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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Hello! Beta Readers/Critics wanted!
Unspoken_Uprising6 months ago
Hello, my fellow readers and writers! I have come seeking more feedback on my work, with a desire to collect and read as much feedback I can get about my novel, Heir to the Eternal Throne (HttET).

HttET is a new addition to this site as I only discovered Penana about a month-ish ago. Now that I have the time on my hands, I am seeking to grow my fanbase and collect as much feedback I can on my work. All my writing is carried over from Wattpad where I update the most often. Only edited chapters are transferred here and therefore I am not seeking any editor advise. If there is an error, feel free to share, but it does not need to be the focus of attention.


Aldrin is the oldest and firstborn of the Shadow-born Vampires, the heir to the Eternal Throne. He has lived a life of luxury and privilege, with servants to care for his every whim. He is the Elder of his own coven and devoted to the teachings of the Dark God, his father, mentor, and master.

Aldrin's life of comfort and security becomes threatened with the emergence of a mysterious woman he chose to save, and a desire to walk a different path than that of what the Dark God has chosen for him. Yet, unknown to him, there is another danger, as yet another is watching his every move. In order to survive, Aldrin must fight not only his destiny but his god.

Updates every Wednesday!
Thank you!
Best Regards,
Imascribble6 months ago
Just to be clear, you're more looking for generalized feedback on plot, characters, etc. than actual editing?
Unspoken_Uprising6 months ago
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