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Group 7 Mon
Group 7 Mon
Advanture time: Mon
moneiei1 week ago
Long time ago, There was twin girl lived in old town. They named lily and lala. One day, Something explosed in the sky and then down to the earth.lily woke up and told lala to looked at the light in their garden. They saw a capsule, lily touched it. suddenly a girl appeared.
Zimba1 week ago
She is name of creature that appeared it look like lion in size of cat. Lily and Lala was so confused. She open his mouth and said “Good morning “.The twin screams and try run away but both of twin can’t move She use his power and explain that he is a demigod who’s have to escape form IT.IT was moon god but IT want to stay in day time so he killed sun god who’s She farther. The Legend said small lion with twin will find the peace to all humanity.That why She come to this town.
Ccreamrvp1 week ago
@Zimba, Because of nowaday world are full of dangerous and busy. She wanted the twins to help her. She explained her plan. Which they all had to go a round the world by use her machine. The machine can brought them anywhere. They went to almost every countries in one day to solve the problem. They went to eiffel tower, tokyo sky tree, grand canyon, seoul tower, statue of liberty and many popular places. She also told the twins to not told anyone. And this was secret forever.
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