
Frances3 years ago
@Fothrul, hey girl! First of all, welcome to Penana!! I really hope you enjoy it here! I have really come to love this community. Secondly, I just posted a comment on your first chapter! I have done some beta reading on here for a couple authors already and I'm pretty respectful when it comes to the visions of other writers. Let me know if you'd like another pair of eyes! I hope you like it here!
Stefani Michelle
Stefani Michelle3 years ago
Welcome!!!!!!!!!! :D I hope you are liking your experience here on Penana so far. :) I am going to hop over to your story to take a good look at it for you. :) Frances is amazing at beta reading! She is my beta reader for one of my main stories, brilliant work. :)
I'm looking forward to your story. I loooove zombies! :D I really really hope you love it here as much as the rest of us. Make sure to take a look at other societies and contests too! They are a bunch of fun and you get to know other authors pretty well in the process. :)
Frances3 years ago
@Stefani Michelle, aw stefani! Thanks girl!
Mathew Babaoye
Mathew Babaoye3 years ago
I would be willing to take a look at the start and give you first impressions, but can't commit to a full read at this time due to my busy schedule publishing a new book this month.
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