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Group 7 Mon
Group 7 Mon
Space Sci-fi
Ccreamrvp1 week ago
Once upon a time, a family consists of 5 people including the mother, father ,older sister and younger brother. The father named John , who very obsess with the universe and space. Mother name Elle, who interested with cooking and baking. The older sister named Jane, who really loved music and talented in guitar. Last the younger brother who like to play game all the times and have a very creative ideas coming up. One day, NASA announced on facebook about bring one family to the universe. John saw that and register for that campaign. On the next three month is the time for their journey to begin.
moneiei1 week ago
At NASA, They should have to cheak their medical Examinations before go to space. There was 3 people that can go consist John,jane and her younger brother jimmy. John very upset that his wife can’t go because she was pregnant. John, jane and jimmy had to get ready to go but ella wanted to go with her family so she decised to hide in the spaceship. They count to Release the spaceship in 3 2 1.
Zimba1 week ago
They  launched the spaceship all of them were having alot of emotion .When they went far enough to see the whole world.The spaceship have problems it’s spin and shaking. John tell everybody to calm down and try to control the spaceship but the handle was broken and the spaceship head down to the earth. When nearly hit They can escape from the spaceship and jump to the sea.The world was surprise that this family were survived. They live together with happiness.
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