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Let's talk about fanfiction!
Let's talk about fanfiction!
Question on writing fanfiction...
Coen Wonder
Coen Wonder4 years ago
What would you say is an important thing every writer must take into account when writing fanfiction since you are basing it off a original fiction/anime/TV show/movie etc?
DiscordedDoctor3 years ago
Honestly? The source material. Having experience helps too. I've seen a lot of first time writers with bad stories because of poor plot, spelling, grammar, etc.
2 years ago
@Coen Wonder, I think personally for me it is strictly based on the writer. Cause let's face it, a good read is a good read no matter the fiction. Fan or not or ooc or au or any of it. Some of the very best fanfics I have ever read were au and ooc. It was that writers ability that made the story what it was. The same holds true for good TV, cause you take something like big bang theory for example. The writing is stellar, most of the acting? Well at least it has Sheldon lol.
Sunnycanary6134 years ago
For me, when I write fanfiction, I try my hardest to make sure the characters are IC. OOC characters really annoy me... And also I get annoyed when people use the wrong facts, not only about the canon stuff, but also about other stuff that the fanfiction is based on. Not really small things, but just the big general things that most people should know if they're writing for that fandom.
Amber Tanaka
Amber Tanaka4 years ago
@SunnyCanary613 I agree. Especially in the LOTR fandom. Everyone like to mess that one up.
I-Dont-Like-I-Obsess4 years ago
I also think it's a major turn off when fanfiction has OOC characters. Then, of course, you also have to take into account the fact that the author has creative license and is allowed to change any aspect of the fiction they choose and to whatever degree they want.
I believe the reason we don't like stories with major changes as much as we might is the fact that we enjoy the original so much. It was the one we fell in love with in the first place so everything after it lacks in comparison. I'm not saying fanfiction can never compare, but that the original is always held as the example of perfection.
MyVeryWildImagination4 years ago
cherry.queen3 years ago
To be honest, the important part of the character isn't necessarily having it in-character. After all, I've read so many stories that are fantastic, even though the characters aren't the same. The important part is giving them depth, knowing when to stop, and of course, keeping the fundamental core of their personality or being. It's like suddenly making Severus Snape a happy-go-lucky preppy jock, who loves pastels and flowers. It just isn't done.

( but it helps the fanfic if it's written really well, so get lots of editors! [I have 5... =_=" ]   )
I-Dont-Like-I-Obsess3 years ago
How on earth did you get so many? I don't have any! :o
cherry.queen3 years ago
@I-Dont-Like-I-Obsess, I asked a ton of people that I know are good writers to read it, and then made changes based off of their comments.
I-Dont-Like-I-Obsess3 years ago
@cherry.queen, Oh I see. Well, I'm still not sure if I want some or not. I'm currently weighing the pros and cons! ^_^
Knut3 years ago
I think it's important to write IC characters, but it's not necessarily the most important thing. It's great if you can mimic the writing style of the author, but I think just  basic quality and good writing is more important - at the end of the day, it's all just about messing around in the worlds you love, and there's lots of funny crack and AU fics out there that don't necessarily have IC characters - take Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality for one! It's one of the most popular Harry Potter fanfics ever written, and there are barely any characters who act IC.
Musesation3 years ago
Sorry, it looks like I'm about to rant... teehee:
Since it's a fanfic, I think it's good when the cannon characters don't get overtaken by the original characters, who end up getting the spot light. It's just odd if there are so many OCs...when it gets to the point where 90% of the cast are OCs, I sort of think that the author should try a hand at writing an original story, one with their own world.
One thing I believe is important, for myself though, is that we don't... "steal" the characters. I really respect how the author has written them and how they are in cannon because mainly, it was the characters who attracted me to the story in the first place. A good plot helps too, but for me it's mainly the characters.
Anyway, so the thing is, there are times when something happens in fanfic to the character that affects their mental or physical mind so absolutely that their entire being changes from what they were before. They basically become unrecognizable. Then again, there are stories that take place over long periods of time and the characters grow to another stage of maturity and that's a hole in my argument.
I understand that it can sometimes be a plot device, but when a character gets abused by another character, whether physically or mentally, I get really uncomfortable and sometimes depending on how far it has gone, I feel horrified at what damage has been done to the character.
For me, fanfic is extending the world that has already been created by the author and giving it more shades of colour and thought. Explore the areas of the  world that have yet to be explored and so on.
Sunnycanary6133 years ago
Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I personally prefer little or no OCs at all, which is why I don't really like reader inserts or fics where an OC is the main character (but that's just me).
I agree with your second point too - I don't mind people exploring a character, just not so much that the character turns into someone completely different.
mandideman3 years ago
This is an old topic but someone mentioned it irritates you when people write OOC ...what is the point of writing a "fanfiction" if you are going to write another episode of the same fandom. I mean seriously; if you need other chapters/episode of whatever fandom you are in...then you are not writing; fanfiction...you are copy writing. Sorry for the pun there but that is my opinion.

I have written an extremely successful series that I follow canon of the stories in the details but that is "the past". My series sets the same characters with their own futures and issue. Issue being family, etc. It has been very well received. While I try to maintain the characters from my fandoms as close as I possibly can; again...I am writing an emulation of a favorite story and continuing it as it were.
I-Dont-Like-I-Obsess2 years ago
While you're right, authors have the liberty to write the characters any way they wish, most people don't really like it when, say, Harry Potter is written as a happy-go-lucky twit with severe shyness. At some point it just becomes a turnoff. :) I'm sure there are lots of people who enjoy having characters written differently, but most people don't.
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