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On Break
Fractured Armour (Draft version)
Writer The Virtual Shadow
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Fractured Armour (Draft version)
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Chapter 2: Vicious movements
The Virtual Shadow
Nov 19, 2016
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!eGChjbID3SocOuvAOLTpposted on PENANA

Shadow and Enella head back to Phoenix Arms, the scout leading the way, while looking more worried. Shadow notices this and thinks for a minute. He looks around again to see if anything is nearby. They continue onward, they head back to the town where one of the Phoenix Arm’s soldiers were. The blue haired scout is wondering why He is here, why Shadow knight of all people would come to where she is and not on a mission, being nothing more but a quest hunter?copyright protection189PENANAXFe6MaPntz

But that was interrupted by the sight of the town where people in armour are being attacked by heavily armed looking knights. The knight moves in ahead, with Enella following close behind. With the soldiers in sight the mercenary charges straight at one, slicing one apart, looking around he sees that a few have killed some of the guards already. Shadow looks around him and prepares to fight. The scout on the other hand uses her agility magic to rush with high speed and kills three soldiers by cutting them in the throats and stomachs, blood and organs spitting out.copyright protection189PENANApHf2ZzeHch

Shadow sighs, he looks at the soldiers informs “So you’re all from that guild. Ha ha ha, Let’s begin.”copyright protection189PENANAABto6ZZUKT

The knight side steps into three of them and swings his sword and uses shadow spikes that come from his body to impale them. The blood sticks on the spikes, he then disappears in the ground as a shadow. He goes behind another and reappears. The soldier turns and swings his sword furiously, but misses as Shadow sends a shadow like claw forward, but only damages the soldier who is standing tall.copyright protection189PENANAkHyzOkKDId

The soldier smirks, leaving the knight to be ready, in a fighting position. While Enella is fighting two at once, another one tries to sneak up from behind, the scout rushes fast behind the enemy and stabs him repeatedly causing blood to be in the other two’s faces, and then proceeds to slice the others quickly, but one blocks the attack to only be kicked to the floor before she can realise it and drops the sword. The blue haired scout cuts off the enemy’s head and rushes towards Shadow, who is busy fighting a Technomancer, with two robots with guns to fire at the knight, summoning a wall of shadow to block all the shots. He quickly fires a shadow net that’s thin enough to cut the guns away, but the robots show their duel blades. Enella charges at the Technomancer and cuts him in the arms, causing profound bleeding, he jumps back and calls forth a legion of robots with electric shields.copyright protection189PENANAd7VsaU1oCe

Enella jumps back and demands “Why are you attacking this town?”copyright protection189PENANAFcP9AW8zRT

The Technomancer replies with an unimpressed tone “There is some people here we intend to finish our business with.”copyright protection189PENANAsbB1Lqmv44

Shadow lunges form the side and snares him in a spike trap, causing him to gasp in pain, the knight draws his sword and destroys the drones, the robotic blades attack but he blasts them with a wave of darkness.copyright protection189PENANAIhcDJmyLKa

The mysterious knight continues from Enella “you’re from Ancient Arts.”copyright protection189PENANAZqmPzXLIxC

The scout is surprised, the Technomancer slowly smiles and then laughs while bleeding out from his stomach and arms. Shadow is annoyed and wants answers and the mancer can see this easily.copyright protection189PENANAB0Od2AEp5I

“Ha, we already dealt with them, this town’s guards are ether hurt or dead, such a pathetic town. We are done here; we were gonna head to Frontier.” The Technomancer said coughing and slowly losing life. He dies and the trap disappears, making him fall to the floor in his blood.copyright protection189PENANAuOZGsJ30vN

Shadow turns to Enella and says “We need to head to Frontier, they are held up there, It’s along the way to your guild.copyright protection189PENANAbveykNw6v3

The scout agrees and with an expression of seriousness and anger from their attack, she’s ready but asks “What about here?”copyright protection189PENANAJ74yl68Zwd

The knight replies “there.” He points to a group of people from a smaller guild “They must have seen the attack… Poor timing they have.”copyright protection189PENANAH02HGurJuW

Enella continues “They must have gotten the weapons there by now as well. Can we fight them off?”copyright protection189PENANAxFsLeNzKT4

The mysterious knight continues “They’re stockpiling weapons and armours there; they can get an advantage on either the capital or your guild from there, we could head back, but we are low on time.”copyright protection189PENANANDbScxYkwu

The blue haired girl has an idea “Lets split up, I’ll get help, you can take them on and distract them.”copyright protection189PENANAyevAVb4nVz

Shadow agrees, and is already off running, the scout follows quickly with her speed, passing the knight.copyright protection189PENANAkteMfszOdt

The figure from the Vast Lands starts to make his way to Frontier with equipment and begins to hums as he walks. But can sense something coming his way, he smiles and hides in plain sight, waiting for what comes to him. Shadow starts running past than some ice magic appears form the ground razing spikes. The knight dodges narrowly and looks around him after he lands on his feet and spots the figure nearby. The man shows himself with a smile and removes his hooded jacket. Showing he has longish black hair with a long grey fringe that hides his left face, with green white eyes.copyright protection189PENANAT065SiCRD9

“So you’re the famous Knight himself? You don’t look like much.” The black haired man stated in a happier sarcastic tone.copyright protection189PENANAmbnRLj3QGZ

The knight stares, and asked in a neutral tone “What about yours then?” He prepares to fight, grabbing his sword and ready to attack.copyright protection189PENANAp0tEMJ7myk

The man laughed “You may call me Rowsla. I’ll be your end.” The black haired man leap in the air and summoned a barrage of ice shards down to Shadow.copyright protection189PENANAPrlVxee96R

Shadow makes a shadow wall over his head to block the attack, he than leaps in the air with his magic and fires a claw at Rowsla who makes the claw frozen as he lands. The knight quickly lands and makes the mad man’s shadow try to knock him away, but he dodges and makes an ice barrier around shadow that attempts to make spikes to stab him. The knight quickly reacts and becomes a part of his shadow and escape, when he becomes normal again, Rowsla manages to get close and hit him with his hand, Shadow rolls away to a safe distance. He is surprised that the maniac landed a hit.copyright protection189PENANAjs3GkPZoFG

Meanwhile Enella is making her way back to her guild, but two Ancient Arts get the drop on her and quickly try to slice her into pieces. But the scout uses her speed magic to rush at them, one ends up falling to his knees with his arms gone and blood spilling out. The other one uses earth magic to break the ground, making the scout trip over. The soldier tries to quickly kill her, but yet again Enella manages to stop that by cutting the soldiers leg off. Suddenly more appear nearby. The blue haired girl looks around her and is irritated and unable to think of a way out. She knows she will have to fight instead. One of the ambushers fire some rocks from underneath, but she jumps back and attacks two of them that are using a sword and a mace. She easily disarms one and cuts one by the stomach, making the soldier split in half. She than cuts up the other one and stabs the enemy’s chest and quickly moves around to avoid a fire ball shot at her.copyright protection189PENANAn5GRJtAQP8

She thinks to herself “Crap, I have to cautious about this, six of them left.”copyright protection189PENANAbFzwB7KPhQ

Back to where Shadow is, He is starting to get breathless, Rowsla is smiling at him with delight for a good fight. The knight lunges forward with his sword, but the mad man dodges, Shadow uses his magic to rapidly hit the black haired man, making him land on the floor, he jumps up.copyright protection189PENANAHAjKgEzf2e

Rowsla makes the floor ice and slides past shadow to grab the equipment, he can see some of his man coming his way.copyright protection189PENANAVqjCh36RUW

The mad man sarcastically announced “I’m sorry but we have to stop, my friends are here and I got to get this stuff back.” He then looks serious and yells to his fellow soldiers “Have at him, give it all you got!”copyright protection189PENANAZ5BzCcGn1X

The green white eyed man quickly runs away, but the knight tries to keep up only for a one of the enemies to block the way with his armoured magic to stop shadow from breaking through. The knight quickly realizes he isn’t going to make it past unless he kills them. The knight uses his hand covered in darkness to punch through the armoured magic, making the soldier make a noise in pain, landing hard on the floor. But lightning and earth magic are close by, leaving the mercenary to dodge continues streams of lightning while keeping a distance from the vines and earth erupting from the floor. The knight leaps forward to a space he can land, he raises shadow like drills and shoots them to the enemies. One dodges but another takes a hit to the shoulder, nearly ripping the flesh off. The armoured enemy moves close and attacks head on at shadow, trying to hit him with daggers. Shadow dodges the first few and kicks the soldier away and summons a shadow to engulf his legs, tearing them form the body, he runs at the other two, the lightning uses tries to get him by making a wall barrage of lightning, but is able to block it with his shadow, which then splits into pieces and grabs the enemy, he slides in cutting the wounded one’s head off, he moves closer to the last one, struggling to free himself, who finds the shadow pulling his arms and legs off. the mercenary makes holds his hand up and makes a fist, which makes the arms dig into the enemy and burst out from the torso, arm and head, leaving a blood flowing.copyright protection189PENANAeIxxsNc23e

The knight continues to run to Rowsla to catch up and stop him. While Enella has eliminated all but one solider left, with bodies left dead with some of the ground moved up as a waist high wall and burnt grass form fire attacks. The enemy uses her fire and has burnt more of the ground around her to stop the scout form dashing in, while firing an arrow from her crossbow, the blue haired girl slices it mid-air, she moves in and is nearly burnt by a flame that was blasted at her, she throws her sword and gets a hit, but the fire user rips out of her stomach and grunts form the pain, suddenly a light ray slices through the enemy splitting her body from an angle, one side falling as the lungs and heart slightly fall out, covered in blood. Enella is unsure who did that and is wary if it’s a foe. But the guy that shows up is smiling at her.copyright protection189PENANAgZFABWDIOx

“I see you have dragged in a party.” Said a cheerful voice.copyright protection189PENANAENCfnes3Bt

The scout is happy and said excitedly “Ryaiio I see you came late, bit unlike you.” She picks up and flicks her sword to remove the blood and puts it away and walks to her companion. Ryaiio is a man with grey hair, that is short and spiked up with red eyes, he has a long curved scar on his left arm.copyright protection189PENANA1QcznFmAHq

The blue haired girl continues but in a more serious tone “I need help, I’m with an ally trying to stop what we think might be storage of weapons at Frontier, and I’ve lost my group, Toqan might be alive though.”copyright protection189PENANAOYpuz1qcJf

Ryaiio nods and sends a messaging bird with a note back to the guild. He turns and mentions “They seem to have taken the area, which means we need to move before more of these fools show up, come on let’s go.”copyright protection189PENANAKn3mDqB5ud

They quickly sprint to Frontier to stop any of the Ancient arts from advancing ahead to their guild or the capital. Shadow has made it close to the huge city, where technology and business runs. He is sneaking in while checking for anyone nearby that are trying to look out for any unwanted guests.copyright protection189PENANAzw3M5rss1a

Comments ( 3 )

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Oh, man, Shadow's fight with the mad man and Enella's battle with the squad of Ancient Arts was intense, great job on that!
1 year agoreply

The Virtual Shadow - I like violence so naturally i tend to do my extra best for it. :P
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - @lightofshadows, Ha, ha, well you did it proud...I think. :-D
1 year agoreply