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Curse of Murderland
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Writer emogirl99
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Curse of Murderland
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Denial and escapades
Jul 22, 2017
16 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!HoGXvUUEYPglqiCdrCRUposted on PENANA

‘’ I’m not the daughter of the Red Queen.’’ I reprise over and over again. Since I’ve waken up from my conscious black-out, I’ve been given 10 cups of teas, 3 cakes and a constant reply of ‘’ Yes you are Venus.’’copyright protection44PENANACe7rAEhlsP

‘’ But I’m not. My mother is Helena Iracabeth Thornbush. My father is Edward Stayne Wayward.’’ I shudder whenever I hear their names. I don’t know why.copyright protection44PENANA4aeK7JE2oC

Hatter snaps his fingers. ‘’ Wake up girl. Listen to their middle names. Iracabeth. Stayne.’’ The names reverberate through my head. Oh My God. OH MY GOD. Oh. My. God. I bang my head on the table.copyright protection44PENANAREXiXAwpcn

‘’ Yeah.’’ He tuts. ‘’ Well. I don’t know what to say.’’  He takes off his top hat and places it on the table.copyright protection44PENANAjOBrgc5xyx

‘’ But they must have been in Aboveland. I was born in a hospital in London. My aunt took a picture of it.’’ I gaze at Hatter breathing deeply. ‘’ Did they ever come above Wonderland?’’copyright protection44PENANAnCHBmPk1SJ

Absolem flicks through the Oraculum desperately. ‘’ Well back when the Red Queen was exiled, she could have escaped Wonderland and went Above. There is no record of it in the Oraculum but it is a possibility. The White Queen went to see her sister and wouldn’t say where she was. It could have been Above as it’s forbidden for us to go Above unless there is an emergency.’’  I repulse in scepticism.copyright protection44PENANAEKoC2lczKo

‘’ It just can’t be possible. But the Red Queen wasn’t nice to me or any-‘’ I break off. ‘’ She knew I was coming. She doesn’t have the Oraculum so she didn’t know like you guys. She sent McTwisp, Mally, the Tweedles and Dodo.’’ I arise and start pacing round the table. The March Hare twists his head the way I stride. ‘’ She obviously has been in contact from me Above and I didn’t know as they brainwashed me into coming here.’’ I stop striding for a minute. ‘’ So why does she and her sister and Alice want to kill me?’’copyright protection44PENANAW3dyvuLA2j

‘’ I don’t know Venus.’’ Absolem slithers off his chair. ‘’ But I do know that you’re giving all of us a headache from striding.’’ He nods to Hare whose eyes are going round and round.copyright protection44PENANA8pVQ0iFlky

‘’ Sorry.’’ I halt my steps. ‘’ But there must be a-‘’ I’m cut off by a colossal rumble reverberating throughout the ground. Cheshire Cat disappears and all we see is a blur of cyan and mauve. The March Hare starts bounding towards the end of the Mill. Hatter grabs my dress and pulls me away from the table. That’s when I notice the luminosity of what looks like a portal.copyright protection44PENANA4YisAlOMUz

‘’ What’s happening?’’ I shout over the top of the roar. Hatter leans in and whispers ‘’ Bandersnatch.’’copyright protection44PENANAbRDpp8TaIV

‘’ I thought that was dead?!’’ I exclaim my voice raised an octave. Is any of the characters dead?copyright protection44PENANAuQkpGlHmG2

‘’ No it’s just blind. It relies on smell and sound. It must have heard us singing the Unbirthday Song. Now just run!’’ So we run. And run. And run to the portal. It twists and turns and forms and reshapes the closer we get to it. Nearly there… Bang! Thump! The Bandersnatch lands in front of the portal and impedes it. Its roar echoes through the land and the Red Knights leap out from behind it.copyright protection44PENANAUK0ddAy1nt

‘’ Its owner is the Red Queen.’’ Hatter mutters under his breath to me. I breathe raggedly in fear. We’re all going to die. Well apart from Ches. He’s gone and disappeared again. Damn cat! Always leading us into danger! Betrayer!copyright protection44PENANAAzkdYKlSV4

The leading Red Knight steps out with a clank, clank of its armour. ‘’ Well, well if it isn’t good old Absolem and his conniving friends.’’ He grins showing blinding white teeth. I grimace.copyright protection44PENANAOpV9OBuwYa

Absolem doesn’t say anything. He stands in silence puffing his cigar. This time plum flames cascade out of the end. It swifts towards the Red Knight’s face. He bats it away with poise and regains his posture.copyright protection44PENANAyTVz68aE9y

‘’ Aaaah! Why it isn’t the March Hare who once was a follower of Iracabeth.’’ I stare at the March Hare in horror. He probably couldn’t help it. He always was a coward, always will be a coward.copyright protection44PENANA7K7sX6cjZ7

Hare spits at him. ‘’ It was a mistake. And I fought through the torture. Unlike you and your… accomplices.’’ He smirked. I’ve never known him to stand up to anyone. I smile kindly towards him.copyright protection44PENANAnNxiWmUqTT

‘’ I gratify my thanks to you too. Your scent was the one our Beast has tracked.’’ The Knight took a long whiff of him. ‘’ You smell extraordinarily of tea. So British.’’ He scoffs.copyright protection44PENANABrMw1SEbxO

The March Hare quivers and thumps his foot on the grass. ‘’ Its, correct me if I’m saying it wrong, Wonderlandian tea. Not British. British tea is nasty.’’copyright protection44PENANAJFyR7wYkPX

The Knight’s nose flared and the guards extend their spears out. ‘’ Murderlandian tea. Not Wonderlandian. That doesn’t exist anymore.’’ His nose flinches in anger and I can see his eyes turn ebony.copyright protection44PENANArdKZvHlq7e

‘’ My apologies.’’ Hare steps back.copyright protection44PENANAjIG5eHXTTv

‘’ Aaaah my favourite person of them all. The Mad Hatter.’’ He smiled again.copyright protection44PENANAHCaguhMsBB

Hatter coughs awkwardly. ‘’ I’d prefer it if you called me Hatter. Not the Mad Hatter. We’re all equally mad here in Wonderland.’’ I smirked. Hatter would be perfect for our rebellion.copyright protection44PENANAq3Pa2kRnLZ

‘’ Something funny girl?’’ He raises his eyebrows. I fake a smile towards him.copyright protection44PENANAC4Ii9XZ7QS

‘’ No. I just like smiling a lot.’’ Hatter sniggers quietly underneath his breath. The Red Knight glares at Hatter.copyright protection44PENANACyvMO04AsF

‘’ You wouldn’t be laughing or speaking like that if you knew who I was.’’ He hissed and pointed at me, Hare and Hatter.copyright protection44PENANAcSJ13LmV97

‘’ Why?’’ Hatter steps forward and bows tipping his hat off to him. ‘’ I’m so sorry, Your Majesty. I forgot how important you was to me.’’  March Hare sniggered manically.copyright protection44PENANAVLcD4lA4tr

‘’ Guards!’’ He flicks his hand towards us. ‘’ Take them to the Master.’’ The guards started to pick us up like we were dolls. ‘’ And for your information.’’ The Knight breathed out, like he was posing. He took off his mask and my stomach turns hurdles: it’s the Knave. My father. ‘’ I’m the Masters fiancé.’’ He smirked and strolled to his guards. ‘’ By the way, good job I’m not taking you to Third Master. She’d boil you.’’ I shudder in the Knight’s arms. ‘’ Alice will be pleased.’’copyright protection44PENANAX6ZtSOtXoW

‘’ Well done Nutheads.’’ Absolem says. ‘’ Now we’ve got to escape from the castle.’’ Hatter rolls his eyes.copyright protection44PENANACBOmDS7ZOh

‘’ Don’t worry, guys.’’ I reassure them. I know the castle inside out, thanks to that tour from the apprentices. ‘’ I know the castle. We’ll get out: I have a plan.’’copyright protection44PENANA7J3jn7FXc9

So we’re carried back to the living Hell with the dismay of all of us. Cheshire is nowhere to be seen but I hope he comes to save us. If my plan doesn’t work, well, we’re in for it. Soon I see sight of Hell and I prepare my plan for us. It also involves Hatter. So he needs to be ready. Finally Ches comes and I sigh in relief. I tell him the plan I conjured and he disappears again. Thank God. I count the Knight’s footsteps with trepidation. 1…2…3…4…5…6. On the seventh step, we’re in. There must be a drawbridge on one side and ‘stepping stones’ on the other.copyright protection44PENANAp9fpC8d55C

Back in the castle again. Woohoo! Back to regal paintings and blood coloured walls. Back to the hideous sight of Alice and her companions. God help us. I feel the Knight’s dropping us on the floor. We’re their puppets and they’re our Masters. I can see the picture. Kind of like Pinocchio but even more twisted than that.copyright protection44PENANA1IdQ4RJcRx

‘’ Back again, Venus?’’ I hear the sharp voice of Red.copyright protection44PENANAtZhxiEFYCR

‘’ Yes. Brought along some of my friends, too.’’ My voice with pure sarcasm mixed in. I hear Alice cackle.copyright protection44PENANA710mqDuEIz

‘’ Why it isn’t my Hatter?’’ Alice’s voice contrasts to the Queen’s husky one. Her high-pitched voice freaks the hell out of me. ‘’ Hatter? Make me a hat!’’ She pouts and speaks like a baby.copyright protection44PENANAgKhuBmlkyd

Hatter gulps. Alice is his weakness, poor Hatter. ‘’ I have no material. I can’t make a hat.’’ He mutters under his breath. He kneels on the floor, still with an immaculate posture. She cackles obsessively again.copyright protection44PENANAS2c9zuNetq

 ‘’ I don’t want a hat from you anyway. You’re too weak.’’ She spits the last word out with anger.copyright protection44PENANA5As6XTJrxs

‘’ Why ask then? I am the best hat maker here. My parents are dead so I am the best.’’ He spat at the Queen. ‘’ You killed them.’’copyright protection44PENANA1OcjiNFE8d

‘’ Why my Jabberwocky did, not me.’’ She tuts sadly. ‘’ Shame that you’re old self, Alice, killed him.’’  She looks down at the floor and takes a crimson drink a fish servant handed to her.copyright protection44PENANAR0f4aPzY32

‘’ I wish I didn’t Master. I would like to pet him.’’ She giggles again. Red sips her drink impatiently, most likely waiting to say the order to chop our heads. ‘’ March Hare! Glad to see you again. Long, long friends.’’ Alice continues.copyright protection44PENANAo9CQfzJY1h

‘’ Not friends with you. Just these lot here. Never you.’’ He raises his head. Impressive; two insults in one day.copyright protection44PENANAq25Dlnr12z

‘’ Proud are you? To be friends with them?’’ She smiled showing yellow teeth. ‘’ Shame that you choose the wrong side each time.’’ She bangs her own head hard with her hand and mouths ‘bonkers’.copyright protection44PENANAeUAuYKjxIn

Time for me to speak up. ‘’ I think you’re the one who’s bonkers round here, not us.’’ I shout flicking my eyes to Alice. Hatter leers at Alice.copyright protection44PENANAz7wcXLMHKN

‘’ Twin! Why say that? It’s mean.’’ She leans her head forward and blows in my direction. My nose wrinkles.copyright protection44PENANAZbQ4Pcsgdu

‘’ I’m not your twin.’’ I mouth to Hatter, ‘I’m trying to be nice to her for us to escape.’ ‘’ I’m more than that. I shouldn’t have said that. I am mean sometimes. I don’t intend to be.’’ I force some tears to come out of my eyes.copyright protection44PENANAQsoqWmagUT

‘’ Aww. You’re not that mean. Come, give me a hug.’’ She beckons me over. I hesitate but the guards let go of me. Time for the plan to work. I gave Alice a hug reluctantly. I hope she doesn’t recognize a sense of fear in my system: I’ll be doomed then.copyright protection44PENANADt09FYVsGG

‘’ Come Hatter.’’ Alice shouts. ‘’ You can come with us to my bedroom. We can make hats and try on clothes!’’ I mouth to Hatter to come. The guards let him go and he follows me. copyright protection44PENANAfFS6KHicYw

‘’ What are you doing?’’ He hisses at me. I smirk.copyright protection44PENANAHOZ5eWspcm

‘’ Getting out of here.’’ I whisper back. ‘’ Hey Alice.’’ She turns to me looking sweet and kind. ‘’ You’ve forgot to say hello to Absolem.’’ Alice halts in front of me and gasps.copyright protection44PENANAiPQjZwiVYY

‘’ I forgot to say my greetings to Absolem! Wait here. I’ll be back.’’ She runs back off to the hall and into the room again.copyright protection44PENANABeEtkobDA9

‘’ Now come on!’’ Hatter exclaims. I shake my head.copyright protection44PENANA9hX9nc5QBh

‘’ Too risky, Hatter.’’ Alice comes back and links arms with us.copyright protection44PENANAdU73d7zw2x

‘’ Let’s go.’’ And we half-heartedly trudging and treading to Alice’s bedroom.copyright protection44PENANAuEM886xjJ7

‘’ I need to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.’’ Alice announces after an hour of ‘playing’ with her. We nod desperately. Thank God. I need to tell Hatter my plan. She skips off to the bathroom while we relax.copyright protection44PENANAtTpr2ND8Df

‘’ Hatter. Cheshire is helping Absolem and Hare to get away. I told him to be a ghost-‘’copyright protection44PENANApQaxToEtUH

‘’ What’s a ghost?’’ He asks inquisitively.copyright protection44PENANA1olNxtU4NE

‘’ Why doesn’t everyone know what a ghost is?’’ I ask before answering his question. ‘’ It’s an invisible being that haunts people. Ches can do that and freak the Queen’s people and then they can escape. We are going to escape through the garden.’’ Hatter nods enthusiastically.copyright protection44PENANAcgyCIBplJ2

‘’ I love Above people.’’ He smiles kindly and leans back. ‘’ Call this a bedroom?’’ I laugh and Alice comes skipping back to us.copyright protection44PENANAB9TLGN9lh3

‘’ The Master wants us in the Garden. To play croquet. You have to watch then you get executed.’’ She giggles and we follow her obediently. She frequently mimics cutting off heads and laughing over and over again. I roll my eyes and follow out into the garden and I gasp.copyright protection44PENANA2iso60R05F

It’s full of the colour scarlet. Covered. The trees are scarlet, designed in the shape of the Queen’s head. The grass is a muddy russet with no sign of life living there and piled in the corner of the ‘grass’ are hedgehogs and flamingos. At least they’re not dead. The Queen’s servants and people are absolutely repugnant. They have distorted faces and bodies like plastic surgery and makeup is plastered on their faces. Looks like fashion if it was Aboveland. The croquet pitch is the only thing that’s not russet or scarlet: its auburn.copyright protection44PENANAEiWcUENkZx

The players were soldiers in line waiting for the game to start and for the Red Queen to signal the game. Alice, like a young toddler, bounced over to the Queen and clapped her hands. She stood by the Queen in a mother/daughter way. That’s what we were like Above. I shudder silently, hoping that she isn’t really my mother. The Queen ignores Alice and focuses her attention on us.copyright protection44PENANAmBGgmm3wIk

‘’ You okay, Venus?’’ Hatter whispers quietly. I nod even though I’m not and my instinct is to grasp his hand. I blush ruby like a tomato as it was by accident but he doesn’t let go. Soft and warm.copyright protection44PENANAAKD28J30K8

‘’ So the plan is, if we have to play, I swing the hedgehog far away by ‘accident’.’’ I make my hands turn into speech marks. ‘’ Then I take forever to find it. Then the Queen gets mad and you volunteer to ‘find’ me. Then we meet and go through the hole by the side of where I swung it.’’copyright protection44PENANAFpqBBlfpFf

Hatter nods. ‘’ What if the Queen sends someone else to ‘find’ you?’’copyright protection44PENANAW2RDieZmKH

I didn’t think of this. ‘’ Then pretend you hit yourself with the flamingo and say ow at the top of your lungs. And I mean just the word ow.’’ Everyone does everything too literal. ‘’ Then ask to get a leaf from the bush because it is medicinal.’’  Hatter nods getting it.copyright protection44PENANAGlsjoB3rBN

‘’ Got it. But Venus,’’ He grips my hand harder. ‘’ Be careful. The Red Knights are more observant that the last time.’’ I nod. Okay. I can do this. I got an A in Acting at school, this should be a piece of cake; fooling a Queen!copyright protection44PENANAAhc1TOm9e1

‘’ Yoohoo!’’ Alice calls us over. ‘’ Get over here or else I’ll kill you myself!’’ The Queen’s people take a step back, away from Alice. I snigger. Tough army, Iracabeth.copyright protection44PENANApb4gOmvNIg

Hatter swallows tensely. He’s never scared. Never prepared or scared and instead usually confident and improvising. But today he’s scared. Shaking and gulping.copyright protection44PENANAvpBYJZzMrb

‘’ Good luck, Venus.’’ He finally lets go of my hand and now I feel an icy chill overtaking the warmth that Hatter gave me. I rub my hands together.copyright protection44PENANAA1sN2mBpvQ

The Red Queen coughs, ‘’ You are here today to have a trial for your execution.’’ She points to us. She looks me in the eye with a pure look of callous and coldness. ‘’ But you are here to play croquet now. And don’t try to escape: there are guards everywhere. They are bound to find you.’’ I furrow my nose in resentment. We’re escaping and that’s that. ‘’ Back of the line, losers.’’copyright protection44PENANArV1vcPSHDA

We hiss in hatred. How dare she! But we trail the back of the line grabbing a hapless flamingo. I whisper to the flamingo,’’ Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you. Just do what I say and you can be released.’’ The flamingo nods his head in pain. I whisper the instructions to the poor creature and tell him to follow our lead.copyright protection44PENANAX90z7JyGwZ

‘’ Whoever’s whispering, stop! Their head will be off if it doesn’t stop.’’ Red shouts. I zip my mouth up and the flamingo nods understanding my muteness.copyright protection44PENANAR61kT4Gvtc

Each player has a go (the Queen and Alice twice). So far the Queen is winning by the obvious purposeful let-downs of the people. Alice is in second place, to the people’s dismay. They have to let them win or else their heads will be a stepping stone. I feel sorry for them. They can’t go and escape from the clutches of the Queen like us as they would be caught.copyright protection44PENANAlU8mpkch1P

Soon it’s my go. Apprehensively, I step forward to the marked spot on the russet grass. I breathe intensely. 1…2…3...whoosh! My hedgehog flies and lands over where I aimed it. I smirk in victory. Good job I have good aim.copyright protection44PENANASZYSy5C7M8

Someone coughs impatiently. ‘’ I’ll go get that.’’ I say ‘embarrassed’ of my failure. I rush over to the bush, pretending to cry carrying my flamingo with me. As soon as I’m there, I untie the flamingo so it is not in pain anymore. It nods and squawks quietly at me. It stretches its legs and sneaks out of the hole. I breathe in relief. I saved a life. Now let’s save another three. I untie the hedgehog and it crawls under the hole.  copyright protection44PENANA7Df8Y8cEEG

I hear the Red Queen saying; ‘’ Where is that brat?’’ I hear a scuffling near my bush. Uh-oh.copyright protection44PENANAR0AZnZjzhl

‘’ I shall find her, Your Majesty.’’ I hear Hatter skipping over to where I ran off to find my hedgehog.copyright protection44PENANAp9ln2UtE1f

‘’ Great. I heard a scuffling over by the bush. I thought it was a Knight.’’ I whisper.copyright protection44PENANAM9T1iRavwP

‘’ No. A hedgehog wasn’t tied properly and the man who tied that hedgehog went to the prison to be executed.’’ I feel sorry for the man. It’s only a damn hedgehog.copyright protection44PENANAbnPLmcLGL3

‘’ Let’s go under the hole here. Have you got any drink to shrink us?’’ Hatter nods and smiles that I know some knowledge of Wonderland. He passes me a tiny vial of the drink and takes another for himself. I mouth 3, 2, 1 and we drink. It tastes like rhubarb and custard. We shrink with our clothes still on fortunately. ‘’ Let’s go.’’ I whisper excitedly. We walk through the hole as we were big enough to not crawl.copyright protection44PENANA2adnyfi1Uk

But then we hear Alice screech: ‘’ They’ve escaped!’’ We hear her scream and roar like a lion. The Red Queen shouts ‘’ OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!’’ And we run. We run and run and run. They won’t be able to see us though; we’re too-oh no… We’re growing bigger again! I gasp in fear and the Hatter stops running.copyright protection44PENANAhHtaJL2Tgy

‘’ Hatter we’ve got to go! We’ve got to run!’’ I cry helplessly. He’s just stationary.copyright protection44PENANAJrVydiLYYw

‘’ Sssh! I have a running ability. Grab hold of me.’’ I relentlessly try to run away. ‘’ Trust me!’’ He shouts. I pause my running and grab hold of Hatter. ‘’ Prepare to be blown away from my amazing power!’’ I grip tightly and we were off! I gaze in wonder at the blurred vision of Murderland. Just a flash of crimson and grey and obsidian. I see a portal and we run through it, light seeping behind us. We spend a few minutes in the Portal.copyright protection44PENANA21HfpguHio

‘’ We did it Hatter!’’ I rush up to him and hug him. He looks startled but he hugs me back without any tension.copyright protection44PENANA1z5vKPgMJx

‘’ I just hope the others made it back safe. I think they have because I don’t know who set up this Portal.’’ He blabbers on and on but all I’m thinking about is our hug. It was amazing. He’s warm all over, a tingling warm. Like he’s full of fireworks. But he feels safer than fireworks. But then I see we’re out of the Portal. Weird. We’re still in Murderland.copyright protection44PENANAksZg1cyMbx

Then I look at the face of Hatter. He’s turned a ghostly white with eyes wide in horror. I circle and gaze in the direction he’s gawking at. My nose flares and my eyes transform into ice. I’m back at the White Queen’s castle. And she is standing there waiting for me to come. 48Please respect copyright.PENANAmH8scShsE0
copyright protection44PENANAidy0sXgXFy

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