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Writers Unanimous
Writers Unanimous
NEW BOOK [Co-Writer Needed]
wyntraureole2 months ago
Whats up everybody! I have this new book i'm writing and i would love it if someone could be a Co-Writer. If so you'd be  given a shout out on every chapter you help out with and one in my Bio/Blog.

Send in a request if your even a little interested.

Book Title: Fate

Synopsis: Zaida, Dalia and Felice were born to three different couples but their destinies were intertwined years before their parents were even born. Klotho, Lakhesis and Atropos are the daughters of Zeus and Themis, they were given the ability to manipulate the lives of both mortal and immortal. As they aged their powers weakened causing for the sisters to select three mortal girls by the names of Nona, Decuma and Morta. This pattern has continued throughout the years until 1988, when three baby girls were born in The George Washington University Hospital in Washington D.C.

Lots of love, Peace out.
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