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Let's talk about fanfiction!
Let's talk about fanfiction!
The game(s) where you like the story/plot.
giccho1 year ago
Let's talk about game! And since everyone in penana (I assume) is a writer, let's talk about the story/plot specifically.

Don't care about the gameplay or the platform, let's just focus on the story/plot.

Let me start.

These are my favorites games with story/plot that I like (or even love).

1. Final Fantasy series
   Mainstream but hey, I dare anyone to say that FF stories are not epic. Here are some that I like; FF7 universe (from before crisis to dirge of cerberus), Tactic (psone, and advances. The psone had the best story of the three), FF8 (If you love romance you're gonna love this), FF9, FF13 (Return of lightning also),FF Type-0 (Dealt with very heavy themes).

2. Tactics Ogre series
    My favorite medieval-setting rpg stories. From ogre battle snes to tactic ogre psp.

3. Shin Megami Tensei: Persona
    Persona 1 and 2 are definitely the masterpieces that serves as the groundwork of the later games. I think persona 1 and 2 were actually horror-action (seinen), while 3 and 4 were more shonen-oriented. Each of them has their own distinct atmosphere which really couldn't be compared fairly.

4. Rune Factory series
     Harvest Moon with swords and monsters. I might write a fanfic about this game soon.

5. Broken Sword
     Awesome adventure game with riddles and puzzles stories. And some educational historical facts.

6. Silent Hill (I gonna write one about this most awesome horror game franchise of all time)

7.  Tales of series (no words enough to describe how awesome the stories are)

There are just SOME of many games with story/plot that I like.

Now, tell me yours, while I get myself a nice cold drink!  
I-Dont-Like-I-Obsess1 year ago
I always had a love for Mass Effect, and I was hooked from the beginning of the first game. Something about it was just so lovable, and I couldn't put it down for the longest time. (Of course, this is not including the newest addition, Andromeda, which I haven't played, nor do I have a wish to.)

While the story or plot of the series may seem drab to those who haven't experienced it, there's something about having the whole galaxy's fate resting in your hands that just leaves you striving to do a full completionist run to save as many people as you can. The lives of the characters matter, and they mean a lot to you.

Characterization is definitely Mass Effect's forte, because I couldn't help but sympathize with each and every one of them, save for a few I couldn't stand. o.o So yeah, I guess Mass Effect will always have a special place in my heart. ^_^

I may one day write a Mass Effect fanfic, but I haven't yet made any plans for it. :)
giccho1 year ago
Ah yes. The epic sci-fi game. I haven't got the chance to play it, but the popularity is so huge even I know of it.
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