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Curse of Murderland
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Writer emogirl99
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Curse of Murderland
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She's going down...
Jul 22, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!lkCLSE2fcXsVF7gZg4qFposted on PENANA

Where am I going to go?copyright protection14PENANAQCbRgvzGZh

After walking a couple of metres away from the residence, I have no idea of where to move. There are no signposts or friendly people who speak Riddlish to direct me in any way. No Tweedle Dee or Dum directing me. I sigh in frustration. Now what? I look down and spot the first good thing here. Roses. Not daubed ruby ones: proper ruby roses. They are fresh, ripe, and perfect. A little residue of dew is left dripping on there. I crouch down and start to sniff the roses, breathing in the-copyright protection14PENANAklCW6vA9KM

‘’ I wouldn’t touch or smell them.’’ I jump out of my skin and fall back. The voice laughs at me. ‘’ They are poisonous.’’ That’s when I notice the dew was from a tongue blowing a raspberry. The flower turns her back on me and shows me the black sign. DO NOT TOUCH. Well.  ‘’ Don’t worry yourself; what you saw was a glamour to passers-by.’’ The tail emerges and then with a whoosh, the whole body. I breathe a sigh of relief.copyright protection14PENANA6cIMjYMz3c

‘’ So is there anything safe around here?’’ I pick my nails absent-mindedly.copyright protection14PENANAfUPqL6WlMV

‘’ Yeah.’’ Ches rolls his eyes. ‘’ There’s me. The March Hare, Absolem. Oh and the Mad Hatter.’’ He counts off his paws.copyright protection14PENANAC6he2nJDwu

‘’ So they are alive?’’ His eyes widen.copyright protection14PENANAqDG8qZ6cza

‘’ Of course. They’re the sanest here along with me. We didn’t touch the curse of the Red Queen and Alice. There were only a few of us who didn’t get touched.’’copyright protection14PENANAoO4efQkcb6

‘’ I thought the White Queen was sane.’’ I pout. Well she’s a cannibal.copyright protection14PENANA8Odp3gMNTj

Cheshire Cat looks at me distraught. ‘’ She was sane. Pure we call it now. But she was driven insane by her sister. Couldn’t stand looking at her sister on another world. So she was tortured into believing that meat was all human and she enjoyed it. Brainwashed.’’ He looks down at the floor and looks back up with tears in his eyes. ‘’ So she turned into a cannibal. You’re one of the first to get away.’’copyright protection14PENANAhjXXrnXyzw

I smile smugly. Good job I chose PE as an Option at school.copyright protection14PENANAIYlNdBExOP

‘’ So where am I going to go next?’’ I say aloud.copyright protection14PENANAEWESlH88u1

Ches smirks. ‘’ We’re going to see the Hatter and the Hare.’’ I smile with a grin that reaches my eyes.copyright protection14PENANAsLkqJMOGln

‘’ Let’s bring her down.’’ I speech with confidence.18Please respect copyright.PENANAlMW0EhHMqc
copyright protection14PENANAd3mzRAbv8Z

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