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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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Chat Noir
Aug 27, 2017
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!cDzFP3tjHo8xsBpEA0Rgposted on PENANA I felt my heart run itself through a paper-shredder. What have I done?!?! I heard tapping trail off and soon realised I'm alone again, I sighed, gently drying then rubbing my eyes to stop the reddening patches. I walked back to sit with the gang.

"Sooooo..?" Prudence nudged me, I looked at her, "What happened?" she sang, no way in Purgatory am I gonna tell her what ACTUALLY happened.. "Just a small arguement." I 'giggled' she looked at me questioningly and turned her attention back to her phone, deleting the picture and advising me to do the same. Which I did. "There, even?" I asked her, my glossy gaze focusing on Stefan with regret. "Even!" I forced myself to smile and heard the bell ring. Ar— 'Art..' What the Hell? I cracked my neck around (not breaking it hopefully 😂) and looked at Stefan, who seemed to just be in his own world again. Is it coming from him..? A white layer of fear glazed my body, No..no way.. Wait if he can hear me then..copyright protection47PENANAuFyZTEcRGv

Oi. I thought, plastering my eyes on him, his head suddenly crashed down and towards my direction. 'Cam..?' I nodded, Can you hear me? 'No I'm deaf' he sarcastically returned, I walked to him. "We have art now, I suggest we go—" "Me too." Duane continued, Why? 'Ill tell you later' I looked at him, firing a slightly distrusted look but choosing to agree anyway. The three of us made our way to art when I realised Duane had actually disappeared. "Where's Duane?" I asked, twirling around in attempt of catching him, which I did, at the foot of our Maths block. Gotcha. 'I see him' "I don't know." Stefan responded smoothly. copyright protection47PENANAyS88yYb1hT

Maths Block I notified him. He nodded subtlety and we made our way to our Art class. I sat next to Stefan, who sent a childish smile my way, he handed me a paper discreetly under the table, I gripped it and picked it up:copyright protection47PENANApqqR1PwBQn

'Actually, we got caught by Duane and Prudence during the sleepover...I heard them talking about us.' copyright protection47PENANARk3qkW4wNK

Oh, now I get why he got so pissed. I wrote back:copyright protection47PENANA2mDaub9Gcq

'Brendan as well?'copyright protection47PENANAzBQ0tSPZtG

He nodded, then reached for the paper, ripping it into tiny pieces. Peeping up at the door I saw Duane walk in and station himself on my left. Well shit. I sighed, 'Have fun~' I placed my chin in my palm, facing Stefan's mocking smirk, Go to Hell 'Make me' I just rolled my eyes and let him win. After all, stubborn people can't be helped can they? Art went on as usual, Ms.Sally giving us a model, letting us use our own imagination to sketch said object. "Okay guys, girls." She clapped her hands together to get everyone's attention, the whole class looked at her, "Since we still have half an hour I'll give you guys a challenge. It'll be boys versus girls!" She laughed. I did too, but soon got nervous, realising who I was up against.copyright protection47PENANAnl1qMlmRSa

So.. here's how it went, the challenge was to decorate a doll. Simple, right? Nah. The actual challenge part is that we only have the following things:copyright protection47PENANACUxf51qeID

-One black ballpoint pencopyright protection47PENANAEhfvhIn7IQ

-Two of each colour of film paper (red, blue and yellow)copyright protection47PENANAO5cPwYaTP2

-One pair of scissorscopyright protection47PENANA4rWBH1C7fl

-One tub of gluecopyright protection47PENANALUC0pUJM2s

And the doll. The deal was to create an exact replica of the doll Ms.Sally had prepared before hand. I do admit, the doll was stunning. But it honestly shocked me on wether we could accomplish something so difficult. During the whole game Stefan and Duane held back, leaning their backs on the wall. I on the other hand wasn't a lazy ass, sketching out the doll's dress and hairstyle. Eventually I had to back off, considering that there were so many girls in the class, I had no choice other than being stampeded so...copyright protection47PENANADQyPF4OQYE

Then I noticed something odd. Stefan and Duane kept sneaking glances at me, I dont know why and I didn't push it, pretending not to notice when it was literally the only thing running through my mind. Stefan's gaze made me uncomfortable, it gave me a very 'off' aura, not only was it intimidating but threatening. It brought me back memories of our 'small arguement' during lunch. I felt my eyes swell up but I ignored it when I heard my name being called.copyright protection47PENANAS25PDMRgU6

(A/N: in case you guys were wondering, Camila can actually decide on what goes to Stefan and what stays with her, hence why Stefan can't read her mind)copyright protection47PENANABG1eGr8peb

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