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    I wrote four Linkle stories on FanFiction.Net, and I'm going to copy and paste them onto here to share the love! Also, you may call me Kokiri, Hylian, Hero, any variation of the three, Ko, or Koko, whichever one you like best! Oooookay, last year I got to within sixty-two words of the NaNoWriMo goal and only got the participation badge, but I'm trying again this year...This Time For Real! Lol, I finished and got 901 words more than I needed. XD I believe in God, find Trump repulsive, find yuri appealing, and I'm a Pokemon fan who just started struggling with names and already a friend has made me a cute little Pokesona, complete with a Mega Evolution form: https://britainniaopal.deviantart.com/art/Lopphox-or-Delpuny-707886437 So yeah...not much else to add here. My FanFiction is here...somewhere?: https://www.fanfiction.net/~kokirihylianhero Yah, that works, so my FictionPress should be...oops!: https://www.fictionpress.com/~kokirihylianhero
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Sheikah's Creed

I wrote Linkle's Great Adventure and wanted to write something using my ideas regarding the Sheikah and Gerudo and what if Assassins and Templars were there parallels, with the Sheikah being the ones who work in the shadows to serve the light, and Templars trying to enforce their rule upon the world.

FF summary: Linkle doubted that it was wise to believe in herself, but when offered a choice to take a leap of faith, she doubts those doubts, and joins the Sheikah, the Shadow Warriors and Shadows of Hylians. Her fate thus tied to that of the secret and dead organization, she goes on a mission that she never asked for, because she never thought it could happen. T for air assassinations.

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