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By Flow
No Plagiarism!Y9zjThysdydbf2UGsuIbposted on PENANA

“You are a marvelous hidden gem, Lucy.” The boy’s lips curled upward as he spoke his next words. “Must have been difficult hiding away from society, when you used to be a spoiled princess.”copyright protection99PENANALXdt4pvncA

    The brunette shivered, she knew him all too well. Discord, he called himself and he fit the bill. He was pale as if sun never reached him and his body was covered in the  black marks of death. His smile was sinister, his eyes a stormy grey and his hair almost white.copyright protection99PENANAuaJ3uDl36y

    No one had heard of him, at least before he murdered the queen. Lucy’s mother to be exact. Lucy began to touch her own marking, the mark of the moon, but Discord grasped her arm and yanked it away before she had a chance to freeze him in time.copyright protection99PENANACjKSmFyO9g

    “Why are you here.” The girl hissed, her green eyes narrowed. Discord, grasped the other hand, tying them together with a rope he created. That was his power imagination.copyright protection99PENANAZVedpiCUFO

    “Because if I take you, the nobles will stop rebelling.” His smooth voice was unphased, a country accent peaking through. Her eyes widened.copyright protection99PENANAu9ZdduRyxX

    “You’re an awful king,” The brunette spat, trying to free her arms.copyright protection99PENANA79gS1CxArH

    “And you don’t think you’re mother was a bad queen? How naive, the majority of the kingdom hated her.” He grinned eerily, but she could see the truth he told. The thing she realized about him is that he never told a lie and only “lied” by keeping his statements vague and impossible to decode. Somehow she liked that about him, somehow she had liked him as a person.copyright protection99PENANARrC5E1ohV3

    “Thinking of how you left me?” He grinned reading the former princess like an open book. She flinched.copyright protection99PENANA6qd6ErAvZ7

    “You were kinder.” She lied.copyright protection99PENANAs7hI0jlxTN

    “I was always kind,” he scoffed. She blinked knowing it was true, his only problem was that he was… mislead and had false ideals filtered in his head. Despite how he seems, he’s always nice and really… she probably wouldn’t mind him ruling. Discord always did a good job… it’s just because of  the rumors that Lucy became conflicted and lied to herself.copyright protection99PENANAeKeRPTSdbO

    Their relationship was complicated.copyright protection99PENANAhheunSWXnW

    “All you have to do is come back and say you approve of me. They’ll listen to a royal gem like you.” He sighed, muttering about trying to make everything fair and how the rich didn’t want to be “lowered to the poor’s level.” Lucy sighed, she knew he wasn’t the bad guy. The poor were definitely on his side, they even helped to him kill the queen.copyright protection99PENANA5P3ny3GUBz

    Honestly she hated her mother too and felt glad when she had died. It was an awful thing to do, but she felt happy about her mother’s passing anyway. Still she was conflicted, taking a breath she spoke her next words calmly.copyright protection99PENANAHQjWH9QAn1

    “I’m sorry.” With those words Lucy disappeared into another timeline, leaving Discord staring where the cut rope laid. His gem was gone and he came here for nothing. Why did his ex lover have to be so difficult?copyright protection99PENANAoEiD9Gw5EU

The blonde sighed, knowing the rebellion would last till the end of his life and then some.copyright protection99PENANA1KK57j9NdL

Comments ( 14 )

Lata - This is so good. It's so interesting, kinda makes you want to read more. I like Discord.
1 year agoreply

Flow - Discord is my Flush Crush :D
1 year agoreply

Lata - @JellyKat, Flush Crush. hehe. I am totally gonna use that. :D
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Interesting, everything is so interesting, which is good!
1 year agoreply

Flow - What's interesting?
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @JellyKat, Relationship, setting, history, the only question I have is, since this is the end, where did SHE go, and how did the situation come down to this? It's all intriguing and it really makes me think about the two characters, I like how it's complicated, and how he seemed like Bowser, just about to kidnap the princess, and then we see his side, he's trying to stop a war, but he needs her help, but she won't help him, my only question is why, and if she comes back later, when she's had time to think about him as the king.
1 year agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, It's an epilogue of something I wrote previously. I decided to do a throwback of sorts.
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @JellyKat, Yeah, I just really like it.
1 year agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, I might as well rewrite it since you guys like it so much. Btw I'm not posting it here, because the files were lost.
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @JellyKat, Hmm, Quotev then?
1 year agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, Why would I post it on Quotev? I said the files were lost :/
I never posted it on Penana or Quotev, but I did do it on Fictionpresz, but that account is deleted.
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @JellyKat, I just thought that was where you had it when the files got deleted, I didn't know you've been on FP before.
1 year agoreply

Flow - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, I was, though I was barely active
1 year agoreply

Flow - Reason why it has so many plot holes: It's an epilogue for another story I wrote and no, I am not posting it here.
1 year agoreply