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Another World
Another World
Fantasy Species
Felina1 year ago
If it's one thing we all love (or mostly love), is making a new, unique species. What of yours? Do you keep your species humanoid, resembling Earth creatures, or is it completely new? Futuristic, modern, etc? Society? Conflicts, interesting facts?

Personally, I try to make my species as un-human as possible- I like to test what it would be like to live as a snake-like sentient being with four arms, and hollow horns for echolocation. It's interesting to imagine just how different they can be.
1 year ago
@Felina, I must agree that making new species is an exciting prospect, however I tend to focus more on the biological and scientific side of things; doing research on how this could be possible in real life is a habit of mine I take seriously.

My species range from the traditional Vampyres and Lycanthropes, to the Hybrid side of the supernatural world, to my own species such as a humanoid cross between a fox and ice, known as a "Purity".

I also agree that making them as interesting as possible is a feat, and very interesting at that!
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