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The Co-Write Setup
The Co-Write Setup
Looking for co-writters
M M Bosch
M M Bosch3 years ago

I have this idea for a sci-fi story in the style of J. J. Abram´s Lost and Fringe. The main premise will be:
In the near future, an international space station has been finished building with the objective of been inhabited by humans for long periods of time (over 5 years) Built with the latest technology, the station has artificial gravity among several other features. Five scientists (may be more) are launched into space to test this station but from the beginning, they start experiencing problems with transmissions, new rooms that were not in the plans start to appear, electromagnetic anomalies, strange diseases and even a group of total strangers appears from nowhere. Furthermore, the government prohibits scientists to live the station. Meanwhile on earth a journalist begins an investigation that will uncover the real purpose of the station.

The story is mainly a mystery and will be full of unexpected twists. I have several interesting ideas, but I would like to have a creative group of writers helping me in the development of this complex story.
Netshaly3 years ago
this sounds interesting
Cherrywoodandwalnut3 years ago
This seems like it would be fun to write
Mr.Sniper3 years ago
Can I join on this...or is too late
M M Bosch
M M Bosch3 years ago
Yes you can all join. Please share your ideas.
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