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Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
Beta-ing - Readers and Authors
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Need someone for reviewing your work?
Zenda Akorre
Zenda Akorre3 weeks ago
I meant reviewing not criticizing

I'm not a good writer but a human of course

give me your work and let me read

if you can

also, check out my work
Mooway3 weeks ago
Would love to have your feedback on " Whished upon the night's crying tear".
Mira3 weeks ago
I would love for you to review my work! If you don't mind

Zenda Akorre
Zenda Akorre3 weeks ago
I read the first part of your story
so far I understood that you got awesome explanation skills
you kept every sentence interesting
but I sometimes can't understand who is talking
IDK if it's your way of writing if so, I'm sorry
and good luck writing more.
E.G1 week ago
Hey there, I have a upcoming chapter of a book I’m writing in the works. I would say what it is, but I’m keeping it secret to my fans; the only people who know are the people who are collaborators or beta-readers. If you’re interested in reading it and giving your feedback, I’ll drop you the link and a description of what is about in a message box. To sum it up in a way to keep it from spoiling the surprise, it is a science fiction genre book based in a dystopian future. It is intended to be a published series.
Zenda Akorre
Zenda Akorre1 week ago
I would like to
bokuwaKomorebi1 week ago
Hi, I'm always looking for feedbacks. I publish an homemade translation of my work (I'm italian) and I'm always concerned about the quality of it. If you want to check it out, I'd be pleased of it.
Zenda Akorre
Zenda Akorre1 week ago
Nice to hear, ill read your work
bokuwaKomorebi1 week ago
@Zenda Akorre, thank you very much!
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