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The Sun & Moon
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Writer Chat Noir
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The Sun & Moon
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Chat Noir
Jul 26, 2017
1 Min Read
No Plagiarism!RTuFjwjCdDhFZ6MRyuwsposted on PENANA Once I reached home I flopped myself onto my bed and covered my face with my hands. I felt so retarded. I just met this guy for a year and I say I like him?!?! It's just ridiculous. You have to know the person for at least a while before thinking like that...right..? I felt my heart flutter as I noticed a soft glow from my shirt, I reached in and grasped my necklace.

The gem of Dawn was glowing softly but vibrantly. I smiled feeling warm inside, placing it back in its regular place. I retrieved my phone from my bag and flopped myself back onto my bed. I typed in my password, unlocking it, scrolling through my notifications:copyright protection52PENANAM3Qbyi6JPx

'B: Oi, what did you want to say earlier??copyright protection52PENANAgHqKnJhGmu

((Oh no..I thought I let that slip..)) copyright protection52PENANAkDajKXbirI

C: Its nothing.copyright protection52PENANALdLCpkUw3J

B: Cmon, just tell mecopyright protection52PENANA3jrt4Odluz

*I send a picture of a zodiac match make*copyright protection52PENANAQOd08YXkgp

B: Libra is you...who's the Aquarius?copyright protection52PENANA22DOE28yzb

C: ....Take a guesscopyright protection52PENANAiCvJ6zyjV2

B: Derek?copyright protection52PENANATMR6N05Kkl

C: No...copyright protection52PENANAamnNa2QjAp

B: Alex???copyright protection52PENANAuT10C7Aaqw

C: Nope.copyright protection52PENANAdki5r55wQq

*last seen at 15:10*copyright protection52PENANAS0MfOXiEgS

C: *sigh* copyright protection52PENANA3LM4LocmzD

*I send him more of those kind of zodiac pictures*copyright protection52PENANASNXbSogYV7

C: Think!copyright protection52PENANAoN8b3W8lAp

B: Me...??copyright protection52PENANAeDb0IWpUjY

C: *nods*copyright protection52PENANAybMvnEUDDP

B: Oh...copyright protection52PENANAL1DTdGPm1p

*last seen at 15:25*copyright protection52PENANALf3WgLTFGc

((I get sad and wonder where he went. Suddenly my phone dings again))copyright protection52PENANAEfoqKL5FpI

*🔅Brendan🔅 sent a picture of the same thing I sent*copyright protection52PENANAvaK83XOTjQ

C: You feel the same..?copyright protection52PENANAj46m1m8U2P

B: Nocopyright protection52PENANA7G4w6PibuI

C: ☹️copyright protection52PENANAU0SE9WBYQU

B: Jk 😂 I do I guesscopyright protection52PENANAO9ZVv1hEWj

C: Youre so mean!copyright protection52PENANAt30xA6mSiR

B: You are!copyright protection52PENANABcStQ1qs0g

C: Fine, but let's keep it a secret ok?copyright protection52PENANAnOpmKVn2zj

B: 👍🏻 'copyright protection52PENANAm2nmAYtWRM

I threw my phone onto the my beanbag and slowly drifted off into a soundly sleep.copyright protection52PENANAOsYGWPImiI

Comments ( 2 )

Chat Noir - Excuse me. Honestly, if you don't like my story a bit then just stop reading. Find something else to read. Don't just comment on every single chapter I post with an insult. It's annoying 
11 months agoreply

Lunassandra Hughes - What is the conflict of the story? I assume there is one based on the third POV but reading feels more tedious without at least an inciting incident. 
11 months agoreply