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Group 7 Mon
Group 7 Mon
Zimba1 week ago
No Land King

In 1200 years ago in the dark age.Had one man who’s blacksmith didn’t agree with the kingdom to sent a ten thousand men to wars because in this kingdom got everything that needed already but the Mad king want more. The blacksmith joined the army .He been sent on a huge ship to fights with rebellion .When they sail on the sea they been attacking by the rebellion .The blacksmith have been captured by general of the rebellion. The blacksmith asked to join the rebellion and fought the kingdom.
Ccreamrvp1 week ago
@Zimba,  The wars started. The kingdom was very strong and very intelligent. The kingdom used many trick to fight with the blacksmith team. The result was Blacksmith won this war, although he had less people.  Blacksmith became a king and fell in love with the dauther of the old kingdom.
moneiei1 week ago
She named susan. she was top beautiful girls in that century. Blacksmith perposed susan to become his wife by got a freedom back to old kingdom and  establish susan to become the queen of kingdom forever.
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