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Ghost Story
BlueDevil6 days ago
     This story it was a tales from an old man. In middle of the night back in 1794, when everybody are sleeping and silence are cover the night. It was a carriage ridding to the castle, along the way to the castle it cover by old graveyard and in the middle of graveyard it is castle. The man with scary scar on his face came out from the carriage and heading toward castle. When he entered the castle everything looks old and everywhere is dark, accept one room on the left of the castle that has light came out. The door was slightly open, the man slowly walk toward the light and the thing that waited for him behide the door was his body.
JanixG6 days ago
Not knowing what’s going on, he gasped. His screams was heard through out the hall, only to realize - no one could save him. He ran toward the door, finding the door was blocked by some kind of spells. He was trapped here - alone in this abandoned castle. “You’re trapped here like the rest of us”, a voice whispered through his ears. “Trapped here forever.”
Isaree5 days ago
1 week ago, he had a weird e-mail from no-user. It said that he have to go to castle which is surrounded by graveyard. Now, he realized that he have to find the truth of this castle about the weird thing here...Yes he was detective. He walked around the castle to find something to help him get out of this castle. But the more he walk, the more he get lost. He stayed in the castle for 3 days. There no more food and water for him. He feel give up to find the way out. Then he heard that voice again. It said "It time for you. You have to get stuck here instead of me. Forever."
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