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On Break
Fractured Armour (Draft version)
Writer The Virtual Shadow
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Fractured Armour (Draft version)
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Chapter 4: Chase and attack
The Virtual Shadow
Feb 13, 2017
13 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!DogCYDfSCcTUyzyOSw0Yposted on PENANA

Shadow proceeds to Rowsla who he can see is grinning, knowing the knight is closing in, the mad man enters a industrial like building out of sight instantly. Shadow quickly enters to see another factory line. This time for vehicles and siege weapons, looking cleaner and nicer, like the place was already built but then taken from who ever had it before. The mercenary is already holding his sword when he stops moving, he looks around for any sign of where the ice user is. He then hears ice coming from the ground and above, Shadow makes a sound as he quickly dodges the attack by rolling out the way, he then jumps on an assembly machine to try to get a better sight to the floor above.copyright protection155PENANAm4EJCmIM61

"Show yourself!" He shouts checking every inch of the place he can, almost like a twitch each time he checks a spot.copyright protection155PENANA6Kqnmp1ChE

He hears a faint laugh then more ice shards coming from the side, the knight block it and shoots the shield like shadow at where the shards came from. The assembly line and some shelf's are ruined when the shadow attack lands, showing nothing around them. The mercenary quickly moves up a flight of stairs to spot Rowsla, he sees the mad man by a few completed vehicles as he tries to get reinforcements, the knight thinks he is sneaking away and fires a bunch of shadows that pierce right through the ground and vehicles, able to pull himself in, Shadow catches up quickly to the ice user, who moves almost smoothly while being quick after seeing the knight grab and swing his sword as he got close to getting his shoulder. The shadow user rolls as he lands, he stands up to see Rowsla is smiling at him, looking deadly with a stare to the knight, who stares back and is in a stance, ready to attack again. The mad man grabs his daggers.copyright protection155PENANAOaymJ6bCDb

"Shall we make things fun and just go for weapons only." Rowsla offered is a sarcastically kind voice.copyright protection155PENANABZggISDrFJ

The mercenary just replies seriously while keeping his voice sharp "Do i look like a fool?"copyright protection155PENANAtMtTaQibtA

The ice user playfully smirked and raise his hands away, side to die "Aw, no fun if you can figure i was lying to you, that's just crap."copyright protection155PENANAQiLoFvvQ88

Suddenly he lower his hands and walks backwards as a armored soldier lands in front of Rowsla, radiating smoke all round him. Shadow hears more behind him and looks around, seeing ether magical weapons or armor. He realizes the five soldiers are geared up from another armory and the Mad man got them to join.copyright protection155PENANA1J7iZQbCiQ

The knight looks in all directions as he stands still, only turning his head and waist, he thinks in annoyance "Shit, this will be some trouble, I see armor will be tougher, I need to get them to ether smaller numbers, or outrun them..."copyright protection155PENANAmMDQFOGYZ9

The ice user laughs manically "Ha ha ha ha, well i'm sorry. Guess we can fight another day, if you get out of this." He then acts like a knight and speaks as one "Oh mighty Shadow knight sir."copyright protection155PENANAzPske7PJXX

Rowsla leaves the scene by walking, knowing he won't be chased. The shadow user knows he can't fight head on with a magical squadron. So he jumps up to a rail above him and grabs on with one hand to leap over, as soon as his feet touch the metal floor he runs upstairs. The squad behind Shadow rush after him, with fire and tree benches are lunched at him from behind. The knight quickly looks around to make sure no more are lurking by as he exit the building by jumping through the glass with a flip, as he becomes upright he uses his shadows as thrusters to gain a boost to land through another window. Once he stands up he sees a room full of schematics, tools like hammers and saws and filled with scraps and parts. The mercenary hears a battle outside and decides to use the door to his left to get to a balcony and jumps. He lands with a slice from his sword into an enemy, splitting an enemy vertically from head to chest, leaving blood to fly past the knight. He sees the Phoenix arms are fighting and doesn't stop to help as he notices the squad spotted him.copyright protection155PENANASZHZhGQsj8

Meanwhile Enella is searching buildings for answers to what they are doing and how they obtained such magical equipment. But nothing seems to show for ether of what the Arts are doing. She and her ally run towards a towering building that is wide with two large doors, but both ally and foe are blocking the way and see the captain of the Phoenix arm attack, with fire and rubble to a few houses and facilities as they get closer, The blue haired girl realizes they are doing what she did before, not just attacking them, but destroying the work and research. But buildings are destroyed and ruined, the two show up to the fight and start to fight the Arts soldiers, but many have disappeared from the fight. Enella attacks a group of soldiers at once, blocking attacks and striking back harder leaving deep wounds and blood to drip. She slices one of the attackers arms off as the soldier tries to land a downward strike, then kicks the enemy away. Others are killed from behind with a strong swing from the axeman to the stomach and one through the chest, with organs spilling and the chest to spill lots of blood from the heart being cut in half. Other allies are picking the last ones off with much better ease.copyright protection155PENANAjGVWwBLdzK

Enella walks up to the captain, swinging the sword to her side to remove any blood left on it, then puts it away and stops moving. The captain turns around after studying the area, showing a man with a short beard with short dark brown hair and light brown eyes, also showing some scratches from the fight.copyright protection155PENANAn9APtPWjyT

The scout addresses about the buildings with concern "Why are the buildings being destroyed instead of destroying the Art's equipment?"copyright protection155PENANAhqSYq9FhBZ

The captain replies in a calm like voice "To remove any chance for them to repair and rebuild such weapons of war. This is a big city too, there will be more that are better prepared and ready for anything..."copyright protection155PENANAqUFlRbWCow

the agility user doesn't like the idea of damaging Frontier being a town she used to know and what if its taken back, she thinks that will harm some of the people that used to live here as well. Suddenly one of the Phoenix arms points to a distance.copyright protection155PENANAnLFYA8Nwsm

The spear-mans announced in a loud voice to get everyone's attention "Be aware, more attackers incoming our way!"copyright protection155PENANAqJNiIdsnv3

Shadow is closing into the area where Enella and the other Phoenix arms team are, he has had time to study how they operate and what attacks they have and is now ready to take them head on. He leaps off the building and lands with his shadow to break the fall. He quickly turns kicking dust in a semi-circle and grabs his sword. But one of Rowsla's squad got behind him and tries to blast him with an attack with the enemy's arm turning partly into a dragon, but the knight blocks this with a darkness shield, but only in time and ends up knocked back into a wall.copyright protection155PENANAnVY2gQedtD

"Damn it, these guys require more then my attacks, darkness armor will make things easier." the mercenary thinks to himself in small amount of pain.copyright protection155PENANAJRooPZxDwZ

Enella charges in with other Phoenix allies when the rest of squadron are ready to strike back. One of the squadron spits fire in a huge destructive area in front of him, some manage to dodge the attack, but in the center many are burned alive with their flesh burnt and coming off. The scout is shocked by the level of the attack, she armors up and so do the others. She leads the charge and attacks the fire soldier. While shadow closes in behind the dragon form attacker. But they clash sword and long sword, leaving shadow to jump back and unleash a heavy attack of shadow in the form of sharp traps. They miss but so does the dragon man, as he attempts to use wings to fly down with a heavy strike of wind, it slices the floor clean with a straight claw line, but the armor the knight has gives him the boost he needs to utilize. The captain attacks with rocks to a nature user and the rocks are shattered into nothing by extremely sharp leaf like blades instantly.copyright protection155PENANAZWJMfr0HPv

The last two of the squadron begin to strike the Phoenix arms soldiers. One emits smoke blocking view to him while the other emits water from his hands. The smoke user comes in front of two Phoenix warriors and punches one through the face with his smoke splatting blood and small chunks of flesh on the floor, he removes his hand when he sees the last one attacking with a spear, he waves his right hand to the side, blasting the warrior high in the air with heavy force.copyright protection155PENANALcrJfIAtV3

Shadow is curious and ask his attacker "So how did Rowsla get you to come his way so quickly?"copyright protection155PENANA7EUv3KvAn1

The dragon form responds with a quiet tone "A magical tracker he has on him constantly." The dragon man has a clean cut and short blue hair with golden-yellow eyes in the shape of dragon eyes. He also has light traces of scales appearing on the skin.copyright protection155PENANAAmYk9dLaUB

The darkness user is slightly annoyed he couldn't stop the mad man from using it, but launches in the air and swings his weapon at the quiet man only to miss and the blue hair man to return with a swing, only for it to be blocked as the knight fires some shadows, only for them to miss as the dragon man uses his wings to easily dodge. the knight lands on the ground and stands his ground as the quiet fighter swoops down to unleash a stream of moves of both wind and sword with shadow returning strikes of his sword and unleashes a darkness last underneath just knocking back the fighter who lands hard on the ground, only to get back up with only minor damage.copyright protection155PENANAFGO7p4P0yK

The captain unleashes a wall around the nature user who respond with a large living tree branch that destroys the wall with only some effort, the magical user smiles as the captain grows aware of what his dealing with and goes in while his soldier flank with fire and wind magic. only for the branch to block the magic and the nature user to jump on the floor with a flip in the air and raises more leaf blades and sends them flying to the rock user. He dodges and lunges rocks out of the ground to block or slow the blades and com sin close to the smiling soldier as he lands and manages to get cuts in, seeing as the nature user is not good at close range.copyright protection155PENANA3FpYasIG36

Enella sprints around the fire soldier who summons blazes of heat towards in a huge circle, leaving the scout to leap above and land closer to the enemy. Who also ends his magic attacks and grabs his daggers to get in close. While he throws a few at the agility user, she closes in the distance. She attacks quickly uses all she can, she manages to cut the fire user up badly while blocking and taking a couple of hits herself. Blood quickly covers the body and arms, some on the face. The man falls down to his knees, trying to summon fire around him she manages to dodge the main heat but gets hit by the force, knocking her down to the water user, who blast her with water.copyright protection155PENANAHEtGYCTKMO

Shadow turns to see Enella screaming in pain, he ends a close encounter with the dragon form user, by sneaking a few shadow attacks to knock him down to the floor below, leaving him to struggle to get up. The knight rushed to the water attacker and when he tries to unleash another stream, a dark blast erupts form the shadow below the water making it rain lightly for a second. The water user is surprised and begins to look annoyed and charges at the mercenary with his axe, while shadow grabs him below and rains a destructive wave of darkness. The angered attacker frees himself with pressured water and turns into it to escape the attack.copyright protection155PENANAlsu9zUeoUM

"Your power is incredible, but i'm much more trained with both skill of magic and weaponry, prepare for my armors true power!"copyright protection155PENANA9YryXB1Gi4

Shadow doesn't respond instead he uses shadows nearby to blast them as arrows to the water user in all angles. But waves burst around him, some manage to hit a couple of Phoenix arms, the nature user and the darkness user. Who get up and lungs forward with aggression.copyright protection155PENANAMZIfGGSAqE

The captain is getting the upper hand, but quickly steps back to avoid poison thorns with the nature user breathing heavily and damaged. the user gets leaf and plant like arms to reduce the pain and uses this as his last amounts of power to attack in close. Only to be stopped by stone walls that close in. Leaving the armored leaf arms to drop leaving only broken bones to show, twisted and bloody is all can be seen on it too. He doesn't move from the pain. Which the captain swings twice to cut the chest to his stomach in half and one for his head. He then blast stone shards into the attackers body to finish him off.copyright protection155PENANAoM7TWGOa5I

The smoke user has killed most of the Phoenix soldiers and turns to the group seeing how much they need to train and reequip their gear. The dragon man can see this too. The boosted water user is losing and begins to panic, they all begin to retreat. Shadow doesn't let the water man escape though blocking him and striking him, only to have his attempts blocked or removed. The smoke leader knocks the knight back. But the mercenary lets out only a small noise and unleash a barrage of darkness back at the skilled soldier in return. The squad leader turns to smoke and is gone, along with the water man and the dragon user from everyone view. The scout saw what the angered knight did.copyright protection155PENANAWfHnNEZOkh

the mercenary removes his armor and takes off his hood and damaged sleeve less jacket. It shows long and messy black hair. He begins to breath and feel some pain after his rush in furious attacks. The blue haired girl is curious to why he want all out in much more brawn then his usual strategy attempts.copyright protection155PENANAT7hBmXiexI

Not far behind Ryaiio is walking away from a continus battle, he sits to gain back some of his energy to spot some enemies in a group hiding in a building, but as soon as he tries to get up, he blinks for them to disappear.copyright protection155PENANATWv0PrHEBN

He responds with a deep breath, catching his air "Man i don't have the energy." He turns his head and sees the group he was with, and the dark brown hair man nearby.copyright protection155PENANAnx24UQJUF4

He comes in to see Enella hurt, the knight slightly damaged and some loses in the ranks.copyright protection155PENANAbybsaypsMX

Before he can ask in concern, Shadow speaks in a calm, yet informing tone "We had a group of heavily armored magic user come by, they had gear that was infused with magic to suit their skills. Looks like the two here were newer members as they died, but not without effort."copyright protection155PENANAbGTGHJ7onI

Ryaiio then asks "How's Enella and the others?"copyright protection155PENANAbLgePb4z5J

The knight replies "She'll be fine. the others are not as wounded, but i think we can't keep this going, i think its times to retreat for now. Frontier still has enemies around, they ether gearing up to still do their plan or reinforce for another attack on us instead."copyright protection155PENANADgiOJsm8U9

The drown eyed leader responds "No, we will stop these infernal equipment and encampment of evil warriors. They can't be allowed to continue any plans, or build anything more. Arms, lets continue our assault, and leave this knight to think about the group he has brought."copyright protection155PENANA66Q0MxKTV7

the man shout "Yes sir!" and move on while few behind stay to attend the wounded.copyright protection155PENANAC7SSlI4qh9

The knight looks to the floor as he helps the scout up. She smiles and speaks in a cheerful way. "Its OK, you didn't mean to bring them to us, you knew they would try to get us anyway, plus you would have struggled with them on your own."copyright protection155PENANAaUpsJ8U6hP

the black haired man looks up and laughs a little "Your right... I'll help get you and your buddies safe."copyright protection155PENANAgoV6oIE8BA

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