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Curse of Murderland
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Writer emogirl99
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Curse of Murderland
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Jul 22, 2017
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!x9ubX38mKXrC13zEP96Cposted on PENANA

Venus’ POVcopyright protection19PENANAGUGsp9cpPB

It feels weird ambling alongside the White Queen. I’m fearful that she’ll go back to being a crazy cannibal again in a blink of an eye. But yet she remains unruffled and tranquil, her posture straight like her usual regal self. I just still have a bad vibe from this… I might just be paranoid you know. I did just nearly witness her slaughter Hatter. Then I would have had to have slain her… Well I kind of did with my powers.copyright protection19PENANABnK5yH9G4U

‘’ Are we nearly there yet?’’ White queries behind me and Hatter. I tremor at her voice. It seems so put on… so irregular.copyright protection19PENANAEwwFz6jofq

‘’ Nearly Your Majesty. I can see the head stones!’’ Hatter remarks jubilantly. Well he’s glad that she’s back to being sane. I’m just being paranoid.copyright protection19PENANA1WlHoKQA9G

‘’ Oh good! I’m getting tired: I usually ride on my horse you know. Or the Bandersnatch- wait where is the Bandersnatch?’’ The Queen is yet still inquisitive.copyright protection19PENANAcL3WQCE0jI

I gasp. ‘’ It’s joined your sister’s side again.’’copyright protection19PENANAUXfrCOxVdN

She sighs behind me. ‘’ Well we are going to have to get him back again aren’t we?’’copyright protection19PENANAmeJHW8rNJB

Hatter nods reluctantly. Chicken.  copyright protection19PENANAuVmySdawdt

‘’ You scared, Hatter?’’ I prodded him with my elbow.copyright protection19PENANAf8quz3j6Zw

‘’ Me scared? Pffft!’’ He prodded me back. ‘’ The Hatter’s are never scared. Ever.’’ He blows a raspberry.copyright protection19PENANAUlLE2IMuww

Rolling my eyes, I blow one back. White chuckles majestically. ‘’ Stop it!’’ We turn back and blow one at her. She doesn’t seem to mind. I insist I saw her eyes change colour for a second but she laughs again. ‘’ Misfits.’’copyright protection19PENANA50rrykEJQS

I carry on ambling. My heart is pumping faster now as we near the Queen’s dwelling again. Uuuuugh back again to the place.copyright protection19PENANAc60DBzGUGF

‘’ We’re here!’’ Hatter announces.copyright protection19PENANArA0de2V1xs

The Queen sighs. ‘’ It looks deader than the last time I saw it.’’ She’s right. It’s not a vibrant and deadly red anymore… it’s more of a muddy brown with tinges of auburn in it.copyright protection19PENANAxCsZ31jIKa

‘’ She hasn’t looked after it, I suppose.’’ I see White pick up her dress skirts daintily and steps on one of the heads. We stare at her shocked that she’s doing this. I squeeze Hatter’s hand.copyright protection19PENANAAWhAASagNQ

‘’ Well come on then cowards!’’ She hollers.copyright protection19PENANAVerVsGYoHv

‘’ Hatter I have a bad feeling about this…’’ I raise my grey eyes at his.copyright protection19PENANAQf8ifbkyT5

He smiles forcefully. ‘’ It will be fine. We can’t run into any more bad things now, can we?’’copyright protection19PENANAJu204CTfSG

I nod even though I can’t do this.copyright protection19PENANA6NVxJneILV

‘’ Good luck.’’ I finally say as I hit a stepping stone. But before I get a reply, my vision fades and darkness surpasses me again…copyright protection19PENANAeCbmVqyfZr

‘’ VENUS!’’ Is the last thing I hear. 23Please respect copyright.PENANAklFfToD77p
copyright protection19PENANAkJVmK0ZDfR

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