Curse of Murderland - Wait... what is this thing called again? I don't even know why I am narrating. This is so normal! Ew | Penana

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Curse of Murderland
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Writer emogirl99
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Curse of Murderland
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Wait... what is this thing called again? I don't even know why I am narrating. This is so normal! Ew
Jul 22, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!573CIqh2TE8ibCZy9C2wposted on PENANA

March Hare’s POVcopyright protection41PENANAiNd03GkZ7u

So here I am. Again. Back in this dingy prison at the Bloody Big Head’s castle.copyright protection41PENANAJdBNPkd7n7

I remember the last time I was here. I was starved with no tea. No tea! It was pure torture for me to have no tea to drink. I probably wouldn’t have even cared if it was English tea, as long as I had something to drink.copyright protection41PENANALvqX7pvh2y

Every night, we had a flogging. One insult= one flog. We all had at least two lashings a day. Some had more! I was a lucky one then. Had three lashes. They cut deep into my back, the pain gushing through my veins, and we all screamed into the twilight. All we thought about was the agony and the hunger. We were all cramped together, head to toe, in one cell. We were chained up, couldn’t move in there. When we needed to do our business we just had to let it out. Whip! Whip! Whip! That’s all we heard, our legs dying from no movement.copyright protection41PENANAOkl2loIGoP

Today was worse. There wasn’t a lot of people but we all had six lashes. Over double the amount I had last time. The quantity keeps rising, I heard from one of the prisoners. Most of the poor souls in here had their ribs showing! That’s how bad it was for them. I wonder what it would be like for us…what death would be like.copyright protection41PENANAb73NUS78Zu

In here it was eight prisoners (most likely the Queen’s people) and me and Absolem. Then another person came in for the show at around lunch time. I think. Well we don’t have any windows in here and no one has watches. All our valuables were taken. It’s just too dark in here. The Knave suddenly comes in with his stupid cloak being the vain pig he is.copyright protection41PENANAgL0GI76ep8

‘’ March Hare and Absolem. The Masters would like to see you.’’ He unlocked the door and let us come out. Finally we can see another colour apart from black and brown. We still had to be chained up of course. Wouldn’t give us a chance to escape at all, even by accident. So here we walk, pain scourging through me as soon as I take a step. It’s just agony all over again. Like stepping on glass. Like having boulders thrown at you. Like falling over as soon as you stand back up again and again.copyright protection41PENANAMdt8fPxYwV

Soon we were there, crying our eyes out in pain. As soon as Alice saw us, she laughed and shouted ‘’ Babies!’’ at the top of her lungs. I wonder where her kindness has gone. I have to be careful of her power to read minds though. Be careful of what I think…copyright protection41PENANAOH3RvYJC7J

‘’ So…’’ The Red Queen starts. ‘’ We meet again.’’ Absolem stands there, blinking out the drooping tears. I don’t speak, I just try to stand comfortably, with great difficulty. Alice grunts in anger.copyright protection41PENANA7nv73ef9sE

‘’ Don’t ignore your Master!’’ Alice shouts. The Red Queen instead shoots a ray of pain at her. She falls back and grunts. Then she erupts into giggles, turning her voice going from a high to a low octave. ‘’ Again! Again!’’ The Queen rolls her eyes and shoots her again.copyright protection41PENANAifSMo7BV58

‘’ So you aren’t going to speak to me? Very well. I’ll make you speak.’’ She touches her temples and mutters something. My power, however, deflects her spell. She scoffs. ‘’ I’ve forgotten about you. I can use him instead.’’ She nods at Absolem and starts muttering again. I can’t stop her this time, my head hurts and hurts and- what in the name of tea is that? copyright protection41PENANARTQVLlTvY1

Something or someone is making all the objects float and fly in the room. Who can do that? It starts knocking ornaments over and booming an evil laugh. Alice finally stops laughing and her blood coated nose twitches in fear.copyright protection41PENANAe5oKdsYtCr

‘’ What is that?’’ She demands. ‘’ WHAT IS THAT?’’ She screams when she has no answer. The thing chucks a vase over by the Red Queen and she starts shouting.copyright protection41PENANA7UHZH57i1c

‘’ OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! WHATEVER THE STUPID THING IS!’’ She runs out of the room with Alice. The guards run after them, forgetting us. Well they aren’t very intelligent, leaving us here unguarded. I look around the empty room, waiting for some supernatural figure to come spooking us out.copyright protection41PENANArT6hPRCImB

I finally pluck up the courage to ask, ‘’ Did you do this?’’, bewildered to Absolem.copyright protection41PENANAKBH8lUAkoc

‘’ Of course not. I sense moods and can change them idiot.’’ He puffs on the cigar again. Oh yeah. I forgot that. I’m such a stupid hare. Stupid, stupid. But then who is it? It’s not me. It’s not the guards as they’re thicker than me and it’s not Absolem. Alice has reading minds and the Queen has manipulation and shoots pain. copyright protection41PENANALv7svOyC7z

Suddenly something whooshes and the form of Ches appears in front of us. I slap myself on the head. Of course it’s Cheshire: he can disappear. ‘’ Hello. I was the one creating all this havoc. Now let’s go before we’re caught.’’ We both hurry, chasing after Ches leading the way out. Nobody was there to stop us luckily. We’re nearly there. Come on Hare, speed up, quickly. Come on, I hate my old legs, they’re so-copyright protection41PENANAPytWPiOs1b

‘’ Well hello there.’’ I look up to the see the Vain Pig. Again. ‘’ What do we have here?’’ And he slashes all of us. The snake’s back. It coils in the Knaves hand unafraid of the damage it does.  We whimper in agony, waiting for more to come and he callously laughs at our demeanour. ‘’ Did you know that we actually eat the hearts of our prisoners who try to escape? Yeah they’re delicious.’’ Absolem just puffs on his cigar. The lime coloured smoke wafts into my face. Suddenly I feel calm and confident.copyright protection41PENANA4LNLT9Gut4

‘’ Oh how wonderful. The whole of Murderland is full of cannibals.’’ I jeered rolling my eyes.copyright protection41PENANAGeAOH6CfJK

‘’ GUARDS!’’ No one comes. He grunts in frustration.copyright protection41PENANAPyiiv8AjBB

Absolem speaks up, shocking me. ‘’ No posse to help you? Shame.’’ The Knave grunts and strides off with his red cape flying in the air. We sniggered and he hurried off, probably to fetch guards. This is our chance: we have to make a run for it. He is such an idiot. I hear marching…copyright protection41PENANAvFmirgr7KU

And so we ran. Just before the Red Knights came closing in, we scrambled away from being flattened. Absolem puffed at his smoke. It came flailing towards them until one by one they fall. I stare at Absolem slowly backing away from him.copyright protection41PENANAcr9NfQTS6C

‘’ Nice move.’’copyright protection41PENANACVbVdG3O0F

Absolem tutted. ‘’ You were scared.’’ I dramatically back off.copyright protection41PENANApvkMNM2eTN

‘’ Course I wasn’t.’’ We heard footsteps coming back again... And loud bangs.copyright protection41PENANA96ejTuaMng

‘’ Hare? We have to run now.’’ His antennae stretches in urgency. I nod to the open door. And so we ran. 45Please respect copyright.PENANAEDMZqALsPF
copyright protection41PENANApZcAVphZeh

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