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Some Strange Tennessee Sky
Writer ViridianMind
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Some Strange Tennessee Sky
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Star as Inconvenience
Jul 16, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!oA5cNrYMrueA01cU1Qh9posted on PENANA

She was a good cabby, knew Manhattan and the boroughs well enough.copyright protection98PENANA5JdZnvMpan

Her sundress well pressed, the color of orange blossoms.copyright protection98PENANA0yX5LLxJyY

Appropriate considering the time of year.copyright protection98PENANAeMyfNK9PAq

                                                            She moved awkwardly, standing a good two feet from me,copyright protection98PENANAZF9cFxIrWT

The cabby smiled.copyright protection98PENANAPWsN2dyAX6

                                                                        I don’t think she wants to dance with me,copyright protection98PENANAycT7rGRBws

                                                                        The new kid from public school.copyright protection98PENANA2v8cINJqfG

                                                                        Weirdo, with too much meat on his bones.copyright protection98PENANAk4DMRG0qgY

I didn’t catch her namecopyright protection98PENANAxPaqWB7OdD

                                                                        I didn’t catch her namecopyright protection98PENANAhf8prRdbis

Her driver’s license up to date, her name smudged.copyright protection98PENANARCxuppbpPr

                                                                        I couldn’t hear her over the musiccopyright protection98PENANAnnhyNeaU3n

                                                                        She was a redhead with green eyes.copyright protection98PENANAykCHK4yYfQ

She was a blonde with one arm and an asymmetrical haircut.                                                          copyright protection98PENANAq6tYBSoMid

Fumbling with change for cab fare.copyright protection98PENANAeGBweoKojN

Fumbling through compliments about her sundress.copyright protection98PENANALR8oySs7RI

The calm temperance built out of bricks and mortarcopyright protection98PENANAYhOrgqkEdC

In the hot suncopyright protection98PENANASrjtYxSIWb

                                                                        The other a similar if not equal temperaturecopyright protection98PENANAwH2E6BxzIp

                                                                        School dances, meant to kindle young affection.copyright protection98PENANAhHG68XwtBK

Iced teacopyright protection98PENANA6ubpXaWPSS

Hot Teacopyright protection98PENANA0pA34HFCgo

                                                                        Spiked punchcopyright protection98PENANA1y5IEeFbHh

                                                                        I asked her to dance for one song,copyright protection98PENANAVNL7dJhaza

She said the ride cost me $5.27.copyright protection98PENANA2zzDDEligC

                                                                        The science teacher’s dog is getting more affection.copyright protection98PENANAGhaLZPZF1H

She tucks the bills under her arm-not-armcopyright protection98PENANAWXvI5IrnS0

As she counts up change.copyright protection98PENANAxVA7zeLUw2

I tell her to keep it,copyright protection98PENANAwdjHZjwZYy

                                                                        She said she needs to sit down.copyright protection98PENANAGUvbCBU4YM

                                                                        I wore a clean T-Shirt and blue jeanscopyright protection98PENANA4wHEDgSpap

                                                                        Even though cool and me don’t mix.copyright protection98PENANArHDKoC3VC2

I’m no Pony Boycopyright protection98PENANAtjWZuzAoDy

                                                                        I’m no Dallascopyright protection98PENANAbI4SnI9g7k

                                                                        There’s no “Staying Golden” here.copyright protection98PENANAGz1jkqWoly

The waiting made me feelcopyright protection98PENANAqPRnPmXqLB

As flecks of micacopyright protection98PENANAYWj3PGMZXU

                                                                        The sixth-grade kids pull me back and backcopyright protection98PENANAjDtlWNLTc7

There is nothing left but dust as I leave the cabcopyright protection98PENANArCXjZMFWcr

The smell of ozone and car exhaust.copyright protection98PENANAxbnRfdy1cv

                                                                        There was only glitter left in my haircopyright protection98PENANAWw9pR6dDZp

                                                                        To remind me of what was left ofcopyright protection98PENANAKr1IK1vqYH

                                                                        The school gymnasium, a cold winter.copyright protection98PENANARwTfo8tWaF

                                                                        When we Dance-not-Dancedcopyright protection98PENANAs6cCw3IJGH

I don’t think she liked having my “Me”copyright protection98PENANA9r9baTdFkc

Near her “Her”copyright protection98PENANAmbIgr6pU3z

It’s fine, in the same way shecopyright protection98PENANAAwGM8cQQWx

Didn’t want the Tip-totally-Tip ofcopyright protection98PENANAy6YHi8BvOV

The few dollars in my pocket.copyright protection98PENANAHa7qrzwQuA

Not her “Not Her” that was near my not I “Not I”copyright protection98PENANAq466RfjH5g

                                                                        Leaving with certain tastes in my mouthcopyright protection98PENANAfEndlFmXab

                                                                        Punch, confusion,copyright protection98PENANASSl0iNzPD3

Tea, bagels and loxcopyright protection98PENANAp38wa0LuIR

The sound of car horns.copyright protection98PENANALXv8bQNyNY

                                                The same kind ofcopyright protection98PENANAJGQ5H9ShYw

                                                Would be, can’t becopyright protection98PENANAlnAuUKuFfc

                                                Won’t be, never becopyright protection98PENANAw0919lSXTG

                                                Pick me up off the groundcopyright protection98PENANAVCnMH5VAmT

                                                Kind of logiccopyright protection98PENANA6HhGbcrGSH

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