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The 100 Percent Legit Scientific Studies of Lord Hybrid the 1st
Writer The Hybrid Cat
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The 100 Percent Legit Scientific Studies of Lord Hybrid the 1st
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The Hybrid Cat
No Plagiarism!UYMNsXgnyNLdUk9jdmbwposted on PENANA

The Pen-Balbisiana more commonly know to the general public as Penana is a highly evolved fruit that can survive without the nurturance from a living plant.copyright protection193PENANAAhDV3HHy3q

Instead this rare fruit that was once believed to represent a Musa-Balbisiana a common form of Banana has now removed its physical being.copyright protection193PENANAmYo9LQ62dF

To survive the fruit mutated through yet to be discovered means and managed to merge to a ADSL2 Modem.copyright protection193PENANAPZSJk12yoe

Over a long period of time the fruit was able to attach itself to the wireless signal threw the use of specialised spores most commonly refereed B.S Spores.copyright protection193PENANA4ZwHUAoC8s

These B.S Spores began to clomp together and became a new variation of the already heavily mutated fruit and became a social network site in an attempt to avoid possible.copyright protection193PENANA3vqrFbhMev

Very little is know about this fruity creature beyond this point other than status in a society go backwards, rather than starting at the bottom of its society it started as an Alfa and went on to become a Beta suggesting that youth determines the status updates that are seen.copyright protection193PENANAr3vjNPlPoJ

Fully validated through the extensive research conducted by Lord Hybrid The 1st 2016copyright protection193PENANA4sIB9Dbygk

Any use of this information must be cited through standard non existing Hybrid Copyright Laws.copyright protection193PENANA0jPrKuD2gR

For further details please go do a back-flip off a cliff     copyright protection193PENANAyIU31HTnxh

Comments ( 24 )

Jane Glass - Strangely entertaining.
1 year agoreply

Jeniffer - Too complicated words for me to understand anything at all except the last sentence.
1 year agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - lol    
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - So the young control Penana? I suppose it has something to do with the mutated plant...I walk away from this a better, more learned man.
1 year agoreply

Kokiri-Hylian-Hero - Whoops, I meant I BACKFLIP away from this.
1 year agoreply

The Hybrid Cat - @Kokiri-Hylian-Hero, Lol
1 year agoreply

Coen Wonder - Great research! :))
1 year agoreply

1 year agoreply

Naerie - I think @Coen Wonder will appreciate this.
1 year agoreply

1 year agoreply

1 year agoreply

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