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Curse of Murderland
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Writer emogirl99
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Curse of Murderland
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The sane but shocking life
Jul 22, 2017
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ZLKU5qJqGjafXlNV8Bm1posted on PENANA

‘’ So this is where the Hatter lives?’’ I look at the worn-down mill with a disgusted emotion on my face. Cosy, I believe the sarcastic word is. After a long walk through the Tulgey Swamps we finally get to see the Hatter. I can’t wait to meet him. Never in my daydreams would I believe it is possible to actually meet him!copyright protection42PENANASZnzJ9WdQH

‘’ Yep. With the March Hare. They don’t really live in there though; they mainly just sit at their table and pretend it’s always tea-time.’’ He raises his purple eyebrows. Obviously he judges the activities of the Mad Hatter. Absurd.copyright protection42PENANAcPtWJzntZ3

‘’ Well. That sounds sane to me.’’ I start to stroll over the Mill. Where’s the table? Is it round the back of the Mill?copyright protection42PENANAN9iLu6GDI2

‘’ A Very Happy Unbirthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’’ I hear from over the back of the Mill. I point over by the Mill and glance at Ches. He nods and disappears. Maybe he and the Hatter don’t get along.copyright protection42PENANAEA12aKc7X2

I still here the Unbirthday Song being chorused throughout the land. And I finally go inside the Mill. Well (in the kindest words possible), I would describe the Mill as ‘I would be surprised if anyone inhabited the place’. After dodging all the strewn items across the floor, I finally get to the back. And my mouth gapes open. {Author’s note: Venus is sixteen years old. I write the story in a sixteen year old’s perspective}copyright protection42PENANAPaRi7BRu5R

This is definitely not like the rest of Murderland. It actually reminds me of the old Wonderland. It has emerald, ripe grass, a beautiful collection of Wonderlandian flowers (from talking ones to ones that actually grow cakes!) and even a striking tree. Right in the middle of it all is the table. It has an assortment of untouched cakes and numerous pots of tea on its snowy tablecloth. Sitting on the chairs are Absolem (sapphire and old as ever), the March Hare (perfectly the same which makes me glad) and the Mad Hatter (he’s much more attractive in real life than in the movies and books.) He has very sharp cheekbones and jawline with no makeup on him at all. He looks younger than in the movies and books. Maybe the movies and books were just making the Mad Hatter look more…mad. He still has his eminent inflamed frizzy hair and his top hat. He has the same clothes. He’s just younger. And beautiful.copyright protection42PENANAxS0QEvXk9F

I cough clumsily into the conversation they were having. They all spun around to me. Absolem looks too old to care. The March Hare slants his head, confused. The Hatter’s expression was the best: he grinned an extremely broad smile.copyright protection42PENANAmOgoQq93x7

‘’ Come dear. Is it your Unbirthday too?’’ He asks with a husky, excited voice. It’s quite sexy.copyright protection42PENANA5mhXFozxTE

‘’ Indeed it is.’’ I smile. He gasps loudly.copyright protection42PENANAorxpibUfv3

‘’ Wooooooonderful.’’ He turns to the March Hare. ‘’ More tea!’’ He shouts.copyright protection42PENANAVSSbhICqMa

‘’ More tea indeed Hatter!’’ Absolem answers. March Hare still looks confused.copyright protection42PENANAyRxQPceoK7

‘’ Did we invite her? I don’t recognize her. But yes more tea!’’ He pours an extra cup.copyright protection42PENANA39zAyRLt6h

‘’ No we did not. However,’’ He turned back to me. ‘’ We do now! Come I need to ask you a question.’’ He grabs my hand and runs back over the table. I smile politely. He’s got soft hands. I sat next to Hatter in a sofa-like chair. ‘’ Why is a raven like a writing-desk?’’copyright protection42PENANAx19pdr8PSU

I purposefully think about it for a few seconds. ‘’ No idea.’’copyright protection42PENANA0qMxgBKv0v

‘’ Precisely. No one knows.’’ He grins. ‘’ Just like Alice.’’ His smile disappears. He looks down at his tea and sips it quietly.copyright protection42PENANAD3EcDd3pGa

‘’ Cheer up Hatter. It’s only been-‘’ March Hare looks at his broken watch. ‘’ Actually I don’t know. My watch is covered in tea.’’ He laughs manically.copyright protection42PENANAGecQEphMf9

‘’ 3 years.’’ He puts down his tea. ‘’ 3 years Hare.’’copyright protection42PENANAHfzuNQ6xl6

‘’ That’s not that long.’’ He pours himself another tea even though he’s got three already.copyright protection42PENANA2Z9HbNUfcB

‘’ Never mind me.’’ He reaches up to take my hand. I smile inside me. ‘’ What’s your name dear?’’copyright protection42PENANApTPBJu00gg

‘’ Venus.’’ Hatter grins.copyright protection42PENANAaYwKsjAyRW

‘’ Venus! I like that name!’’ He shook hands with me and suddenly clapped. ‘’ And what made you come to Wonderland?’’ I don’t correct him to Murderland. It feels wrong to do so.copyright protection42PENANAFTVOB6CvmP

‘’ I fell.’’ I explain. ‘’ And I fell here. On the other side. You know.’’ He nods solemnly.copyright protection42PENANA7LIXmrrnsI

‘’ Yeah. Just like Alice.’’ His mood changed suddenly. He gasps loudly. ‘’ Would you be my Alice?’’ He asks. I know just what he means. He wants me to be exactly like the Old Alice. And you know, I will. I will be his next Alice. That’s if he consents my proposition…copyright protection42PENANAECGam9tXIk

‘’ Yes!’’ I confirm. He cheers eagerly. copyright protection42PENANATneOcQVOmh

‘’ More tea! And you know what. I’ll have a cake.’’copyright protection42PENANAEt3mqqOSOg

The March Hare laughs again and lobs a cup of tea at Hatter. I attempt to elucidate my offer. ‘’ If.’’ I bellow.copyright protection42PENANAAsShCfr6c9

‘’ Hmm?’’ Hatter asks downing his tea.copyright protection42PENANAr5wGUJwQyS

‘’ I’ll be your Alice, if you help me bring down the Bloody Big Head.’’ He ponders about it.copyright protection42PENANA7cmbyMBmFp

‘’ Yes. The Bloody Big Head should go.’’copyright protection42PENANADfRwxuLYBY

Absolem opens his mouth. ‘’ Whenever I say this, you completely ignore me. But when she says it, you completely listen to her.’’ He slumps and sips his tea indignantly. Why did he call me she?copyright protection42PENANA833FJYogOW

‘’ I’ve been singing the Unbirthday Song when you start to say it that’s why.’’ He gasps again. He likes gasping a lot doesn’t he? ‘’ We need to sing it to you.’’ He taps my shoulder.copyright protection42PENANA9W8v7HiI4X

‘’ And me.’’ Cheshire Cat emerges and sits on a table. I gasp. His teeth and eyes have disappeared.copyright protection42PENANA7HdZdKuZJ5

‘’ Hello Ches.’’ Hatter says with a drone. Well. I need them both on taking the queen down. They have to be friends.copyright protection42PENANAXR81wSZV9N

‘’ Give me a tea Hare, I need a tea for this Quest here you know.’’ The March Hare pours one and reluctantly gives it to Ches. He says thanks and sips his tea courteously.copyright protection42PENANARiK0ORI7zM

Hatter is actually at a defeat for words. He stares at Ches straining them suspiciously. ‘’ Why are you here?’’copyright protection42PENANA4HuiGI3bIM

‘’ I took Venus here.’’copyright protection42PENANAgFEpHaiG6r

His face glows brighter. ‘’ Well I will sing the Unbirthday Song for you, now.’’ I smirk, blushing under the tablecloth. He starts up in tune and suddenly an orchestra of instruments promenade with his voice. He hasn’t got a good voice but it’s still widely entertaining. He finishes the song with cakes in his hands.copyright protection42PENANAuXKeYz5GGF

‘’ One for you.’’ He puts a slice for Absolem. ‘’ One for you Hare.’’ The March Hare quivers and takes his slice graciously. ‘’ One for myself. Thank you, your welcome.’’ He puts a slice for him. ‘’ One for my former enemy but now he is my friend.’’ He puts one down for Ches. ‘’ And one for my Venus.’’ He puts a big slice on my plate.copyright protection42PENANAtLmY33G6eo

I turn to Cheshire Cat. ‘’ Wait where are your teeth and eyes?’’ I point a bit rudely at him. Ches, however, laughs.copyright protection42PENANATv4xULIdsO

‘’ When I’m with the White Queen, I change my transformation. She thinks I’m on her side but really I’m not. I don’t like killing. It scares me a bit.’’  Hatter hoots.copyright protection42PENANAFWMpbKZhrF

‘’ That was one of the reasons I hated you. You have to stand up for yourself with the Bloody Big Head’s reign.’’ Ches raises his eyebrows and Absolem starts puffing on his cigar. Cobalt flames erupt from the nozzle.copyright protection42PENANAXUrjTunzBB

‘’ So who are you?’’ Absolem inquires me. Really this again? I can see why Alice got annoyed now…copyright protection42PENANAYv7322OLfg

‘’ Venus.’’copyright protection42PENANAAUdmkp7kGz

‘’ I know you’re Venus. I want to know who you are?’’copyright protection42PENANAZDuqXnVlXw

‘’ I don’t know.’’ Absolem nods a couple of times.copyright protection42PENANAWV13Z46NQl

‘’ Good answer. I like her.’’ I nod gratefully. Hatter rises with his tea in his handcopyright protection42PENANA4qgiMBIUVo

‘’ A toast. For the good will and life of each and every one of us and this area of the only remaining Wonderland.’’ We all raise our teas as Hatter toasts and we all clink!copyright protection42PENANAtV2Yl0lhli

‘’ So what happened to Wonderland?’’ I ask, daring enough to say it now.copyright protection42PENANAOieQmdUs1K

Hatter puckers his lips and leans forward. ‘’ Jabberwocky.’’copyright protection42PENANAN5b4oYF6SA

‘’ But that’s beheaded. Alice killed him.’’ I say with certainty.copyright protection42PENANAvmvykRzF8U

‘’ The brother is dead. This is the main one.’’ Absolem declares. ‘’ He burned the land down on the Red Queen’s orders with many of us dying. Alice was trying to help us but she got seized by the queen. She was taken into the castle along with McTwisp, Mally, Dee and Dum and Dodo and were all tortured and had adjustments to their bodies. It set a curse onto this land. ’’copyright protection42PENANAYWdcMzpH2q

‘’ That’s horrible.’’ My eyes widen with fear and anger.copyright protection42PENANAsQwDUVBA1u

‘’ It was. The White Queen then rebelled against her sister but was also tortured. Alice watched laughing at her.’’ Hatter speaks up. ‘’ I stood watching her from afar, trying to see the Alice I fell in love with.’’ He looks down upon his half-eaten cake. ‘’ I couldn’t find her. She’s gone now.’’copyright protection42PENANAaxQG5byFRH

‘’ But can’t they be brought back?’’ I ask dumbly. I know the answer already.copyright protection42PENANAzPEN2rms8o

‘’ No.’’ Hatter whispered, head shaking.copyright protection42PENANATBeqf9lQJn

‘’ Actually.’’ Absolem interjected. ‘’ We can.’’ Hatter straightens up with a glint in his eye.copyright protection42PENANAlUVcB0n9Ff

‘’ We can?’’ Ches’ mouth agape. Absolem sighed most likely wondering why he was surrounded with a bunch of idiots. With his antennae, he pulls up a dusty, antique sheet of parchment. The March Hare quivers and pours tea on the table. It must be an imperative document.copyright protection42PENANAQf4v27Wpz5

‘’ The Oraculum will guide us.’’ Hatter face-palms his head.copyright protection42PENANAOsG3SVceMW

‘’ Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?’’ He plucks his pocket-watch up and snaps its gold surface open. ‘’ No wonder. It’s Unbirthday time again.’’ He closes it with a loud snap, which stirs the March Hare who grabs two plates and starts banging them together.copyright protection42PENANAB7QwjrxHBd

‘’ It’s always Unbirthday time.’’ Absolem mutters to me.copyright protection42PENANAWst1Xw8TVI

‘’ It’s…’’ Hatter begins. ‘’ A very very happy Unbirthday to you!’’ He points to the March Hare.copyright protection42PENANAZJaFN3BZio

‘’ To me?’’ Hare points to himself.copyright protection42PENANAVUvMrPeZxP

‘’ To you!’’copyright protection42PENANAduiGvfcE98

‘’ A very very happy Unbirthday to you too!’’copyright protection42PENANAm8SxOFBpFT

‘’ To me?’’ Hatter exclaims in shock.copyright protection42PENANANBNjnf9BeG

‘’ To you too!’’  Hare shouts dispensing another cup of tea. Hatter gasps again. Does he ever stop gasping? It’s really a turn-off…copyright protection42PENANAqraJ8GYlk8

 ‘’ We need a cake!’’ Hare proclaims. I cover my ears slightly. He is really loud.copyright protection42PENANAtGhmd51OvH

 Hatter echoes blissfully. ‘’ We need a cake!’’copyright protection42PENANAIjiwCFLMhZ

Absolem hisses. ‘’ You’ve had three!’’ He shakes his head dismissively.copyright protection42PENANAtIqDrykpTE

‘’ Well we need our strength up for the big fight.’’ Ches decrees fairly. I look at the Oraculum being the interfering person I am. And I see… me! I’m on there, fighting the Jabberwocky #2 and Alice.copyright protection42PENANAynlPJzULoq

‘’ Absolem? Why am I on here?’’ I query. I’m not part of Wonderland. Then again, neither was Alice.copyright protection42PENANAt6JLClrn8I

He exhales. ‘’ Because dear one, you are expected to save Wonderland. On Frabjous Day, your picture came on here fighting the Jabberwocky and replacing Alice.’’copyright protection42PENANAmBqNfRmzhg

‘’ But why me?’’ I have nothing to do with Wonderland.copyright protection42PENANAePDzFn8A9w

March Hare reads my mind. ‘’ You must have Wonderland blood.’’ He shrugs his shoulders and yet pours another (yes another) cup of tea. Do they even need to go to the bathroom?copyright protection42PENANA0CDJof5PDd

‘’ But my family is pure English.’’ Protesting, I sip my tea proudly.copyright protection42PENANAx0OXO3OaD6

‘’ Any one of them go mad?’’ Hatter asks. Now that I think about it…copyright protection42PENANAqRV4rAsAbB

‘’ Great Aunt Greta, if I think about it.’’ I completely forgot about Greta. Mind you, everyone forgets about Greta.copyright protection42PENANA7beKVC00rE

Ches chokes on his cake. ‘’ You don’t mean Greta Thornbrush?’’ How does he know about her? She doesn’t live here on Murderland? Or does she…copyright protection42PENANAeYE3Ws7LDK

‘’ Yeah why?’’ Casually I wait for their reply. But it doesn’t come. There’s just this eerie silence, in which Hatter does nothing to try and break it off. Absolem sits there with a look of pure horror etched onto his face. March Hare starts shivering in fear every few seconds. Ches keeps disappearing and reappearing. Hatter has a genuine look of terror engraved onto his porcelain, defined face.copyright protection42PENANAR4CM83nBDz

Absolem at long last, has the audacity to speak up. ‘’ That is the mother of the Red and White Queen. My dear: you’re the daughter of the Red Queen.’’  And that’s when I shut off and just hear the buzzes of voices in my head. 46Please respect copyright.PENANAaVuOYqh5bU
copyright protection42PENANAdLKrvF3wGv

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