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Book Reading Club
Book Reading Club
I'm new. Help
Chaz2 years ago
I don't really know how things work on here
Needing reads and other things
weirdguy962 years ago
Hello there, Chaz. Welcome to Penana. Truth be told, I've been here for like six months and I actually do not have much of an idea about stuff here but anyway. The layout is pretty simple here so you can learn everything within an hour if you play about.
As for reads and the getting-recognised stuff, that's gonna take time. Since this is a pretty new site, you will be seen easily but, you won't be able to get many reads either. Just put in your efforts. Talking in societies will make other readers check out your profile and that's a good way to get a reader's base started.
If you have any questions, you can just PM me. If I'm unable to solve them, you can always ask Coen Wonder. He's the first member of the site. He knows every nook and corner. Anyway, I'll just zip up my mouth now :D
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