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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Looking People Willing to Review or Critique Ophelia!
Lunassandra Hughes
Lunassandra Hughes1 year ago
If anyone is up for it, I need a story reviewed or critiqued (or even just commented as to first impressions). It's called Ophelia and I have it posted on my profile on here as well as my other profiles on fictionpress, wattpad, and figment. Its heavily based on faerie folklore as well as Irish mythology.

Here is the summary:

It was supposed to be easy- meet her father and discover what her mother had said was hidden. She wasn't meant to ever meet the ghost in her ancestral past- let alone fall head over heels for him. But nothing is ever as it seems as her Court's war with the Shades reaches a peak and the Wild Hunt is released upon all she cherishes. Bringing not just her into the war, but all she now loves as her Tuatha family answer her call to arms.

I've also drawn up a playlist for it:
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