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Let's talk about fanfiction!
Let's talk about fanfiction!
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MyVeryWildImagination2 years ago
Hello, new and old members! I know a lot of you probably write fanfiction, so this is the thread to advertise your fanfiction. Please don't create a new thread for it (or it'll be deleted). Thanks!
Emoddess2 years ago
I wrote my first fanfic called A Bad Start. It's written in an AU setting and I suppose the pairings that I chose wasn't really popular but I chose them because I liked the idea of them being somewhat together. If anyone would be kind to check it out, that'll be great because I'd like to know some feedbacks and your thoughts about it :)
Polydragons2 years ago
First off, great thread topic.

Second, my recently finished short (Minus edits for typos), Death Wish, is an alt ending to the Aincrad story arc of Sword Art Online. I would love some input on it before I get too deep into the sequel. Thanks in advance!

mandideman2 years ago
hello all! I have started posting my very first writing that I, "put out there"....this was written in 2009 and is an Inuyasha fan fiction. It's both canon and AU as the story unravels...I try to stay as true to the manga/anime characters as much as possible. Here is the link. I had a wretched time formatting chapter 1. If you check it out; bedankte! The series is called The Chronicles of the Moon series and the first story is called; I am the Moon.

Petra Fraser
Petra Fraser2 years ago
If anyone's a fan of Black Butler, I have a genderbent fanfic called Twilight Governess that's in need of reads! I also have an SNK fanfic coming soon called Under Siege and it basically gives you a heavy dosage of Ereri (no worries, not a ton of smut/including a little Mikasa thrown into the mix) and some Erwin on OC action. XD I'll check some of your guys' fanfics out!
totallyradfics 2 years ago
I'm writing a 5 seconds of summer fanfic. Its an AU. Its a romance and drama story. I have 2 chapters posted so far. If you like this band or music or poetry then you should read it. Comment on the story too please.The story is called When She Met A Boy  :-)
MarsianWarrior2 years ago
I have one for the Lord of the Rings called The Elven Assassin, but it is not on this site.
Polydragons2 years ago
Posted a SAO novella, "Death Wish," (I suck at titles) if anyone's interested. 7 chapters, with a sequel, "Broken," in progress.

BlueberryKitten2 years ago
Hey Mass Effect fans! I'm working on a fan fiction screenplay called "Into The Mist", it's about Kasumi Goto and my interpretation of what her backstory was before she met Keiji.


I hope you enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome! :)
C.R. Bluewell
C.R. Bluewell2 years ago
Hi guys, i'm new to...all of this and super excited. I just wrote my first fanfic ever and posted it earlier today, it's titled Spring Trapped. It's a FNAF fanfic. You can check it out if you're into that game. Feedback would really help.


Hope you enjoy.
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