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On Break
Fractured Armour (Draft version)
Writer The Virtual Shadow
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Fractured Armour (Draft version)
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Chapter 7: Regroup for a new fight
The Virtual Shadow
Aug 18, 2017
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!H3kv6qKMEjdKYOH3DgZ0posted on PENANA

Ryaiio wakes up and blinks his eyes quickly to see he is inside a room. He yawns and notices he has been out for a while, by the medical gear next to him, bloody and used and with slightly bloody bandages covering much of his arm, stomach and upper legs. The young scout carefully gets out of the covers and the bed, he can feel some light pain where the injuries are. He ignores it and grabs some new cloths left for him. A bright blue leather zipper jumper with strap pockets attached, baggy navy blue trousers with protective knee pads, with a sash as a belt and black lashed boots. Ryaiio leaves the room and heads to the cafeteria to get something to eat, he sees some of the people he passes, tending and helping their fellow members and friends. The young scout holds back his anger, he making a fist with one of his hands, it mildly shakes as he tries to not think about it. He moves onward to the cafeteria to get something to eat. Once he gets there he notices the place is less occupied as he notices the clock time, two-thirty in the afternoon. Only a few people are around and he grabs a light meal. The knight walks up and returns his plate and utensils.copyright protection66PENANALLDFzud3a5

"Looks like your healing fine." Shadow observed in a focused tone.copyright protection66PENANAHS82oes816

Ryaiio turns and replies slightly down "I'll be alright... The others i worry about." copyright protection66PENANAseRr3yuHOt

"Give it time to see." The knight ended.copyright protection66PENANAHAfkgOPtR0

Ryaiio nods and tries to cheer up by heading to the training room. Soon after the knight looks around and spots a map for the guild, trying to find a specific room. He finds the name and knows where to go, behind him, Enella sneaks up trying to catch him by surprise.copyright protection66PENANAyzTHBhW4qX

"Hearing is a skill i've learned to use well." The knight commented with an exaggerated voice.copyright protection66PENANAbSc2jfANWp

"Oh well, one can try." The thoughtful scout continued.copyright protection66PENANAgE0wYgkOJc

The black haired man turns around and asks curiously "You'r very cheerful considering what happened in the past few hours, is what i said earlier about joking made you feel better?"copyright protection66PENANAOiLH0nZWrp

"Well you are right about it, i think you need to relax a bit too." Enella admitted happily with a serious tone and shrug.copyright protection66PENANAUCi6FBmgpj

"I don't normally relax, i rather get what i need to do, done." Shadow stated. "Speaking of which, follow me, we should start finding your friend. I still need to do the request after all." He recalled in a chilled voice.copyright protection66PENANAFGXFcVWxKG

He speeds up his walking pace to the quest room, the scout follows behind and knows where the knight is heading to. She almost forgot about her request, but knows other issues have arose and have be more important. She looks at the knight and thinks that he will do the quest and leave afterwards, to not help the guild, but doesn't say anything doubting he would. They both reach the questing room, a big space full of boards and with equipment messily organised around. The knight scans the area before looking for the quest bored. Once he finds it, he scans each quest and finds nothing related to what he was given. Enella mildly swings back and forth as she thinks about what other things can be done along the way. Shadow then takes a few quest papers and put them in his backpack. The thoughtful scout notices a couple and remembers what some of them are.copyright protection66PENANAJyYvgZSfVj

She smiles and thinks "It seems he can read my mind." Shadow then looks at the scout and nods his head left, a gesture to follow.copyright protection66PENANAFQWXXByjRY

She looks uncertain and doubted "We might need more then just the both of us."copyright protection66PENANACxFAdRw9og

"Trust me, i got that covered, Ryaiio can join us, he can spy on activity and there are a couple of people who are willing to come." The knight addressed placing his arms behind him as he looks around. He leads the way to where Ryaiio was.copyright protection66PENANAQ8POD5NwlJ

As they both walk towards the young scout in the cafeteria Enella noted "How did you find a few others willing to join?"copyright protection66PENANAP1AMYxnxRf

"Hearing what others have said..." blurted the black haired knight.copyright protection66PENANAvuNa402Aar

The scout isn't impressed about the eavesdropping but doesn't let it bother her for long, soon she glances over to the younger scout, who is still sitting at the cafeteria with two others having a meal and trying to cheer Ryaiio up as best as they could. The knight puts on his hood as he approaches the three sitting down. The young scout looks at him first, then the other two turn to him.copyright protection66PENANAQ0zFPdLDJ7

A male with dark red wavy hair and grey eyes stares at the mercenary with a serious yet curious look on the man.copyright protection66PENANAnz8Xl6vJEm

Then he asks "I'm guessing you'r that Shadow Knight guy, right?" With Shadow nodding, confirming who he is.copyright protection66PENANAZ9RMkVNnwX

"Alright then, my names Nio. What about yours?" He asks with a smirk.copyright protection66PENANAOmYo2NCOrm

Shadow just stays silent. Leaving the grey eyed man to stare, guessing he won't get any other answers out of the knight either. The other clears her throat to get the knights attention. She has light orange hair tied back into a pony tail and two fringes to each side of her face. With orange eyes to match, and has a pendent attached to the pony tail.copyright protection66PENANAWOV4Mhbi1P

"I'm Ne'aliea. Never thought i meet the tale everyone knows." admitted the interested soldier.copyright protection66PENANAE0ZwNkrAHX

The young scout is curious why the mercenary is here. Then the knight crosses his arms and leans sideways on the wall near him. Enella wants to hear what he plans as well, she grabs a chair to sit on, and listens carefully.copyright protection66PENANAxvkwUnkwcL

Shadow clears his throat and began "I'm gonna need some people's help for a few things, Enella and I are looking for some people from this guild. Some with information and to take down some of those Ancient Arts."copyright protection66PENANAT8AOcm6oF7

The thoughtful scout is happy to hear this plan, Nio and Ne'aliea both agree to join. Ryaiio pulls a small smile and lifts his head up willing to help the knight.copyright protection66PENANAdk8cQVxhve

But Shadow continues "Also, we got some other tasks that need to be done, a lot of these Art followers need to be dealt with."copyright protection66PENANAf3KAzEXTb9

The blue haired scout is surprised to hear what the knight said. She thinks that he will help take part against the Arts. The knight asks the group what they have been dealing with, they start telling him what they know. As soon as they start though, someone comes from the sidelines.copyright protection66PENANAF4hfTuCZSi

An older man walks in with light armor over some neat clothing, he has dark yellow hair that has grey spots and yellow eyes. With a short, trimmed beard.copyright protection66PENANA76CfjsaQKG

"Well, i'm gone for a month and the Shadow Knight is standing inside the guild, maybe i should be around more often." The gentleman smilescopyright protection66PENANA4ZJPAjtxdF

"Are you the head of guild?" The knight guesses crossing his arms as he turns to the older man.copyright protection66PENANAHTKZ9DuMDn

The gentleman replies with a noble bow "The one and only. Chel Tebburn is the name. Nice to meet you." copyright protection66PENANA4LtG0M8bCS

"Huh, guess that makes us both, never thought i meet the leading man in charge here." The knight replies, being more relax and putting his hands behind him.copyright protection66PENANARHSBwsU008

Chel turns to Enella and asks with a smile and eyes wide thinking the quest she was in went well "I'm glad to see you returned, and still pondering. Where's Toqan, is he resting?"copyright protection66PENANAGI1qIa4cWI

Enella just looks down with a displeased expression. She looks at Chel and opens her mouth, before she can speak the knight answers the question.copyright protection66PENANAz0t3GtPPFs

"That's the reason i'm here." He addressed. "I was asked for assistance." He finishes while stepping out the way for Chel to move closer and talk to the scout.copyright protection66PENANAIxaA8H33H3

The thoughtful scout signs then explains. "Our group went to their base, Toqan, Friye, Ladza and Grift got inside, but me and Wevar got spotted, he was killed. So i tried to out run them. I manage to fend off a few before i got hurt too much to continue. I found Toqan being beaten. I saved him and we ran, presuming the rest were dead or captured i ran with him as we escaped. he said they had found something big. Big plans and operations. But we were chased and couldn't outrun them or retaliate. So he held them off for me to get help." She lowers her head down, anger running through her, she clenches both her hands.copyright protection66PENANAboLdOtnTGk

"It seems we're in more and more desperate situations right now..." Chel mumbled.copyright protection66PENANABgk4j1y9Rd

The knight hears this and repeats "more and more? have other operations been unsuccessful?" The others say nothing and look away for second.copyright protection66PENANABzKMaTtdWb

The leader breaks the silence admitting to the problem. "Yes, unfortunately. many other guilds have had worse too, those who help us are helping us, supplies, additional troops and so on. But we are falling short, we don't have a lot to back us up."copyright protection66PENANAg8z2lowJhd

Ryaiio then remembered. "But aren't the council helping?"copyright protection66PENANA3TtoXMqwVi

"They were, but not a lot to call it helpful, they rather have an organized multi-kingdom structure. they do focus on the Arts themselves, propaganda, and bettering the forces in the kingdom, but to their own ends. To them, it about claiming more land and power rather then the war." Chel corrected.copyright protection66PENANAJxRuj1nNfk

The mercenary interrupts "While this is a war, its not the worse, but they are doing a lot to deal with it. But they are avoiding none ruled groups. They are also still recovering from the violence and clashes from two and half hundred years ago. If they recovered, then they would be winning."copyright protection66PENANAYvsxyOW5xd

Chel nods in agreement while the others stare at each other and back at the knight.copyright protection66PENANAiB6L04yrAt

The black haired man continues discontented "After that, they will look towards taking many things... removing guilds would be one one them, you are only here cause of your assistance." Enella looks at the knight with annoyance, disbelieving what he said to be true. But he ends his statement with a lighter tone. "But i do think Phoenix Arms are one of the exceptions. Being where you stand now, there is a chance." copyright protection66PENANAJk1BOkCc7R

The Guild master crosses his arms and swings back and forth slightly trying to reason. "We are a bit low on supplies, but... but we can really use whatever assistance we can get at the moment."copyright protection66PENANAw6nZDWNz1l

The knight comes closer to Chel and goes for a handshake. "Even i think payment for this is unnecessary."copyright protection66PENANANjXU5YZDpz

Chel is surprised and smiles, showing delight, he shakes his hand. The thoughtful scout thinks that this is unexpected for shadow to do something for no payment. But is also delighted. The others cheer in happiness.copyright protection66PENANA79U8KJtnVA

The yellow haired leader asks "You sure about this? Is there a reason?"copyright protection66PENANAfsGDrkzfUB

"I think you guys need all you can get." The knight replies, he then turns his head to Enella and looks back.copyright protection66PENANABIVzC0xBEX

Nio charms in a little unsure "Is there any other reasons? I mean you are THE quest taker yourself."copyright protection66PENANAbL65UROneK

"Trust me, this is more then a simple task..." the quest taker reassures. "I think we should get ready to move out and start dealing with the problem. Mr. tebburn i think you should get more to join the cause, and start going on the offensive around the suburbs and check nearby towns. I got a few plans to start as well."copyright protection66PENANAYucF7EZHTU

Chel nods and agrees its a smart idea, he says goodbye to the group as he walks away giving orders to those he passes by to. Trying to get people in motion, ready for action. The knight looks around him for a moment.copyright protection66PENANAivCe4feCQT

"Lets get our gear ready too, i think its time we take some of Ancient Arts out of operation." The knight advised to the others, double checking his equipment.copyright protection66PENANAz2FG8zxWWM

The others head off to get their gear, the knight puts his hand in front of Ryaiio before he could go far.copyright protection66PENANAGUgTzoxz5q

"Take it easy, you'r not going to be in many fights. I rather you stick to scouting for now." quietly advising him and putting an arm on his shoulder. "Don't push your body while its healing." The mercenary ended letting his hand off the young scout. Ryaiio smiles in return and makes his way to his gear.copyright protection66PENANAtoW6C0lRCc

Enella walks up to the black haired man. she crosses her arms and wonders "You'r not letting something on, is there a reason your taking this task without payment?" She then stares waiting curiously waiting for an answer.copyright protection66PENANAKcfpSnZqjV

Shadow shrugs and sighs "I rather not talk about it yet."copyright protection66PENANAc0QtUqSrZX

"If you don't want to say, i won't go on about it then." The thoughtful scout interrupts, hearing him repeating what he said to the others.copyright protection66PENANAStmOAYOWPr

A short time later, the group is ready to move out and follow shadow's lead. As they walk out the building, some ask around to join them but aren't able to come.copyright protection66PENANA8ADn0wLZW5

When they step outside the knight turns to the others and clears his throat. "First, we need to rid the outposts around Wintsri village... We will make those Art followers let themselves use resources to check it out, then we can get inside eaiser with less troubles. Enella, since you know more about it, i'll let you explain what its like."copyright protection66PENANAV95LD0bvrb

They begin walking as the blue haired scout explains what the place looked like. copyright protection66PENANAtjFP7fNWbD

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