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The Co-Write Setup
The Co-Write Setup
Dystopian/Fantasy collaborators needed!
Stormie Dawn
Stormie Dawn2 years ago
I have an idea for a story, and I've wanted to write it for a while now. Here's the idea:

In a dystopian world, people are afraid of the 'Beasts', which are lizard-like creatures that can fly and are known for terrorizing the 'Communities', a future version of towns and cities. One community decides to take action and train those still on school to form an army and stop the 'Beasts' once and for all.

(For those of you who haven't caught on, the 'Beasts' are dragons. They are never outright called dragons by the 'communities', they are only known as Beasts).

Basically, I was hoping for a role play collaboration, where you have one character, I have the other, and we can only control our own character. We both design the world together, and we both design the plot together, but the characters are our own.

Anyone interested?
re.paige2 years ago
I used to run/take part in a lot of roleplays back in my high school years, and this would be pretty exciting to explore again. I like your use of avoiding ever calling them dragons.
An Nghiem
An Nghiem2 years ago
Hey! I'd love to collaborate with you on this story. It's such an interesting concept.
KnightOfTheRebellion2 years ago
I'd be interested.
Frances2 years ago
I wouldn't mind helping out here (: just holler at me, I have a character concept churning in my mind and I would love to try her out
Mr.Sniper2 years ago
Omg I'm in, is the story already going?
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