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The Romance Writers Club
The Romance Writers Club
Why Romance?
SimplyStephy3 years ago
Why do you like writing about romance?
BC243 years ago
I don't know xD I just like everything love related, romantic films, books, etc... The seduction, hihi sometimes the banter, the passion phase, the confession of one's feelings, the 'why am I in love with that person', the 'how did that even happen', the magic, the intimacy (not just physically), the fact that the definition of love and romance can be so different from person to person... I don't know, it fascinates me...  :P And it makes me dream and travel through the clouds every time, it helps me to get distracted in a way that mystery or crime or fantasy don't :)
Bluemoon Scriptor
Bluemoon Scriptor3 years ago
Because a life without love isn't much of a life at all!
Love effects everything it touches - and I like exploring the how's and the whys. How it changes us, how it evolves us into something different. Good or bad, only time can tell.
ihavenoidea3 years ago
why romance...well for starters I usually write erotica, so because it's hot, because i'm lucky enough to have true love, because theres a magic to it.
VeraVitale3 years ago
Romance is beautiful and can be explained in many different ways, from a whirlwind romance like Casablanca, to a awkward budding friendship that turned into a story book romance.  I find it is easier to write about romance since I am madly in love with my boyfriend. He is my inspiration, and  the only reason why I felt the need to write again. Romance makes life seem hopeful and dare I say it like the cliches: magical.  But romance can also lead down a dark path, it can change you, and not always for the better. I will literally do anything for the love of my life and LORD help the fools if they dare hurt him in any way, shape or form. Love can make you feel extraordinary and can lead you to do incredible things. Romance as cheesy as it sounds, is a big  reason why I write.
jeanchase3 years ago
Because romance is life!! Well, that's what stories make it out to be, for me, I enjoy the bubbly feeling when you read a romance, the moments of love and kindness, and the thrill of seeing two people learn to love each other, and I enjoy even more writing about it--because I get to decide how it happens. There's a lot more to life than a romance, so my stories usually have varying plots (zombie,werewolves etc.) but I like being able to make all of these plots contain that love component, even when people are running for their lives, it's fun!
Tessa Grace
Tessa Grace2 years ago
Why romance? I love the thrill and magic to it. There's a magic to love that not even the most powerful wand can create. It's beautiful and mind-blowing, and it comes in so many different forms. I love the way how, in romance stories, it builds up and up until it comes to the confession, that magical first kiss and possible heavy make-out session, lol, although I'm not too fond of erotic stuff and usually skip the graphic bits. My favorite kind is where it's not expected. There's a movie somewhere, I watched it quite a long time ago, where the two main characters hated each other, and not in the way where you can almost expect they'll end up together. Then they're like, shouting at each other and stuff and whoops, the guy grabs the girl, pulls her to him and they start making out. Usually it's pretty predictable, but this was definitely unexpected! I love that kind of thing.
SarahWeaver62 months ago
Possibly a better question, why not romance? There is so many anti-romance snobs out there, it's just really not worth trying to sell the genre to such people.

Romance doesn't have to be Harlequin junk, it can be a lot higher quality.
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