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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Reader Needed!
Michelle Polli
Michelle Polli2 years ago
I'm in the idea process for a story, and I could use someone to bounce ideas off of and then have them take a look at the writing and give critiques after I've written each chapter of this novel I have planned. It's a standard werewolf romance with a lot of major twists, including mental illnesses personified, more paranormal creatures, disabilities, an LGBT+ cast, and quality writing that isn't a self-insert.
Raito1 year ago
Well you could use like a small town in between some mountains and a forest. Like the Appalachian trail. And the mental illness as fallen angels or rising demons. If you like this idea, build the two through how many you want from either a run in or a simple friendship. It's not in the play book but not many writers of this area write their characters who are mates meet in a diner. But that is my idea. If you have any other problems.
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