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On Break
Fractured Armour (Draft version)
Writer The Virtual Shadow
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Fractured Armour (Draft version)
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Chapter 5: Plan executed
The Virtual Shadow
Feb 25, 2017
14 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HFSZzgDenDP2qMHTc6CVposted on PENANA

The dragon form halts his movement when he approaches the west side of Frontier with whats left of his squadron, the rest stop too.copyright protection88PENANAm7bOp5iaKW

The golden-yellow eyed man quietly pondered "So whats the next course of action, i can see Shadow has good potential in his fighting, and the other two, impressive. But ours... wastes, that were very unprepared."copyright protection88PENANA8sB1rah5pF

the leader closes his eyes and opens them after a sigh, he orders in a somewhat quiet voice "We head back to our main base, check our gear, and get ready for what Rowsla or Lord Arrin want. We must also speak to Rowsla about replacing the extras with actual fighters, we lost some gear to nothing, underestimating that selective group."copyright protection88PENANAJfH92p3evG

The water user in an unintentional angry quiet voice added "i can never understand him, i know he has brains behind that psychotic form. I wonder what he has or done to keep him and a few others alive for Lord Arrin?"copyright protection88PENANAaSNlGdrYnb

"Something to help take the Capital... Or maybe something bigger then Drayma itself." The dragon form addressed with thoughts about it.copyright protection88PENANAVwExx5IPb7

They all look at each other with uncertainty but the leader nods and continues forward. He moves his hand to tell the others to follow, and they continue while blending with the crowd ahead in the open market place.copyright protection88PENANAuUnc3pB6D7

Back where Ryaiio is, he is hard at work to help the Captain in his continuing attack, thinking it was the right thing to do and knew others were back to help the wounded. He catches up quickly to him and can see he is looking around and wonders whats his plan.copyright protection88PENANANOZAaGOBEb

Finally Ryaiio asks with curiosity "Sir, whats the plan of action." he hopes his asked the right question as he swallows from his answer and is unsure how the Captain might react. Knowing he isn't happy about Shadow appearing.copyright protection88PENANANAIr7fxP5I

"We continue onward inside this building, and we destroy and take back these parts of Frontier. We will survey the building then attack in vulnerable spots, with the weaken soldiers, we have a greater chance!" The Captain boasted with a slight tone of anger in his voice.copyright protection88PENANAXACkMGJoNn

This boosted the confidence with the rest while Ryaiio is unsure about this. While they check the building, some split up to check the surrounding area, seeing some undefended entries and a broken wall with construction around it to make a room. The young scout sees they have a plan he is unaware of. He sticks to the Captains remaining group, when they stop, they see an unguarded entrance that has already been attacked by Phoenix arms.copyright protection88PENANAwAcwbmcZYR

"Start phase 2 men!" The Captain shouts which the soldiers shout in return "Yes sir!"copyright protection88PENANAbLrTdy9Kof

The Phoenix arms charge inside, some sticking in group and others in pairs heading to the construction site and another to a door that is locked. The door is blown up by a fire spell and the two recons move inside. Ryaiio knows the movement they are doing, they have been working on tactics like this for many months. He figures to join the main group, but sees there is an occupied area that none of his friends went in, so he goes to check it as the Captain moves forward with his troops. He sees an empty room with a table in the middle and plans nailed onto a wall, the room seems to have some chairs fallen down, like there was a rush to escape the room. He sees the papers and sketches on the wall studying them, he begins to show signs of seriousness and uncertainty on his face, knowing something is wrong.copyright protection88PENANAtlP5FCMp0z

He finds that there were message birds around the Phoenix Arms and one of the Capital to this area of town, they were not attacking either but rather setting up stations around Frontiers west side. He starts to see a pattern, knowing that enemies are in small scales, like they only had it for making weapons and gear, but even that was strange to him somehow. He takes the papers and heads out, to see some of his allies that are entering. The cheerful boy can see plenty of allies entering in the building and surrounding areas as he walks outside again. He heads back to look for Enella and Shadow.copyright protection88PENANANxaZ3lmflk

Meanwhile the black haired knight and the thoughtful scout are moving to the outskirts of the town, the blue haired girl thinks about how the areas seems empty and now only notices how the buildings and areas aren't fortified and changed, only a few buildings were used but not altered. She loses focus after noticing Shadow is now on his knee after trying to carry her to a safer spot. They both move to the walk path as other soldiers move past He breaths slightly heavily and lets her down to rest a bit himself, he tightens his bandages and has a drink of water from his bag, he looks in his bag for more.copyright protection88PENANA6w5yqj6A4v

The knight grabs another container of water and asked in a breathless voice "Here, have some water."copyright protection88PENANAPxQFDwhpVi

Enella smiles and replies in a happier tone "Thanks..." she then drinks it till it's empty. putting the empty container in her pouch. She then added "So what happened back there, you seemed to rush more aggressively. That doesn't seem like you from what i hear, being a tactical thinker."copyright protection88PENANAZJPaISv47Q

The knight quickly replies in a informal voice "They had tactics too, but the one who attacked seemed to not handle fast strikes and vicious from what i saw. So i charged in. The dragon guy was different, i had to make the moves, and trick him, otherwise he could counter me for a while." He doesn't think that could be all, but he doesn't say anything about it.copyright protection88PENANAoenuMOOToS

Enella is impressed how he thinks about squadron instead of thinking of the current attacker. They both stay quiet for a few seconds. Soldier walk past to bring other injured ones back, they think to do the same and begin to move but soon hear some noises from their left and right at a distance. The knight knows Enella is too hurt to try to check out both sides, so he supports her by getting her arm around him and brings her to where they were going, other soldiers move towards the scenes, but Shadow moves somewhere else.copyright protection88PENANApepfT3LatH

Ryaiio is running towards his friends previous location and know they would have moved away from the danger and can see Shadow getting the injured out of any danger before some ice and wind are seen. The young scout just figured out the plans and moves into an alleyway and stops in front of Enella, helping her up. and moves her away.copyright protection88PENANAstqhD999eh

"This is bad, i saw the plans, they weren't attacking anything, they were luring us to a trap. I saw other guilds and even guards. They circling us in-into the Art's area they had, j-just to kill us off." Ryaiio starts rambling on while slightly panicking.copyright protection88PENANAZDwn7jbWdA

Enella sees more solders are coming to move the injured, along with the mercenary, she asks "Let me down, help them out. I'll be fine here, they need you to help them more then me."copyright protection88PENANAOCOeRIhDTL

Ryaiio quickly agrees and nods, he runs back past Shadow as he lets another ally rest to the side. He raises his voice "Move as many of them out the way here, then find a way out!" He says to the current group around him that are unsure what to do.copyright protection88PENANAlleLDRVN09

the black haired knight then goes to the scout and asks quickly "Did he have any information?"copyright protection88PENANA50MCoUVAQ8

Enella replies annoyed, as she gets up "Yeah, they are ambushing us in this part of Frontier, not to attack anything, but rather to make it easier to eliminate us."copyright protection88PENANAaFLZTDIagB

Sounds of swords and metal clash, with magical attacks and spells to add are becoming louder. Shadow can see Enella can't fight and mentions "You need to head back, get one of these guys to help. I'll look for an opening to get you guys out."copyright protection88PENANAVBXanA1io2

Soon after armed knights head to the side and lead aid to some soldiers and offer assistance, the knight can see the Ancient Arts brought some Capital guards and even other guilds here. he gestured one to come and help, one of the Capital guards helps support Enella out of the combat that is just around the corner now.copyright protection88PENANAru2e6r911Z

Shadow then adds "I'll see you at your base, don't worry." he the runs ahead and sees some Arts already searching for them, he kills them with ease, blood covering their bodies and heads as the mercenary cuts them up. He dodges incoming attacks and blast most with a shadow attack an finishes the last one, by cutting the enemy's head off, leaving only flesh and blood to show as blood pours down to the ground.copyright protection88PENANAabEWbyzTIP

Enella addressed in a stubborn tone to the guard "Let me down, I can't just leave."copyright protection88PENANAuErsOO3Q7r

The guard in a serious voice adds "Your badly injured, you'll struggle to move around no point going into the heat of it all."copyright protection88PENANASzWVN2mW4o

The scout replies "there has to be something i can do."copyright protection88PENANAWfzBbL9KES

The guard reassures Enella "Don't worry, we may be surrounded but they still have to make effort to even beat us, trust me... We will get as many out before anything happens."copyright protection88PENANAA9w1BlQEcX

The blue haired girl can only sigh and pushes herself to move out the area now, as she can see Shadow clearing the path ahead with a few allies pitching in now.copyright protection88PENANA65w20j5ng9

Shadow tells the soldiers in a ordering voice "Keep clearing a safe path out, take new routes if needed."copyright protection88PENANALcolNz7XjM

He then runs to the outside streets and building tops to see the enemy is advancing in and killing a lot of smaller guilds and Capital guards, he sees many sport armor and weapons with magical properties. Like the squadron from before, he gets attacked by a blaze of fire beneath him, he equips his armor and charges before he can be hit, he slices the enemy with a shadow blade splitting the foe in half, dropping guts as one falls the ground level and the other stays on top of the building. Shadow blocks an attack behind him, the warrior is using agility an he deflects the attacks, till Ryaiio jumps up and shines rays of light around the knight, causing the attacker to burn by the light and slow down in pain and back away from the light but gets light rays shot through him. The Art's member falls instantly with holes in his chest where his lungs and heart used to be. Another appears from thin air and by her cloak armor, the knight sees its stronger and he lunches shadow spikes at the magical troop, who easily move forward past them, almost not dodging at all. But he gets the kill as he swings his sword in succession and then uses the enemies shadow to rip the arms off as the solder screams in pain, then has her stomach sliced open. Leaving only blood and flesh to drop from the body, Ryaiio and Shadow jump off the building and land using their magic to break the fall and they both know they have to get people out of the ambush as this is a losing fight, the knight looks and sees the young scout has a serious look in his face but anger in his eyes and split up to lower the amount of Arts and get people out of the ambush and relentless assault.copyright protection88PENANAPTVmVxHLcU

Ryaiio takes to a center area where there is a roundabout with a small island of plants in between. Seeing the ambush unfold all around him, he starts to fire off some light rays to burn through some of the assaulting enemies, leaving scorch marks inside the holes made. The ally soldiers don't get a second to breath though as more come and some take more then a few attacks to slow them down, the young scout can see this and takes one on. He tries a few attacks with his sword, but most are deflected or blocked by a wind shield, he then goes for a wide light spread to hit the target, but the armor just makes the enemy turn into wind and reappear behind the scout, who ducks from an axe swing and jumps forward to dodge the next, he fires light rays, only a few hit, only leaving holes in the armor and small drops of blood can be seen as the enemy laughs from receiving little pain or damage. The grey haired boy starts to panic and moves away from the enemies wind spell that sliced the floor and air clean and tries to assault him with both light and sword strikes in rapid succession, but each attack was stopped till he manage to get light to burst down on the Art soldier, leaving him stunned and hurt, Ryaiio takes the chance and swings his sword and damages him as much as he can, leaving the attacker with out part of his face, as the enemy smiles he tries to stand straight but stumbles, the smiling foe guards the scouts attempts to hurt the wind user with large rays of light. It manages to break through and kill the attacker by burning him alive.copyright protection88PENANAIiZel0yqoP

Ryaiio starts to notice his friends and many allies dying in front of him, only pockets able to escape, he tells another ally he saved in an unsure voice"Quickly get out of here!"copyright protection88PENANAAa1YwPyDNS

He then fights more troops off, some were blasted by his spells, leaving ether burns or blood as they die, but the red eyed scout starts to get wounds as more enter melee combat with him, he cuts ones neck open that damages his shoulder, another fires of stone shards at the Capital guards, but some miss and fly to the scout, he fires a ray, but one gets through. Blood drips where the cuts are, he moves back as an ally jumps in and starts blasting lightning across multiple foes. The young scout escapes the scene and hides behind a door inside a house to recover.copyright protection88PENANApCMlYHSGs4

The Captain is running to the outskirts of the city with his remaining squad left to escape, he leads them out and checks for any that fell behind. With expressions of anger and disgust from this well timed plan the Ancient Arts used. He orders two of his men to follow back inside to find others to help escape.copyright protection88PENANABbnAqJBZaZ

Enella follows the crowd of allies trying to find a safe way out, they find a destroyed building blocking the path. Some of the guards start using a different route rushing ahead. They reach outside the attackers in a population of citizens that are now coming outside again. The thoughtful scout can see the Arts might have came though, seeing the people are scared but start to be happy and feel safe when the Capital guards and other friendly guilds appeared. The Capital soldiers stay near the city areas to keep watch over the people, more show up offering help. Some guild fighters start making their way back to their homes and guild hall. The Phoenix Arms head back to theirs as well, making sure that everyone can make it back, leaving Enella to be unsure what happened to others trapped inside.copyright protection88PENANAOK9QIGGgjt

Shadow hides in a building he was in before, now scorched and broken from the vehicle explosion he caused earlier. He takes a few breaths a look at some small injuries he got in the fight outside. He then sneaks around the back sides and stabs through a few enemies that were going to kill two Phoenix allies, unaware of the knights presences they died instantly, leaving holes where their hearts were. The surprised warriors get up and thank the knight for saving them, they run away from the crowded zones, where the noise is dying down. The mercenary is angry, the Arts planed this too well and now they left many more bodies in their name. The knight looks around him, hearing a noise and gets ready to strike, but Ryaiio appears through a back door, injured and in pain. Shadow lifts the scout up and carries him, he heads to the outskirts.copyright protection88PENANA9I5V34CWL5

"I-i can't... believe what th-they did to us..." The young scout breathlessly muttered.copyright protection88PENANA1mgpWG8yFi

Shadow sighs and quietly tells him "We lost today, but we manage to get plenty out. Now we'll do the same."copyright protection88PENANAxu2HkLn02H

Ryaiio chuckles a little and smiles and they begin to leave quickly. They manage to pick up speed but stop when they see the Captain has returned looking for others. The rock user isn't pleased to find Shadow here, but he doesn't say anything, knowing he is helping Ryaiio to safety.copyright protection88PENANAubpA6tEIqq

"Come this way, quickly." The brown haired man stated with a neutral commanding tone.92Please respect copyright.PENANArFQtLD36xw
copyright protection88PENANANrM4QJKYhq

the young scout and knight follow the Captain quickly, avoiding any remaining troops that are now looking for others to kill. The three survivors manage to catch up to the two allies Shadow saved. Ryaiio struggles but gets extra help by a fellow Phoenix Arms. They reach the outskirts and continue back to the guild hall.copyright protection88PENANAhPUkwf5Ug7

"Stop." says the captain holding his hand up to the mercenary, stopping everyone from moving and continues "Your not coming with us."copyright protection88PENANACKi1kpvZ7V

"Why? He helped us." Ryaiio objected trying to stand.copyright protection88PENANApVncZdVKcd

"He's right sir. We would have died without him, we could need his assistance." one of the swordsman's spoke agreeing with the scout.92Please respect copyright.PENANAIxC4RKMzot
copyright protection88PENANAat25NzlTtB

The brown haired man mutters words to himself and sighs "Alright, but i'm keeping my eye on you..."92Please respect copyright.PENANApXzaUSV47q
copyright protection88PENANA05mj7HIDGQ

Shadow shrugs and comes along with the rest of them, helping the scout to move as they walk while keeping a look out for any more Arts as they head back to a safe base.copyright protection88PENANAz6LWjK9eum

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The Virtual Shadow - Yay! 3000 words done, yet i think i rushed it a bit. Sorry if its a bit like that guys.
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