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  • Writer
    I am Lamington, the Australian author!

    I am published internationally as a fantasy and horror writer with my novel, Transamagei.(down for editing)

    As a monster writer, I am delving into all sorts of genres with the help of Penana contests.

    Currently, I am not accepting book promotions or marketing offers.

    When I'm not writing, I make food themed soaps, draw cute characters, play games, and work.

    I have been diagnosed with Essential Tremor, so I have gone from a Regular Writer to a Leisure Writer.
    I am currently undergoing testing to determine which autoimmune disease I have and also if I'm a carrier of the highly suspected Pernicious Anemia.

    My favourite old games are Tombi (PS1) and Crash Bandicoot (PS2)
    My favourite newer games are Detroit: Become Human (PS4), Days Gone (PS4), and Animal Crossing New Horizon (Switch)
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Casserole (Soup Trilogy)
PG Completed


The trilogy to Soup!

With Stew's dark past left behind, Soup begins taking on the role of guardian to his new companion to teach her the wonders of life through innocent eyes. 

Amongst the wildflowers in thier little home, things are looking brighter. Fuelled with fresh ambition and inspiration, Missy's new dress designs gain interest amongst the gritty concrete jungle of the big city. 

But when a new shifter is discovered living in thier quiet town, and Missy is offered a position in a storefront outside the quiet life of the fields, things take a turn for the uncertain. 

With the house being packed into boxes, and the shifter on thier doorstep, could this be the end of everything as they know it? 

Or is it the beginning of something new further down the train tracks?