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The Werewolves' Howl
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Co-Writer MarsianWarrior*
Co-Writer AnnaKat
Co-Writer Mira Shadows
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The Werewolves' Howl
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The Wolves' Rebellion
Mira Shadows
Sep 6, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Q7YfNe45wvja1cHMenpeposted on PENANA

                          Chapter 1124Please respect copyright.PENANAJWxjZQP3rZ
copyright protection120PENANAs80QGYgCLQ

    The city of Belf was put in three groups. There were the towns people, the non-wolf gaurds  and the wolf guards. The towns people were fauns, dwarfs, humans, etc. The wolf guards were the main protectors of the city there was no one that could defeat the wolves. A long time ago, the wolves went rogue one full moon so there are human guards to stop the wolves from doing this.copyright protection120PENANAsBYrQLGVQd

     My father, Captain Antonio, is the head of the human guards. For years he has been protecting the city. He says that even though he is there to protect the wolves from the people, it is more like he is there to learn from them. He works hand in hand with the wolves. He was there when the wolves went rogue that day, he says it wasn't their fault. Till this day no one knows what started that rebellion. copyright protection120PENANAq9osm5eAtE

     I ran out of my family's hut into the school yard. I was late for the guardian training again. Both my parents are the guards of Belf. My mother a wolf gaurd and father a human. It was only natural for me to be a gaurd too. copyright protection120PENANAOVNPMtN26y

      I rushed into the class room right in time. "Mira, have a seat." Said Mrs. Black. She was always there when I was late to class, personally I think she hates me. I took a seat and opened my notebook. Today we were to continue our lesson on Guardian history.copyright protection120PENANASzaR11CHWt

     Reading these stories made me question if I could become a guardian. These people were fearless and had something to contribute to the town. I could never turn into a werewolf like the others and I wasn't fearless. I wonder how my parents could end up with a child like me. copyright protection120PENANAVmDjPZo4AS

     After class, I walked down the hall to my locker. Next to me were Christine and Meridith, the most fearless and beautiful girls at the school. Their father was the major of the town. "Ew, don't look now Christine there is a freak next to us." That's what people like them call me. People like Christine believed that you were suppose to be from one fraction, anyone from two are freaks. copyright protection120PENANAIpNwez01C6

     I returned home later that day filled with gloom. I got in trouble again with the principal for getting to school late. I went into the kitchen where my mother was cooking dinner. "How was your day?" Asked my mother without looking at me. copyright protection120PENANAAvGLmIMZqJ

      "Terrible. Everyone hates me and I keep getting in trouble." I said before sitting at the table. copyright protection120PENANAtl56EV63ZG

       My mom stopped everything and sat beside me. "Everything will be OK at the end. Trust me, when I was your age I was so terrible I was in the principal's office every week."copyright protection120PENANAVH5JejjelV

    "How did you become a guardian, then?" I asked. copyright protection120PENANAlWq1HNKuNa

     "One summer, I went to a boot camp and worked my but off." Said my mother before cooking again. My mother didn't know what I was going through. She naturally was from one fraction and she could always turn into a werewolf. copyright protection120PENANAdgvjmaesdd

     Regardless, everything was going to change for me. The full moon was going to occur. When that happens, I would either turn into a wolf or not. If I do, I would be a wolf gaurd if I don't I will be a human backup guard. copyright protection120PENANA99VeS9ybnU

        ~~~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~`              copyright protection120PENANA7IQyKxlu29

    Nothing is going to stop me today. Today is the full moon, the day to prove to everyone I am more than a mixed wolf-person. I was early that day to school. That day the principal and the teachers didn't yell at me. copyright protection120PENANAFfpbyLlMey

    Now it was time for the full moon. Everyone crowded around in the courtyard of the town to see it. I pushed and shoved around the crowd to get a better view, accidentally I bumped into Christina. "Hey, watch it dweeb." Said Christina before turning around. copyright protection120PENANAZnIVCA4bMs

     "Sorry, Christina. I was just trying to get a better view." I said. copyright protection120PENANA5TbVsWtOrv

     "Why are you trying to get a better view? You are nothing and wont become a werewolf, you're a regular human." Said Christina. What if she is right? All of the possibilities rushed into my head, and my heart sunk. I pictured everyone laughing at me for not being able to turn into a wolf like the others. To skip embaressment, I went deeper behind the crowd. 124Please respect copyright.PENANATs0lyqtGyO
copyright protection120PENANAX6Kmhi8C5m

     Everyone could now see the moon turning full. Every wolf howled with excitement. Each wolf one by one turned into a beast, everyone except me. I was about to leave when I saw something unusual. All the wolves eyes turned red, which meant they turned wild. copyright protection120PENANAb4KT0mu4yg

      I did what anyone would have done at the moment. I ran out of the courtyard with fear. I ran to the headquarters of the human guards to warn them of the beasts. The first person. I saw, I told of the rogue wolves. The soldier I told ran to the general with the news. As I waited in the waiting room, I looked out the window and saw something scary. copyright protection120PENANAxDaIyCE1q6

      The whole pack of wolves ran towards the headquarters. I ran to the general's office, my dad, and told him everything. Dad ran to the bell that was in the giant clock  and rang it, telling all of the towns folk to get to safety. 124Please respect copyright.PENANApyZVQZfPW5
copyright protection120PENANAxnciKuAS6F

     I wonder what the wolves are doing now. Looking out the window, I see the wolves eating the soldiers that my dad had sent to fight the wolves off. As I watched the fight, my dad had come behind me. "We must go, now." Says my dad. copyright protection120PENANAeiKZcKmGPU

     My dad grabs my hand and takes me through the secret escape route in the back. "What about mom?" I ask while running. copyright protection120PENANAXmx755KK7a

     "Your mom has turned wild, we can't save her." Says dad sadly. I loved my mom, I don't want to leave her behind. copyright protection120PENANAQFy3XixyaE

     We come to an end of the route, which is a little hut filled with supply. The hut was at the edge of the city, the woods. Behind us, I can see something lurking around the trees. Probably it's a scared fawn. I walk up to it trying to ease it. Then, I hear it growl. My dad rolls me out of the way. 124Please respect copyright.PENANAfG2N01EP45
copyright protection120PENANAepWYo9JKPz

     Dad pulls out his gun and shoots the wolf. It misses, but the wolf runs away in fright. "Be careful next time." He says irritated. We run to the hut, to avoid anymore wolves. copyright protection120PENANAFNWcV1iFLp

     Dad pulls me into the hut. He locks all of the hatches and explains to me how to survive. "The food is in the pantries and here is a gun to protect yourself." He says.copyright protection120PENANAQC4oF2HcAS

     "Why are you telling me this? Aren't you going to be here with me?" I ask. My dad has a ashamed look on his face.copyright protection120PENANAROiNNGXwrM

    "I can't. I need to protect the people from the wolves."copyright protection120PENANA66A2jv4BaP

     "Take me with you, then." I say. copyright protection120PENANA00s5p787kI

    "I am not going to let you die." Dad says. I let the topic go and he leaves. I am not going to sit here with people dying. I have to do something.copyright protection120PENANAZbwiZjYWQq

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