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People Who Need Co-Writers!
People Who Need Co-Writers!
Hello, I need a Co-Writer!
Kawaii_Writer1 year ago
I need a Co-Writer to help write my book! If you are good at writing action, and fantasy, then let me know by replying back!
DarkBlueNinja4 weeks ago
I’m extremely good at all that. Give me some info about the book and I’ll send you the book in draft form. I would be happy if you even let me add my own details! (Please excuse my profile pic, I tried to find a good one that I  liked and this was the best I got
Bill Wynick
Bill Wynick3 weeks ago
I think I might be able to help. New to the app. What do you need?
(edit: Did you need- it's um, a year ago! Oh well.)
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