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Writers Law!!
Writers Law!!
Cynderz2 years ago
Ever get stuck for names? in this discussion you can ask for assistance or just put out the interesting names you have come up with! You can even share the ideas behind the name! Enjoy:)
ShadowBobcat102 years ago
Okay. Name spiel. Here we go.

I made a list of "strong female names" for my cowriter for this thing we were doing, and I could put down that list. It'd help if you're ever looking for some punchy girl names.

~ Cortana. Kind of mean, not cute, and bold. Also the name of that one AI in Halo.
~ Aimes, which is unusual sounding. Maybe someone who is behind the scenes.
~ Sybil is the name of the woman who rode out and warned the American colonialists about the British attack. Someone who is headstrong, and determined.
~ Scout is the nick name of the female protagonist of "To Kill a Mocking Bird." A rare name in general, and might fit a more rebellious character .
~ Agatha, the name of one of the pre-cogs in "Minority Report" (2002). Perhaps a strong and deviant character.
~ Aris, a unisex name that could convey an imaginative character.

Hope this helps one in need of names. Of course, there is no need to stick to any of those suggestions, but if you're short on a character, hope this can help you out.
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