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Curse of Murderland
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Writer emogirl99
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Curse of Murderland
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Is there anything sane in this place?
Jul 22, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!mkQNvByMPxT5V2gwBN0wposted on PENANA

I head out of the dreary castle and back to the head stone lagoon and back to this wretched land. All around me is the dead bushes shaped like the Queen’s head. I remember the time when Alice defeated the once truly reigning beast of the land with the Queen’s honourable catchphrase; ‘’ Off with its head!’’. I remember the time when the Mad Hatter had tea all the time with the March Hare and Mallymumkin. I remember the time when the Cheshire Cat showed Alice the way to the Mad Hatter. I remember when they were all lost by the Mushroom Forest and Tulgey Woods.copyright protection44PENANAPFPHUklvtN

A sharp, resonating breath prickled my ears; ‘’ Follow me young girl.’’ The bodiless sound came from the North. I hesitate to choose to go ahead or stay put. Staying put means that if the Queen found me, she would have my head. If I go ahead, that means I could die from this bodiless creature.copyright protection44PENANAQP7HCCibp8

Death either way. I may as well go ahead.copyright protection44PENANAJidEltbXhc

‘’ Come on child.’’ A swift movement by my ear catches my awareness. I smirk. I think I know who this is…copyright protection44PENANAt6RjNMD9i6

I trail the voice and soon I lose sight of the castle. Long forgetting Alice’s transformation of sides, I head north and follow the voice. We go through some woods (which I believe are the Tulgey Woods and Swamp) and some marshy paths. The trees are so warped they look like they have a façade. Maybe they actually do. This is Murderland after all. The land looks enhanced here. It’s positive and light. As we go out of the glade, I see a white castle looming ahead and I smile.copyright protection44PENANAW8W3QzG8K5

Iracabeth’s sister; the White Queen.copyright protection44PENANAhuou9JXkGe

I joyfully run away from the disembodied voice and towards probably the sanest thing here. Before I get to the passageway however the voice yanks the back of my dress. I force it off me before he can speak.copyright protection44PENANAwalou8b7ht

‘’ Be careful dear…’’ The voice booms. ‘’ She used dead person’s fingers in medicine for Alice.’’copyright protection44PENANAedCbhsKXBv

I nod even though I know she won’t harm me. I stroll up the path, swinging my arms excitedly. I’ve always wanted to meet the White Queen in person. She always seems like the kind sister. I halt at the door and knock…48Please respect copyright.PENANAz02Upw2ADk
copyright protection44PENANA3SZrm8aktR

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