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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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The Truth
Chat Noir
Aug 13, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xEtQqKfRq8fXGx4euLzuposted on PENANA -the next day-

I honestly didnt want to go to school today. I felt scared to see Stefan, one thing is cause of what Alex did and another is because I ditched them. I felt heartbroken, remembering the events yesterday afternoon. copyright protection49PENANABiVQ2AvLmr

I heard my phone ding and I looked at my chats:copyright protection49PENANAhU5LKww0nW

'B:Hey, you up?copyright protection49PENANA8DUPbY4FKD

C: Yeah, why're you up so early its only 5:00.copyright protection49PENANAalW6bZGHK2

B:I go by bus to school, and im boredcopyright protection49PENANA92WfOHLkI9

C:oh ok, soooo...copyright protection49PENANAhRMbGXaLDV

B: I gtg, I see you in school?copyright protection49PENANAoNgkTsjAa4

C: yep 'copyright protection49PENANACj7zzWhkh0

Hes like a bat, they sleep in the day and fly at night. I laughed slightly at my own thought and got up for school. copyright protection49PENANAtzRgKyeVjR

-at school-copyright protection49PENANAQIF72yAm8K

I arrived earlier than I expected, and man, this school was like a freakin' desert! I peered through the dark playground, walking around and looking for a friend. "Cam?" I heard a voice call for me, I felt my whole body go stiff. I didnt run, hell, im pretty sure I would've if I had the chance but nevermind.copyright protection49PENANArL4zlDwDYN

I turned around to face the tall figure. "...yes..?" I hated this. Honestly, after this freaking happens the first person I meet is HIM?!? I felt my amulet glow. Nonetheless, I tried my best to keep calm. "About yesterday...was....was..it true?" I kept my head down, it was only two of us, no one else for now. I felt scared. Like if a single word were to slip past my lips, that would be it for me. I just nodded subtly, my eyes slowly began to fill up as I waited for my rejection.copyright protection49PENANADrmuI73W3m

But before any other sentences were spoken....—copyright protection49PENANANT4s171Bua

"Cam!!!! Stef!!!" Prudence's voice rang in our ears, I couldn't help but chuckle a bit at her. I noticed her eyes examining us before she glared at Stefan, "What the hell did you say to her??" she pounced, he just shrugged and walked off. I was astonished, honestly, his personality just changed like that. I made my way to Prudence, "Hey.." she waved cheerily, and I returned the gesture. Looking down at my watch, I wondered why the Sun wasn't up yet. I suddenly remembered I forgot to bring up Dawn, which was probably why... I excused myself and ran somewhere discreet. Bringing out my necklace I chanted softly while clutching my rose morganite:copyright protection49PENANAmWWqvh31U2

'Tonight is over, so let your colors shine, bring light to our world or so have mine.'copyright protection49PENANAPyuc3cj68m

Looking up was Heaven, admiring the swirls of orange, pink and yellow. But with a hint of blue and purple. I tucked it back into my shirt and headed back to my friends who were all here, except for Brendan and Alex. I tilted my head, "Where's Brendan and Alex?" they just shrugged, then I gazed up and saw the Sun rising. It was 7:20 sooooo im not that late am i? Eh, in case you were wondering why the Sun couldn't just rise itself, its because it needs the Dawn to do it. Lazy star... I murmured. I heard a distant yell of greeting, we all averted our gaze to Brendan, who was running over and panting. "Morning!" I chimed, he smiled warmly at me, "Hah..Morning.." he said out of breath, I smiled back, then the bell rang for our first class, art. copyright protection49PENANAtWgypiGqTa

I went to grab my bag from my locker and saw a small note:copyright protection49PENANABf7xGCPKEK

'Can we go to art together? -S'copyright protection49PENANAMtigGlsZsB

I cringed slightly but still went to look  for him anyways, since we both had no friends to walk with otherwise. I found him leaning against the wall near the classrooms. I snapped my fingers to get his attention, "Stefan?" I called and he looked at me, softly smiling. We headed to our art class, the trip was a bit too quiet for my liking but I dont think I could've changed that. There were so many things in my mind and so many things I wanted to say but couldn't. Art was weird, not that it was bad...its just..different, not many students liked art and some actually said they hated it just cause of their lack of skill. copyright protection49PENANAmWxDuXVboP

Anyways, we reached and headed in, we both greeted Ms.Sally and sat at our assigned places, patiently waiting for our next order. And as if she read my mind, Ms.Sally told us what to do. "Okay class, today you'll all be working in partners!" Shit. I dont know anyone in the class except for Stefan and he practically knows everyone so Ill be alone.. She gave us 5 minutes to find a partner and I just sat there silently. After the 5 minutes were up I went to notify the teacher. "Miss I dont have a partner..." she smiled at me and raised her head to look around the class, then she lowered it to my level and went close to my ear. "Stefan doesnt have a partner..." she whispered, I let out a shaky sigh as nodded and turned around to walk to him. He observed me closely as I sat down beside him.copyright protection49PENANAlZ4swK5muK

"Alright students, the task is simple. One of you will draw a picture of anything and the other will color it using paint." We all nodded and I turned my attention to Stefan. "So..." I began, "Ill draw, you paint?" I nodded and he began drawing a night scene. I smiled a bit and decided to tell him the truth. "Hey Stefan?" he nodded, not sparing a glance at me, "I like you." I noticed his hand stop, which means he feels the same or I just screwed up big time. I looked at the collar of his shirt, the dim blue shimmer emitting from it dragged me in and I could only stare. copyright protection49PENANA6hepxUKZUd

Suddenly, I felt my own sapphire glow and covered my chest. "What are you doing?" He asked, eyeing my hand. I blushed a bit and shook my head, "nothing!" he just shrugged and continued sketching. It was all quiet after that, until I began painting again and noticed that he had a necklace on with a blue crescent-shaped gem attached, I giggled softly but he still heard me, "Whats so funny?" I pointed to his necklace and he quickly pulled up his shirt, hiding it as I watched it glow again. His cheeks were dusted a light cocoa color just under his glasses and I smirked slightly, continuing to paint.copyright protection49PENANABh98UE6QPu

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